TGIF! [DOT 3/6/22]

I only worked 3 days this week but I’m basically exhausted so I’m pretty happy it’s Friday.

Any big weekend plans?

What’s the song? If your lips are moving, then you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’

Uvalde school district police chief declines to answer CNN questions in first public comments in a week

Texas officials: Teacher didn’t leave door propped open before massacre

Ukraine Updates:

Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow warns US over rocket shipments to Kyiv; Ukraine losing up to 100 soldiers a day – live


Have you guys heard about #swedengate? Someone tweeted about how once at their Swedish friends’ house they didn’t feed them dinner and it turned into a THING.

Do Swedish People Feed Their Guests?

After a Reddit post brought an unusual Swedish dining custom to light, Nordic people are trying to explain why they won’t share the pickled herring.

Gentle reminder: National Parks will fuck you up, especially if you are dumb.

Woman killed by bison in Yellowstone national park

I’m not crying you’re crying

Classmates wouldn’t sign his yearbook. So older students stepped in.

Have a great day. Don’t pet the bison.



  1. Any large herbivore can be a mean fucker. A moose might not have bit my sister, but I’ve heard enough farmers and hunters tell stories about how they headbutted/smashed in a pickup truck’s engine compartment and walked away (with probably a massive headache) that I do not ever want to encounter one during rutting (mating) season on a country road.

    Hippos and Rhinos are also herbivores, but you do not ever ever ever want to fuck with them because they are extremely mean and vicious.

    But people think that certain animals are Diznee character “cute” and totally ignorant of what they really are.


      • Hiding your cabinet mandate letters from the public – by spending millions of tax dollars fighting their release all the way to the supreme court – which obviously say, “cut as much as possible from public health, long term health care, and schools to give it all to the for profit private sector” is “progressive conservative.”

        • MSM in Canada doesn’t report any of the shit the Cons do. People find out by showing up for bloodwork which has been free their entire lives and surprise! that’ll be $86.

  2. I have really enjoyed the Sweden discussion. I would love to live in some of those Nordic countries — they are among the happiest and have the most equality in the world — but also some of their cultural things are deeply fucking weird. I have a branch of my family from Norway and man, oh man, they are just odd, which I thought was just them until I learned more about those countries.

  3. If you click on the “death rate” column you will notice something that might seem interesting…

    This is why most of these fuckers stopped doing town hall meetings…

    and happy Pride month…


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