…telling stories [DOT 9/8/20]

truth optional, for ease...

…let’s set the scene

The solutions to combating the coronavirus are no mystery. It’s time to do this right.




After Ms. Noem, the South Dakota governor, flew to Washington on Air Force One, rumors about her ambitions ensued. She made a second trip to smooth things over with Mike Pence.

…it’s the latter half of 2020








…things have been




Why the Coronavirus Is More Likely to ‘Superspread’ Than the Flu

…pretty shite, actually




How to Think Like an Epidemiologist

…noticeably fucking dreadful



…for a while now

‘We’re making it up as we go along’: how Trump’s America failed the Covid test


…it’s been hard to miss




…even if you’re a little slow on the uptake



…but you’re a big pouting mass of solipsistic delusion


Trump Wants U.S. to Get Cut of Any TikTok Deal. No One Knows How That’d Work.





A federal supplement to jobless pay was a lifeline for millions and for the economy. Its cutoff, even if temporary, may have lasting consequences.


Emboldened by Republican divisions and a favorable political landscape, the speaker is refusing to agree to a narrow relief measure, unbothered by charges that she is an impediment to a deal.


Sidestepping Congress, Trump Signs Executive Measures for Pandemic Relief









…oh, yeah…& irony is dead



Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump’s Battles With U.S. Intelligence Agencies
Officials told The New York Times Magazine that the draft of a classified document reporting that Russia favored President Trump in the 2020 election was changed to soften its assessment.

…but you can make a disturbing argument that disenfranchisement is something of a tradition


…which takes more forms than you might think




Has America grown since 1984, or will the knives still be out for Biden’s running mate?

…sometimes these things can take a while


…but that doesn’t necessarily make them less satisfying when you get to the punchline



…don’t believe me?




…speaking of blame games


…I think I know this tune

100 years ago, Mamie Smith recorded a seminal blues hit that gave voice to outrage at violence against Black Americans.

…so when the fat lady sings…let’s hope it’s a good note?

As the two parties clash over how to conduct an election in a pandemic, President Trump’s litigiousness and unfounded claims of fraud have increased the likelihood of epic postelection court fights.


  1. The woman VP thing kind of baffles me. In 2008 Senate veteran John McCain, did you know he was Meghan McCain’s father?, picked, or had picked for him, certified loon Sarah Palin as his VP. She proved to be far more popular than him among a big slice of the Republican electorate. And because of his age (he turned 72 during the campaign, which in 2020 would have made him the younger candidate) there was a good chance many people probably thought they were voting for a President Palin. I don’t think McCain ever stopped resenting this “sidekick” role that was foisted on him.
    Then there’s Geraldine Ferraro. The first Presidential election I voted in was in 1984. There was nothing wrong with Walter Mondale, certainly a huge improvement over the Back to the Future Reagan, but the enthusiasm “wow factor” was small enough to be immeasurable. No, I really voted for Geraldine Ferraro, the smart, tough-talking, mob wife Congresswoman from Queens. I bet a lot of Democrats did the same.
    I’ll be voting for Joe Biden no matter who he picks. He’s kind of boxed himself in so it’s 99% certain to be a woman, and I feel bad for that woman because the abuse coming from the frothing, unhinged Trump mob is going to be unrelenting. This will make me admire her even more, going into battle “for God and country.”

    • The backlash against Biden’s VP pick will be brutal. My wife was wishing the other day that he’d announce his choice, and I said I was fine with him waiting as long as possible. It gives the MAGAs that much less time to concoct bizarre conspiracy theories, and the GOP less time to create attack ads. 

      • …I hear that…but I can’t claim I’m not also tired of the “who’s it gonna be?” thing

        …the bile is going to be spewed & there’s ways that’s worse but for now I guess the grass seems greener that side of the fence

    • That Maureen Dowd piece was a freaking disster. The Times rushed a correction but they couldn’t get it to print edition.
      She complained it had been 36 years since the Democrats had a man and a woman on the ticket and then quoted Ferraro “gimme a break.”
      Hillary Clinton asked if she thought she and Tim Kaine were hallucinating or if Dowd had been hitting the pot brownies.
      There is no mystery how the NY Times will react to a woman on the ticket because we know what happened just four years ago. They’ll screw it up. They screwed up their coverage of women in the Democratic primary just this year. Dowd herself has blown it. They repeatedly deploy industrial strength concern trolling and double standards about likeability and temperament.
      And the biggest tell that they will screw it up with Biden’s pick is that they refuse to admit they do it. Nowhere in her piece does Dowd acknowledge any of this. They will blow it again because their political coverage is superficial and self indulgent and unconnected from reality. Gimme a break.

      • …here & there I’ve read that down-ticket this November will be not only more women candidates (including a fairly high proportion of non-white women) than ever but that there will be a record number of races in which both parties will field a female candidate & the seat is thus guaranteed to go to a woman

        …it’s not just the NYT…though I won’t try to deny you make a series of good points…but the gender of a candidate ought to be about as important as their shoe size & it is galling to be consistently reminded that (much like other forms of representation) we talk a considerably more advanced game than we actually play

    • and the reason sooooooooo many of the R-side Dudes in my neighborhood back then LOOOOOOOVED Palin was seriously that they thought “she was hawwwwwwwttttt!!!”
      Pretty much ALL of them wanted her to be Veep, simply because they all wanted to bone her.😖🙄😒🥴
      Because she was pretty, had a great figure, AND she liked to hunt, fish, and liked shooting stuff…
      She was basically the wife they all WISHED they had–pretty like their wives, but who liked *doing* the same outdoors stuff that none of their wives were interested in.🙄🙄🙄
      That, plus “Republican ticket” was literally the only reason they voted McCain/Palin that year. (And seeing *through* the “pandering for the Women’s Vote” thing, and that Palin was sn incompetent & corrupt jackass, was why many of their wives DIDN’T vote/didn’t vote for McCain that year, too🤔🤨🤫)

  2. So Trump wants the US Government to get a cut from the sale of TikTok? There’s a word for that right? Something like … taxes?
    GOP better tell their big orange boy to sit down, or he’s going to start picking ALL their pockets. 

    • …that’s may be the least edifying thing about the whole incredible mess

      …his understanding of how frankly anything works is so full.of holes that I honestly think he imagines that as president he should get a commission on the deal

      …which – given his approach to accounting – is pretty much exactly what he’s asking for…sure it says “the taxpayer” should benefit but paying taxes is something he thinks only people who aren’t special like him have to do in the first place…he’s too busy finding excuses to make withdrawals from that account

      …if it weren’t part of what appears to be almost entirely the wrong way to try to do something about either China in a foreign policy sense or social media in a campaign sense it would be asinine to the point of comedy…but it’s just a tragic farce instead

      • This is a president who doesn’t understand how tariffs work. He seems to think that foreign producers pay them. No, the domestic consumer of the product pays them, although sometimes the foreign producer will accept a lower profit margin to get or maintain market share.

  3. Totally unrelated to ANYTHING in the post,but just,
    BECAUSE SHOEBILLS ARE AWESOME, and they VERY much remind me of the sorts of Monseter Muppets & Sesame Street characters I grew up seeing as a child…
    Dude SERIOUSLY looks like Oscar’s cousin, who also happens to be Big Bird’s friend😁😃🤗

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