TGIS! [DOT 14/8/21]

Was this the longest week ever or what? I’m not sure if it’s the weather or some medication, but my ass is getting KICKED.

I’m writing this at 2:16AM because I came home from work, went down to my neighbor’s for a bit and came home and absolutely crashed. Our fun plans to go to the pool were canceled due to the big storm that came through.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Brain Drain will be along shortly to keep you entertained.

If only there were some simple measures we could take to avoid all of this.

‘Your child will wait for another child to die.’ Amid Covid-19 surge, Dallas County has no pediatric ICU beds left, county judge says

Never read the comments (except for on Deadsplinter dot com).

A Florida mother held her newborn one time. Ten days later, she died from covid-19.


Reddit, fresh off a $10 billion valuation, plans a strong international push, CEO says

Sprots! (IDK what is happening here, I guess fans are being dicks?)

I am not OK.

Hang in there!



  1. I saw Nanci Griffith once with John Prine, such a loss. 

    • That’s sounds amazing 

      • It was, she opened with her band then did some stuff with JP. 

    • 68 seems so young these days 

  2. Your child will wait for another child to die.
    *yeets america out of the first world and into the third*
    probably should have done that years ago…

  3. Not gonna let Texas beat us, nossir:
    Florida reports 1,071 COVID deaths, more than 151,000 cases in last week
    Republican strategy: If you can’t solve a problem. lie about it. 
    Florida changed how it reports COVID statistics. The result? The pandemic appears to look less severe, with fewer recent deaths

    • Haven’t Florida’s numbers been wonky from the start? 

        • Not to defend DeSantis or anything, but some more info about that specific incident has surfaced since then, Rebecca Watson goes over a bit of it in this video:

          • That’s interesting.

            • This seems to tell a more complete story. And says there are emails that prove her claim about removing data. 

            • As someone who is married to someone who works in government in Florida, I find her story to be credible. I’ve watched officials discredit disgruntled employees. None of this seems implausible to me. 
              Does she have a checkered past? Yes. Does that mean she’s wrong? No. And actually her background makes me think that her biggest problem is a lack of sophistication and an inability to “play the game.” 
              In addition, DeSantis has shown himself to be a sociopath very similar to his idol Trump. I have NO doubt he is a vengeful, spiteful and petty asshole. None. 
              Finally, I’ve made it a personal policy to extend the benefit of the doubt to the victim. Generally speaking, you could be wrong, but you’re less likely to let an scumbag in power get away with something. 

      • Yes. As blue dogcollar points out, DeSantis has been lying from the jump. 

    • ……did i mention third world country….i think i did
      sure….lets fuck with the numbers….who cares about accuracy in the time of memes right?
      youtube will distract you all from the truth!

      (okay they may be on to something….im quite distracted  here)

      • Nevermind, THAT link doesn’t work!!
        I meant to link the Bakersfield Californian link, here…
        But I don’t know if that one will work, either!😖

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