TGIS! [DOT 25/7/20]

Did this week seem extra long to you guys or was it just me?

I had a ton of work to do, my BFF was on vacation off grid, and it seems the quarantine fatigue is really setting in.

While we wait for the Saturday Morning Brain Drain, here’s some news to tide you over. As per my usual, I’ve TRIED to keep the doom-mongering to a minimum.

Not all heroes wear capes. I love this guy. He saw what Trump was saying back in February, called BS, and saved his residents.

For DeWitt, alarm bells started ringing when President Trump said on Feb. 28 that the novel coronavirus was a “hoax” spread by Democrats. It seemed like a sign that things were about to deteriorate, DeWitt said, so he directed the nursing home to enter “full lockdown.
In Baltimore, a struggling, black-owned nursing home keeps covid-19 at bay

And, on the other end of the spectrum…

Doctors at a Texas hospital along the US-Mexico border may decide to send coronavirus patients “home to die by their loved ones” due to limited resources, officials say.


Michigan State’s entire football team to isolate for 14 days after positive tests

‘That’s 2020 in a nutshell’: Inside the road of uncertainty MLB traveled to bring baseball back


Here comes one of the newsiest and most critical weeks of the summer for markets

He’s looking rather pleased with himeself.

Wow, lucky!

TV reporter discovers she has cancer after a viewer noticed a suspicious lump on her neck

Will I be exiled for posting Taylor’s new song?

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Facey masks acquired…well I got some disposables to tide me over incase the gubment mandates them before I can find someone local to throw money at to make me a couple nice re useables
    In other news my daughter is in France now she’s coming back just as my 3 weeks off start
    Way things are going I’m giving it 50/50 odds we’ll spend the first 2 quarantined…lol
    Welp…not like I had plans

    • Gotta say though….some of these ronavations are pretty cool
      I just scanned a qr code on me table and told the interwebs I want a pint…and a pint arrived…didn’t even have to talk to anyone… awesome…I vote for keeping that shit
      Shame I still had to pay for it

  2. As I debate the meaning of the Second Amendment with some Facebook nut, it occurs to me that while the right decries the “moral relativism” of the left, they’re developed their own academic relativism.  Any sort of revisionist interpretation of history, government, or science is valid, regardless of long-established scholarship, as long as it supports their political view.

    • Kinda reminds me of an old saying….I think Confucius tweeted it back in the early days of the interwebs
      Don’t argue with an idiot
      They’ll only drag you down to their level
      And then beat you with experience

      • “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”
        As it turns out, this is a left-wing gun nut, or possibly a libertarian.  But clearly they’ve taken a couple of humanities courses at a community college or diploma mill, and now they’re a constitutional scholar.

        • A quick way to tangle these kinds of people in knots is to ask what evidence there is that the Founders themselves were literalists? Why isn’t their take just a Scalia-era invention imposed from a different century?

          The accounts of the writing of the Constitution all back a lot of ambiguity in the meaning. The English legal tradition that was the basis for US law is loaded with ambiguity and flexibility. As soon as the Constitution was written, Washington and the Supreme Court and Congress started putting their own spins on menings — Executive Privilege and Supreme Court constitutional review are two powers invented out of thin air.

          Some of the more sophisticated backers of original intent have some counterarguments, but they still rest on arbitrary and invented grounds like appeals to authority — they were the Founders — or claims this is the only way it could work because anything else is cats and dogs marrying each other and chaos in the streets.

          • The more you study the Constitution and it’s conception, the more you realize that for all their relatively good intentions, these guys had no idea what they were doing and were basically putting different parts of the government together from several completely and utterly different scholarly and philosophical sources and trying to mash them into something that was relatively coherent.
            We’re talking about a group of men who basically added the entire concept of a “President” at the last minute and who “created” lifetime Supreme Court appointments at a time when making it to age 50 was basically a muh’fuckin’ miracle.

  3. The local breweries are adapting well. Most are offering free delivery(the whole state!), or contactless pickup. Also the “limited release” keeps product flying off the shelves. To quote an Irish movie:
    ” I’m not an alcoholic,  I can drink at home”

  4. AOC’s speech reminds me of how bad the communications skills are in today’s Congress. If you go back 50 years, the ability speak coherently for five minutes was more common, and 100 years ago was even more so.

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