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Let’s DO this!

I guess I’ll start. I just had a guy power wash my patio, all my patio furniture and all the windows in the house. It looks sooo good and now I can enjoy my back yard once it warms up!

I am, as a general rule, sick of The Office nostalgia [ducks, hides], but these posts by John Krasinksi are awfully cute:

(The fun part starts at 15 minutes in, for those of you who are impatient like me.)

I saw a tweet that they were dropping this on streaming services earlier than planned, but now I can’t find it. So keep your eye out for this:

Got any good news to share? Please do, we all need it.



  1. I pressure washed my deck and sanded my deck several weeks ago so I could stain it. Needed a 3 to 4 day window of sunshine and finally got it. So I spent several days of 5 hours on my knees hand staining a large deck but I am finally done! Most of it looks really good but don’t think I got all the pollen off one section so it is not as bright as the other.

  2. …so…you know how everyone wants to just get away but instead we’re trapped in some never ending cycle of video calls that make you see what Satre meant about being stuck in a room with your friends for eternity?

    …well, much as I suspect the sets for Avenue 5 might be more appropriate than the ones on offer the BBC (have I mentioned they have some neat stuff?) made some empty sets available for backdrop purposes & I reckon that’s something good?

  3. As far as video reunions, this one for Back to the Future is a good:

    The intro with Josh Gad is kind of annoying, but once it gets into Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson it is fantastic. Especially in light of Fox’s case of Parkinsons and Lloyd’s age, it’s great to see how energetic and engaged they are.

  4. I met a really cool guy while Fanny and I were out walking today. He was taking photos at a local park.I don’t normally talk to strangers, hell, I often avoid people I know, lol. But I was trying to keep Fanny from photobombing his shots so I had to speak. And he was very friendly. We had a long, social distance appropriate conversation and he told me a lot of things I never knew about birds in our city. He showed me pictures he’d taken of Bald Eagles at another nearby city park, and that we have Osprey, and Willets. He got into nature photography as a retirement hobby, something to get him out of the house, said it’s good for him and great for his wife, lol. He’s good enough to have been published in several nature magazines and a book. He was super knowledgeable about local wildlife, birds especially. I called my daughter and they exchanged FB details so they can get in touch. He knows where exactly certain nests are, and what times the birds are active so he’d be a good resource for her in the city. And she can get him access to private areas in the state. So all in all a nice morning.

    • I love EuroVision and what’s so great about it is that some of the wealthiest and most advanced countries in the world (and then there’s Russia and a few outliers, but whatever) pretend that it’s the 1970s. Poor Netherlands. Did you win in 2019 and had to host and pay for it this year? At least it’s not nearly as ruinous as an Olympics.

      • lol yep… tbh about 5 minutes after winning it we were all bitching about how much it was gonna cost…i think we even had the idea to host it in a tent to be cheap at one point ;p
        but yeah i think its cost rotterdam about 16million so far…thats including next year tho

  5. Well, I found this place after I changed my Kinja handle and you informed me of its existence. That’s good, right?

    In other news, our adopted shelter cat finally like us and our 4-year-old figured out how to swing by herself on the swing set. Small victories.

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