TFIF (Thank F it’s Friday!) [DOT 29/1/21]

I was writing the headline when I realized that it is actually Friday!

Gonna be an exciting day over here in MegMeg land. Gotta go get the annual mammogram, which is always fun [narrator voice: it is not fun BUT DO IT ANYWAY].

What’s on your docket for today?

Hmm, Jewish Space Laser is trending on Twitter I wonder what that’s about?


I’m curious to see how this all plays out! I have so many questions and haven’t had time to really delve into the whole deal, other that seeing a lot of the Twitter takes. I think that Robinhood is going to get slammed for halting the trading and forcing sells.

I’m also very curious as to what types of trades the Reddit traders are placing. If I want to be able to trade options at Schwab, for example, I have to fill out a questionnaire for the client, including how much investing experience they have, how experienced they are with trading, all sorts of income information (dependents, marital status, etc.), and that’s for ME as a professional to be able to trade options for them. Is Robinhood doing any CYA? Pretty sure the SEC and FINRA are not going to like that.

Robinhood CEO says it limited buying in GameStop to ‘protect the firm and protect our customers’

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this made me legit LOL:

Other countries can have nice things, but NOT US!

Hamilton returns after a devastating year: ‘I’m crying every day to know we’re back’

RIP to a real one. Also, do we LIKE Tyler Perry? He seems like a decent dude?

Cicely Tyson, actress who gave electrifying portrayals of resilient Black women, dies at 96

Have a great weekend!



  1. …on the CYA thing…I don’t know what the actual requirements are but it sounds like robinhood (&/or others that blocked trades on the relevant stocks) seem to be claiming that the deposits they had to have with their clearing houses coupled with mandatory liquidity requirements became untenable as things spiked rather than that they imposed that cut-off in order to have the effect it did of depressing the price of those stocks

    …which sounds plausible up to a point but does have a pretextural ring to it…if they could raise $1billion in additional investment more or less overnight & had over half a billion in credit they could tap…how big of a liability would they need to have had on their hands for that justification to bear out?

    …I’d say it was too early for me to get my head around the math involved…but I’m not sure I understand enough to do that math at any time of day…& it sure as hell seems like several firms sold stock without consent yesterday which seems to track way further over the line into sketchy behavior than any “we’re obligated to be responsible” rhetoric can cover?

  2. What the actions of Robinhood and other stock peddlers did was show that the “free market” was fucking rigged for only the rich.  The irony of a bunch of plebes playing Wall Street’s game and winning. 
    If QAnon traitor fuckwits actually charged into Wall Street screaming about class warfare armed with tasers and zip ties while chasing screaming finance bros out of their offices my reaction would probably be just a bit different.  They might have done the world a great service.  I suspect that would be common ground between right wingnuts and the “left.”
    Guess who just banned the WallstreetBets group?  Facebook.  Zuck seems to be quite the bitch for the hedge funds and vulture capitalists with good reason because in part they made him so fucking rich.
    Start a genocide in Burma.  FB does shit.  Sprout QAnon conspiracy lies about the US government from a pedo adjacent shithead and his family for YEARs.  FB does nothing.  Plot a coup in DC.  FB does shit.  Fuck over a few hedge funds.  FB leaps into furious action.

    • One of my jobs involved marketing to public safety agencies. I ended up meeting a LOT of police, sheriff’s deputies, patrolmen, chiefs, sheriffs, and so on over the course of six years or so. I can’t say that every one of them cheated on their spouses, but I will say that it was incredibly common. It was also common for them to give their girlfriends jobs. It was basically accepted by everyone in that … demographic? Not sure how to phrase it. You’d meet a police chief at a trade show with a beautiful assistant who traveled with him, and I’d glance over at the sales rep, and he (or she) would nod “yes.” Mostly it was men, but there were a few women who did it too. 
      I mean, I’ve worked with salespeople all my life, so I’m no stranger to groups with a high infidelity rate, but cops are in their own league. Firefighters too, but even they aren’t anywhere near cops.

      • I asked a friend that was ranting about how we need to support the police why people become cops?  He didn’t really have an answer so I told him…power.  Not all cops but a large percentage love the feeling of having power over people and some enjoy killing or harming people.  In most of Europe you have to get a four year degree to be a cop but here you don’t even need a background check in some places.  I wonder why we have so many narcissistic sociopath cops?

      • Shouldn’t be “shvantz”? A ‘”shvartze” is derived from German “Schwartz,” with means Black, but in Yiddish it’s not a neutral term.
        I remember from a long time ago reading, probably in the New York Times, Mario Cuomo, St. Andrew’s sainted father, was on the campaign trail. He visited a Jewish senior center somewhere in southern Brooklyn. No doubt he thought he’d be among friends. Some outrage had taken place, it might have been the Central Park Five, that’s how long ago this was. [As an aside, despite Donald Trump’s full-page ad in the Times, which they duly printed, calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, they were all exonerated.] A little old lady asked him why New York didn’t have the death penalty. (We do now. Pataki brought it back.) Mario countered with, “Israel doesn’t have the death penalty.” The woman responded, “In Israel they don’t have shvartzes.” 
        So bad in so many ways. I could never be a politician.

    • When I saw the words “secret space lasers, I skipped RIGHT over the awful antisemitism, because my brain went immediately here;

      because what else does one do with a secret space laser, but create and use the world’s largest batch of Jiffy-Pop!?!
      Real Genius is probably my favorite Kilmer film, and I adore it because of the absurdity throughout it, the TERRIBLE but fun costumes, Kilmer at his goofball best, AND the fact that it’s so eminently quotable–not to mention that the .gif came CAN be incredibly strong with that movie, too!😉
      “Why are you wearing those on your head?”
      “Because if I wear them anywhere else, they chafe.”
      Was LITERALLY something my roommate and I quoted at each other, when her mom gave her a “dingleberry headband”  for New Year’s Eve, earlier this month😉🤣💖
      She hasn’t seen the movie as many times as I have, but “It was hot and I was hungry!!!” Is thrown around in our house with some regularity, too🤣😄😁

  3. Also, The Buttercream Dream is hitting it out of the park today!
    (And GOD do I feel his pain, as someone who  used to live in MN 06 & be ripped by Bachmann!🙃💖

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