TGIS! [DOT 14/8/21]

Was this the longest week ever or what? I’m not sure if it’s the weather or some medication, but my ass is getting KICKED.

I’m writing this at 2:16AM because I came home from work, went down to my neighbor’s for a bit and came home and absolutely crashed. Our fun plans to go to the pool were canceled due to the big storm that came through.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Brain Drain will be along shortly to keep you entertained.

If only there were some simple measures we could take to avoid all of this.

‘Your child will wait for another child to die.’ Amid Covid-19 surge, Dallas County has no pediatric ICU beds left, county judge says

Never read the comments (except for on Deadsplinter dot com).

A Florida mother held her newborn one time. Ten days later, she died from covid-19.


Reddit, fresh off a $10 billion valuation, plans a strong international push, CEO says

Sprots! (IDK what is happening here, I guess fans are being dicks?)

I am not OK.

Hang in there!



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