Tell Me About It: Election Night ‘Live’

How's it looking from where you are?

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I have no idea what is going on nor do you, so we might as well haven’t a clue together. What channel(s) are you watching? Tell us what’s happening throughout the night, especially for those who might not be in or from the US…

…or have television subscriptions. Here is an interactive map courtesy of FiveThirtyEight:

Is Trump going to claim victory tonight even though PN shunned every GOP attempt in court to stop counting votes tonight?

Welcome to Deadsplinter’s BTL Election Night Live blog.

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  1. I’m catching up on The Mandolorian and Great British Baking Show but can’t stop checking in on APNews, Huffpost and Daily Kos. I’m just hoping my head doesn’t explode. 

  2. I’ve spent the last couple of days in Eastern WA Trump country & my mind is blown.  We stopped at a brewery for lunch & server is blasting Fox News.  She asks who we voted for & I just ignored her, didn’t want my beer or food spat in!  We have a fucking idiot sheriff running for gov. here & he won’t win but damn he has a shitload of fuckhead supporters

  3. just rolled out of bed and first thing i see is trump took florida……guess i should have expected that one (and they havent quite finished counting yet)
    british bookies just changed the odds of a biden win to 29%…was 67%
    now thats fucking ominous way or another ill be getting the play by play whilst im at work today…suspect by the end of the day ill be almost as annoyed at us election updates as i am at rona updates

    • …a friend in the UK put a tenner on Trump to win & the bet would pay £30…but they’re offering to let them cash out for a little under £20

      …so as I understand it that suggests at least one bookie that thinks it’s ultimately going to to Biden?

      …but we’ve got to the part where trump claims he has to go to the Supreme Court to prevent the election being “stolen”

      …& so the nightmare continues

  4. We just had a… pod? of young & stupid wander through, a block north of Lake Street in Uptown, setting off fireworks, pulling signs & road cones, and whatever else wasn’t bolted down out into the street, and carrying a banner they stole from Walgreens & painted the back of, saying “This is the end of America”
    I thiiink they might’ve been wannabe neonazis (because the VAST majority of them who I could see were verrrry MN-pasty-pale!), but they *also* could’ve been wannabe anarchists–tbh, it’s difficult to tell when both dress in all black, and everyone is wearing masks…
    They were unarmed aside from the fireworks, so maybe anarchists?

      • I think you are in the wrong part of Canada to pick us up but if you know anyone one on the south side of Vancouver island can you tell them if they see a red & blue kayak & some paddle boards, can they give us a ride?

  5. Nate Silver Nov. 4, 1:27 am

    So to summarize a bit, Biden basically has three “easy” paths to victory remaining. In rough order of likelihood: 1) Win Arizona and NE-02, hold Michigan and Wisconsin; 2) Win Pennsylvania, hold Michigan and Wisconsin; 3) Win Georgia, hold Michigan and Wisconsin.
    Less likely paths would involve his winning North Carolina, or other scenarios where he loses Wisconsin or Michigan but does well enough elsewhere.

  6. NYT has PA as T+13 @ 74%

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