Tell Me Something Good [NOT 8/7/21]

picture of David Schitt and quote "I feel like that needs to be celebrated"

Hi, friends!

How is your day going? Do anything today or this week that you’re proud of and want to share with the group?

I helped a work friend make an important career decision. As I’m sure you have inferred from my communications here, I am the very soul of professional and courteous. So my advice of “fuck that shit, you need to prioritize yourself and anyone else can go suck a bag of dicks” turned out to be what they were looking for as a talking point.

Earlier this week I passed another certification at work, which is great because if I ever change jobs that certification comes with me and I didn’t pay for the class or the exam thanks to corporate training being available.

Also, I have harvested my first cucumber ever today!!! It’s kinda yellow and was growing all curled up, so pretty sure it failed to pollinate correctly and I am thinking either it will be fine to eat or I needed to cut it off so the plant stopped putting work into it anyways, so win-win (although cucumber salad may or may not be included depending on which win I got in the win-win situation here).

So friends, brag about yourselves and we will celebrate your awesomeness.



  1. I gave blood today. That’s about as exciting as it gets around here. 

  2. First time I have ever done Herringbone tile for a back splash in a kitchen remodel I’m helping a friend with.  This whole kitchen is completely white which seems to be a new trend I am not fond of but whatever the homeowner wants.  It went smoother than I thought it might but still took a good 6 hours.

    • Herringbone patterns look so nice in tile! That’s awesome.

      Yeah I love a white and bright kitchen, but white cabinets and backsplash and counters gets done a lot. It’s like how gray cabinets were a super thing a few years ago and I bet in a decade or two we’ll be “oh yeah white on white on white on white on white kitchen, late teens/early 2020s?”

      • I just think too much white screams hospital but get how some like it.  I have cherry cabinets w/ green, gold & darker shaded granite.  That is more my speed & gives the house a warmer feel.

        • I like white cabinets with a high contrast countertop. Like my condo where I did the kitchen? White cabinets and a charcoal colored laminate countertop that looked like concrete. 

          Then I moved to my house and while my kitchen isn’t what I would have picked out for myself, I’m not doing a kitchen renovation hopefully for at least a decade because they are a pain and so expensive. 

        • I like granite. 
          It’s the foundation of continents…

          • I love granite unless I have to carry it or pick slabs with my wife & her equally opinionated friend.  I once carried a 300+ lb shower countertop up a narrow stairway with an older friend & I was on the low side.  I literally had bruised & bleeding hands by the time we got it in the bathroom upstairs.

            • ouch.  that’s a bit much.

  3. My new blood test says my cholesterol levels are down. Still not where they should be, but I guess the better diet and exercise are making a difference.

    • That’s great news that it’s moving in the right direction!!

    • Hate when diet and exercise does just what they say it would. 

      I joined my health insurance’s brand of weightloss program and weigh less than I have in 2 years.


      [good job!]

  4. I saw a PT for the first time since I injured my foot while playing volleyball 3yrs ago. They referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. Yay for self-care?

    • Did they give you a diagnosis or just refer you up the chain?  I have had a serious foot injury from v- ball but it was obvious that I ripped my big toe off the tendon.  All Ortho’s will want to operate no matter what so if you have had x-rays, you might want to talk to your primary first.  Just a thought from a Rando that knows nothing about your situation but a lot about how doctors work.
      On the flip side, good to have another volleyball player in our community.  I’ve played or coached most of my life. 

      • Thanks for the tip! (pun intended)
        My PT thinks that I have two stress fractures and I require an MRI to get a proper diagnosis. I’m hoping the solution is to wear a big boot for a while and not surgery.
        I’ve played Vball since high school. I’m am was an average but enthusiastic player in the mid level Underdog league. My goal is to heal, get back into shape and rejoin when the pandemic is less scary (when my kids can be vaccinated).

  5. good things uhhh…ive so far had about 70 hours of work this week and im still feeling more or less okay? (may need to borrow cousin matties greased lightning after today tho)
    bossman suggested more overtime for today and i laughed at him…..i should probably clarify thats a no…as hes a fucking dipshit capable of misunderstanding mocking laughter for agreement…
    no way in hell am i pulling overtime on a friday…. (weeelll….cash in hand at about $20 bucks an hour untaxed and you might be able to sweet talk me into it)
    other than that…i finally fixed the fucking puncture on my bike…again…yesterday…this time without ruining the tube putting the tire back on the rim

  6. Nothing terribly interesting to brag about.
    But, also not a whole lot of complaints, which I guess in a way is a sorta humble-brag?
    Things are currently going pretty ok, for the first time in my life.  I’m not really sure what to do about it?…

      • @HoneySmacks
        I’m not doing so well that buying a house, or even future retirement is ever going to be an option, but I can be somewhat careless with getting takeout, and not have to worry about making rent, and it’s amazing how much stress that has taken off of me.
        Also, I think the physical aspect of my current job, combined with my (not terribly difficult) bicycle commute, is adding some much needed (and previously lacking…) physical activity to my life, and I think that’s also helped my mood significantly.
        I kinda feel like I should be, like, doing something else?  like trying to take up new hobbies, or meet people or something… but the tradeoff is I don’t have much free time, and then there is still the whole pandemic mess…

  7. I got a lot done today. Did Almost-MiL’s errands (she’s basically housebound). Stripped the bed and washed everything, then remade it. Cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen. Did some general tidying, a handful of dishes, picked up the towels in the bathroom. Made from-scratch gluten-free pancakes and sausage for dinner and realized that I really need a bigger skillet… making 20 pancakes 1 at a time takes aaaaaaages. 
    I’ve finally learned that I can generally get more done if I sit down and take a break between jobs. (That’s why doing laundry is my favourite chore… I can be “doing something” AND sitting down!) 

  8. Yep, if it wasn’t for me being able to access the city website and read evvyone in my neighborhood would have missed trash pick-up. Tricksy, usually when there is a holiday pick-up is delayed by a day but not this time which raises the question, why don’t the trash guys get a 4th july holiday?

    • We had the same situation! Normally trash and recycling is picked up on Wednesday unless it’s a holiday week and then it’s delayed a day.

      I don’t know why it wasn’t delayed for July 4th!!! 

      Although it wasn’t delayed for Monday holidays like MLK Jr day either, so hmmm.

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