TGIF! [DOT 9/12/22]

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Yesterday was the first day I finally felt somewhat human so hopefully I’m on the other side of this cold/plague.

I’ve just been working and napping this week so I don’t know what’s going on but here’s some highlights:

Jan 6 Updates

First on CNN: January 6 committee considers criminal referrals for at least 4 others besides Trump

No playing Wordle today!

New York Times journalists in mass strike for first time in 40 years


Brittney Griner on plane to U.S. after release in prisoner swap

More sprots.

Daniel Snyder gave evasive, ‘misleading’ testimony, House committee says

I think this article has one of the worst paragraphs I’ve ever seen in it.
As of Monday, the office has “modest bedrooms featuring unmade mattresses, drab curtains and giant conference-room telepresence monitors” with four to eight beds a floor, employees told Forbes. The changes appear to be part of Musk’s plan for a more “hardcore Twitter” in which he’s demanded workers dedicate “long hours at high intensity”. blech!!!

Women sue Twitter, claiming Musk layoffs unfairly targeted female staff


Stock market news live updates: Stocks close higher, S&P 500 snaps 5-day losing streak

nObODy WAnTs tO woRK aNyMorE

Olive Garden manager fired for time-off message: ‘If your dog died, bring him in’

I couldn’t even find anything cute for you so please provide some cuteness in the comments.

And have a great Friday!



    • …apparently she primed the pump by telling politico (…in an interview that didn’t come out until today…which is…”well timed”) that she wouldn’t caucus with the GOP…so there’s some slim chunk of daylight left between whatever this winds up meaning & a straightforwardly naked demand to make things work in her favor the way they did in a 50-50 senate…but…she & manchin continue to vye for the title of “the fucking worst”?

        • …I’m not up on how primaries/senate races work in her part of the world…though I guess there’s a few ways that could go?

          …if she’s “independent” & there’s a candidate apiece for teams (D) & (R) she splits the vote…but in arizona does that make her a viable candidate or make the GOP less of a contender?

          …if it’s the latter does that give an actual democrat a shot…or is that a seat going to an out & out player for the other team?

        • I get what you’re saying but I was thinking in terms of her not being shielded by the DNC because she’s an incumbent and they do so hate those liberal upstarts that take out DINOs.
          But the vote splitting is a real problem. So I guess we can look forward to an official republican being their next senator. At least that one will be consistently against anything good.

            • A lot can happen before 2025. The Republicans are already whining about how Democrats dominate early and mail-in voting, because the GQP was stupid enough to demonize both in their “stolen election” fairy tale. One of the problems in courting idiots is that it’s really difficult to retrain them in a hurry, because idiots.

              So now Republicans are doing day-of voting and many are just not bothering. That was a big factor in Georgia. And Republicans who aren’t idiots (there are a handful) are saying, oh, shit, we really screwed the pooch here. It’s conceivable that if they hadn’t followed Captain Combover’s script, we’d have Senator Brain Damage right now.

              Lake has firmly inserted herself into the “stolen” fairy tale and that narrative is seriously fucking up Republicans. Their margins are way too thin to throw mail-in voting out the window, but they did it anyway. To serve one fuckwit’s ego.

              At a certain point they’re going to have to forcefully repudiate the Big Lie, and I don’t know that they’re going to want a Big Lie proponent taking point in a Senate race.

              Some of them are finally sounding the alarm — that basically if they don’t change their “approach” they’re going to disappear. They’re going to continue to throw poop at everything for as long as they possibly can, but flinging poop isn’t really winning over many voters who aren’t already utterly brainwashed.

              That’s my longwinded way of saying Kari Lake had her 15 minutes. It will be somebody else that has to do the poop-flinging.

            • This right here. She was almost assuredly going to get waxed in the primary by a guy who’s slightly more left but not too left for the DNC to call in the cavalry for. Democrats aren’t real fond of her, and the GOP is not gonna vote for a pro-gay marriage fashion plate bisexual who voted to impeach Mango Unchained not once but twice.

              She’s a woman without a country and she knows it.

              (Edit to add: Also unlike Manchin, it’s obviously quite possible for another Democrat to win in her state. He has special dispensation, and probably correctly, because any other D loses by 30.)

    • When I was visiting SD a couple of weeks back… (sigh I miss that place)… I was talking with my friend on their patio when we heard coyotes howling aggressively two nights in a row.  I found out first hand what a coyote pack sounds like when they’re hunting and get their kill… twice.

      • We have several packs of coyote in the gulch next to our house.  They howl when they kill something but also when a plane is too loud or a siren goes by.  I see them walking in my yard on my doorbell camera all the time.

      • The papers are so pissed off about it! I watched the first episode and it’s pretty boring and not that controversial. Basically they call out the media for being unethically invasive and racist. The media’s response to the series proves their point.

        • …from what I gather they released the first three last week & a final three this week…so you’d be forgiven for thinking there might have been some difference in the coverage to account for the having-now-seen-all-of-it part…but no…as far as I can see most of those articles could just as easily have been written without any episodes being aired

          …I kind of tried to avoid reading about it but to the extent that I’ve failed…it sounds like she gets through the thing without serving up much that’s personal while he hits nearly every tabloid scandal…if I lu in passing…with the possible caveat that what happened in vegas (iirc dancing naked with some girl hanging off his back at a party or something along those lines) gets to stay in vegas

          …but copping to stuff like wearing a nazi costume to a fancy dress party is somewhat suggested to be a landmark from which to suggest he’s learned & become elightened about some implicit bias/privilege stuff…but that the family is slow to cover that same ground

          …he’s got a pretty legit case for disliking the way the press (particular at the tabloid end) operate…but in most respects it’s one you’d think the family would share

          …so by the sounds of it the bits they’re making out to be all “how dare they?” about come down to implying (or possibly saying outright) that the royal family & it’s relationship with the press is something the family try to control to an extent that’s detrimental…& that “the men” tend to marry someone who fits the bill rather than because they love them

          …a bunch of papers seem certain that’s a dig at his brother’s expense…& maybe it is…but it’s also literally how his father & mother wound up together & why his step mother wasn’t first pick…so…I dunno about that?

          …one bit that does seem pretty clear though is that nobody seemed willing to grasp that beyond the same sort of press headaches they all had to contend with she had a ton of racist bullshit front-loaded into that stuff in a way none of them had to deal with & that made it different…&…I think to not be with him on that maybe requires having gone into the whole thing determined to find them in the wrong?

          • I can see H&M getting to those points after watching E2 now. The whole “men marry for duty first and not love” was mentioned as was the fact that the royal family has their own press team and a symbiotic relationship with the public press. The series is still quite tame, reserved and boring. I don’t think I’ll watch more.

            They constantly refer to each other as “H” and “M” and that is my biggest complaint about them as a couple and the show. Lol it’s got me rolling my eyes every 5min. I rather she refer to him with theatrical emphasis as Huzzah. That would be better than H.

            • …something that seems funny about that…if possibly only to me…is that H&M is a brand name for a department store chain thing in the UK…& not a high end one…so calling the pair of them H&M seems well into parody levels of man-of-the-people

              …like…the URL for H&M is

              …they couldn’t stretch to one that didn’t need the 2…that kind of not-high-end high at brand?

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