TGIF! [DOT 30/4/21]

Happy Friday Peeps! Hope you had an alright week and are ready for the weekend.

I scheduled a haircut for tomorrow – my first haircut since like August. I’m a little more excited than I should be; it’ll be great to get this mop on top of my head tamed.

Got any exciting plans this weekend?

Inject this into my veins.

And this.

FBI warned Giuliani, key Trump ally in Senate of Russian disinformation campaign targeting Biden



This is overwhelming.

‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe


Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want to return to Green Bay Packers, sources say


Amazon’s sales surge 44% as it smashes earnings expectations

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Wait for it…

Have an awesome day!



  1. …honestly, between the daily beast thing about greenberg showcasing how to do the prosecution’s job for them & the harrison ford thing…I’m not sure which made me smile more?

    …but in the end there’s not a lot to smile about in the gaetz/greenberg stuff so I’m going with the harrison ford thing…makes me wonder how he’d react to that derren brown guy…because he kind of freaks me out & I’ve never been anywhere near him let alone had him in the house?

  2. Al Franken resigns for allegations of being too handsy at pre-senate photo ops, but MG makes venmo payments for under age sex, and it’s a conspiracy. 
    The icing on the cake?  Roger Stone involved in both cases. 

    • The thing is, you knew it was coming. Greenberg was the tax collector in my county, so I’ve followed his bullshit from day one, and every detail gets reported here. As soon as I heard he was pleading, I knew Gaetz was in serious, serious trouble.
      Now it remains to be seen how many other local Republicans will get caught. It’s been kind of downplayed, but Greenberg was running a straight-up prostitution ring, and you can be damn sure he documented every bit of it, because he’s A) a scumbag and B) collected dirt against a rainy day. And it’s pouring on his ass right now. 

      • Stone should have realized that anyone he was sending self-destructing messages was probably worried that Stone was still documenting everything. It’s like in a thriller where one character insists on meeting in a public park so the conversation isn’t bugged, you immediately suspect that character is wearing a wire.

  3. So, has it been harder to get hair appointments in other parts of the country?  I was able to get my hair cut starting last Fall.  Of course, Mrs. Butcher liked the longer look and she still isn’t quite yet satisfied, so I’m not so much getting my hair “cut” as “trimmed.”

    • I went back as soon as it was feasible, sometime last summer. Everyone wears masks and I wasn’t worried about it. Those people need to eat too, and it’s not like they can run out and start mowing lawns or whatever. I gave my guy a $100 tip on my $29 haircut the first time because stimulus and that’s what that shit is for. 

      • That was so nice of you! I used to do that for a living and people were so horrible when they couldn’t get their hair done. We used to close the salon the week of July 4 for vacation and the weeks before and after were so crazy busy that it wasn’t worth it. I can’t imagine the shit hairstylists are going through in a years long pandemic. I swear I have PTSD – post traumatic salon disorder – I won’t even step into one – I cut my hair myself – it looks fine from the front!

        • I tried to give most of my stimulus payments away. I mean, we used some (I tried to spend it at small, locally owned merchants, not Amazon), but not only were both our jobs fine, I kept getting raises and bonuses (they were terrified I’d quit because everyone else had). So we gave it to people that we know could use it, like a co-worker that had open-heart surgery. We donated to Stacey Abrams back before the elections, and we did give to some established charities. And we overtipped like crazy to any service person we encountered. We’re still doing that. If you wait on me, you’re going to your next customer happy. 

        • @Sedevilc Hair stylists are under appreciated. It’s an important job. Everyone feels better when their hair looks good. The stylist I used in the  previous state I lived in used to interview potential clients. You had to make a consulting appointment to see if he liked you. Because he knew he was good at his job and providing a valuable service. And he didn’t want anyone mistreating the folks who worked for him. He tolerated no shit and would drop anyone who was the slightest bit disrespectful.

          • I applaud you for thinking that. I have been out of that game for a long time so maybe hopefully times have changed. When I was in the game I felt like a walking talking cliche, what do you do when your dad doesn’t think it is worthwhile to spring for your college and thwarts every effort to improve your lot in life? Beauty school. Finally I happened to go to a seminar for women at the local community college and cried all the way home, because I didn’t have to let a nasty old man determine who I was and there was a way to change that. Sorry, I sometimes feel like deadsplinter is my confessional.

            • @Sedevilc You don’t have to apologize. We all use Deadsplinter as our confessional sometimes. And many of us have family and or ex issues that weigh heavily on us. No need to carry those burdens alone.

              We have to change how we talk and think about hair stylists. It’s a trade no different than any other. Stylists are educated, trained, and have skills. I hope all those untrained people who tried cutting their own hair during quarantine have a new found appreciation for the profession.

              • @Hannibal @Sedevilc, finding your “fit” with a stylist is such a big deal, they need to see the you inside, yes? Also, goodness yes, DeadSplinter is a safe space to vent, share, or confess, for all of us. Smart, kind, funny, astute folks hang out here.

    • My salon was closed totally for about six months (after the initial shutdown last March). Then they opened up after that, with precautions and I’ve been going back since. I needed a major root touch up but I only get a trim like twice a year so I wasn’t even ready for that yet. Plus with working from home I was the only one looking at me.

  4. “Immediately I called the congressman and warned him to stay clear of this person and informed him she was underage,” Greenberg wrote. “He was equally shocked and disturbed by this revelation.”

    Because it’s so much better if he’s 38 and she’s 19?

  5. Oh, also wanted to say that I am filled with glee that Rodgers is now openly speaking of his desire to not play in Green Bay anymore.  That organization has done everything they could to make his job harder and harder every single year so fuck ’em.  Of course, he’s under contract until 2023, when he’ll be 39, so I seriously doubt that they’ll release him or trade him–because they know the minute they do, the team that picks him up would have an express ticket to the Super Bowl.  I would love it if the Patriots were able to pick him up, but, again, that’s not happening.  If push really comes to shove, I’d bet on Rodgers retiring and going into broadcasting.  I saw one of his Jeopardy appearances and–while he didn’t suck–he was way too flat to head up a prime time game show.  I thick LeVar Burton would do much better.

  6. The $60 clippers I bought (from Amazon–you’re welcome Bezos) have kept me from looking like a disturbed balding bum.  They’ve paid for themselves about twice over now thanks to the lockdowns.
    When my usual hair cutting place was open late last year, I went because I like it when a pro cuts my hair because they do it so well despite the fact I can save on a hair cut using clippers.  In fact, once things sort of turn back to normal I’ll still go to the “salon” despite I could be saving a tiny amount of money.  I’m not that cheap and I get how an economy works (Cash flow.)

  7. My workplace has large number of Indian immigrants (60%+) working there.  It’s divided between BJP supporters (Hindu fundies) and everyone else (which is a wide variety considering the number of different ethnicities and sects in India) so this COVID wave is a hot topic of discussion these days.
    Except among the BJP guys who are very quiet these days.
    In my limited reading of the pandemic, CoVID is playing out a lot like the Spanish Flu.  Thanks to the bungling of the Brits and the collapse of their healthcare system in India, the flu killed 17-19 million Indians (around 5% of the Indian populace.)  Thanks to the epic bungling of Modi and again the tragic collapse of their healthcare system this could be worse.  I don’t expect 5% to die, but even deaths of 1% of the Indian population would be devastating (12 million.)
    Just like how the Spanish Flu helped end the British Raj, CoVID could crush Hindu fundies/nationalism as a political force for now (not being an expert on either, just a vaguely educated guess.)

    • I think the one good thing in the tragedy would be breaking Modi’s grip, but he is well entrenched so I guess we’ll see.
      Bolsonaro seems to be in serious trouble in Brazil, though. There seems to be a common thread of ideological capture with them and Trump and Putin in their denialism, but the ideology is so muddled it doesn’t really add up for me.

    • …I saw something about that earlier…& also something trying to explain NFTs using an analogy based on the mona lisa…like, sure you’d pay millions to be the owner of the mona lisa…but how about you forked over the cash & the guy in the museum who “sold” it to you made out a handwritten receipt & then tacked it up in the broom closet behind some shelves…so there’s a thing that says you’re the owner but the only way anyone would know is if they went there & looked & they’d pretty much have to know it was there already to even think to do that…but you’re not bothered because you figure at least you get to take the picture home…but no, you just get the same print you could have bought in the gift shop like everyone else because all your millions actually bought you was the random receipt…& then it turns out the guy you paid never owned the mona lisa either

      …I mean…good luck to the girl in the meme & all…but I’m not a big fan of cryptocurrency…& I kind of hate NFTs with a surprising amount of intensity considering how much they basically don’t exist?

      • Thank you, I think you just summed up my slightly ignorant, slightly apathetic, but sorta skeptical feelings towards cryptocurrencies and such better than I could have…
        Plus, there is that bit where a ridiculous amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions are attributed to “bitcoin mining”, which is just…  very on-track for humans…

  8. I read about creepy Josh Duggar earlier and was like YOU MOTHERFUCKER it’s completely unsurprising that some creepy shithead who molested 4 of his sisters would also have child porn. 


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