TGIF! [DOT 24/9/21]

Has this been the week from hell or what? Maybe it’s just me. But irregardless, I’m glad it’s Friday.

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

Shooter kills 1, wounds more than a dozen at Kroger market in Memphis suburb, police say

Boosters on the way…

CDC experts advise Covid booster shots for over-65s and vulnerable Americans

The video that goes along with this provides a helpful breakdown of the day.

White House moving to release information on Trump to congressional investigators

As one does…

A woman agreed to have a baby for a Facebook friend through Messenger. Now, they’re locked in a custody war.

Hit ’em in the wallet.

David Simon defends decision to pull HBO series from Texas following abortion ban

I really just posted that so I’d have an excuse to share this tweet:

I think we need some more good tweets for Friday:

Ladies get you someone who looks at you the way Harry looks at Meghan

Or maybe this missing Hemsworth brother. Seriously. If you don’t read or watch anything else here today, watch this.

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. Sigh…if only the missing Hemsworth brother didn’t have a man bun. Although maybe this was filmed in 2015 or something.


    About Megs and Hazza: They’re staying at the Carlyle, which is something of a haunt for Diana and the kids. Diana used to stay in the Royal Suite (of course she did):

    Kate and Wills have stayed there too, and that’s where the Sussexes are holed up, although it is thought that they are not staying in the Royal Suite. Interestingly, when Megs had her very newsworthy NYC baby shower while she and Hazza were still “working” royals, she had it at the Mark. Presumably someone else was paying for it and they chose the venue.

    You know what might be even more special are the Presidential Suites at the Willard Hotel in DC. I actually once took a very comprehensive tour of the Willard Hotel in the company of one of my friends, who is a travel writer. It is lovely. Imagine staying in that vulgar Trump hotel, a desecration of the Old Post Office, when practically right across the street you can stay:

    as opposed to:

    Ewww. The headboard. That chintzy (and not in a good way; chintz the fabric and pattern is great) drapery. That lamp! The funeral home end table. The 120″ flat screen TV, or however large it is, just out there, and not discreetly tucked away in a cabinet or an armoire. Notice too that the Carlisle and Willard suites have tasteful and amusing books for the guests’ enjoyment, while the Trump suite seems to have nothing but a large stack of flyers on that coffee table that looks like it belongs in the most expensive house on the block in Queens.

    That’s all for now. Please join me next week when I’ll be touring Super 8 motels in the Oklahoma panhandle.

    • I like man buns…they are sensible alternative to pony tails and a homage to the samurai.

    • The Trump suites are not ‘as bad’ as I thought they would be.
      Still fugly though.

  2. One more thing, and I’ll leave you alone:

    “Take a stroll down Flatbush Avenue [in Brooklyn] — circa 1914 — courtesy of this cool interactive assembled by technologist Chris Whong.”

    • The Pod Save America hosts had a fitting retort to this: if we’re going to hide the vaccine somewhere, it should be in Alex Jones’s “manly man” (or something similarly stupid) supplements.

    • I mean if they could put it in salad dressing, specifically ranch, the entire Midwest and Southeast would have been vaccinated in about 35 days.

  3. I’ve freed several stuck sheep in my time here on the farm, but I’ve never picked up a full-grown one and flipped her over the fence.

    However, I also don’t have a man bun or a silly fake Australian accent.

    • For the record, it is my firm belief that all Australian accents are fake.

  4. Maybe put the camera down and help the guy out?

    • I thought the same. Help hoist the sheep up and over. Although there was a break in the segment so maybe the camera person offered and was refused.

      • When it comes to washing our dog, I always tell my wife it works better if I just do it alone. Could be the same principle here.

  5. Now I understand the antivaxx movement!



    • Ah, yes. “The hand count shows Biden got 45,000 more votes than Trump. We therefore deem the results inconclusive.”

    • honestly, I’m surprised at that result, I was damned-near certain they were going to fabricate some evidence, or come up with some bullshit reason to discount certain ballots.

      • “Everything is covered in bamboo!”

    • Testing:  these are the Lemmy dogs.

      • I love Lemmy dogs!

      • Nice bandanas.

      • Adorable puppers!

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