Thanksgiving Eve [DOT 24/11/21]

Hi All! Hope everyone is having a great week and that you’re ready for whatever festivities you have planned for Thanksgiving. I’m currently in Ohio picking up a cat and dealing with my relations. How about you? Guessing you haven’t made any bad decisions like going to Ohio.

I’ve been somewhat offline these past few days. I didn’t realize 6 people were killed!

Child is sixth to die after SUV slammed into parade in Wisconsin

I mean, do they have $25MM?

Jury awards $25m in damages over deadly 2017 Charlottesville far-right rally

This needs brought up anytime Richard Spencer’s name is mentioned…

One of the counties mentioned is where I am atm.

CVS, Walgreens and Walmart are responsible for flooding Ohio counties with pain pills, jury says

Cancel culture cancelled!

Phrasing! “The log will easily slide out…”

The surprising reason why Ocean Spray cranberry sauce labels are upside-down

Wait for it…

Have a good one!



  1. I will give you something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Eve: a turtle video (I hope this works):

    Also, LaGuardia so far is not a hellscape, according to one traveler:

    Married couple Amber and Lucas Freeze, both 31, said the airport was surprisingly calm ahead of their trip to Nashville, Tenn.  

    “We left really early, we weren’t sure about the traffic from the city but everything was easy,” said Amber, a landscape shadow box artist

    • Turtle content!

      Also, landscape shadow box artist is a career?

      • Today, on house hunters international, couple Amber and Lucas Freeze, both 31, are looking for a beachfront home in Belize. She’s a landscape shadow box artist and he’s a rabbit consultant who raises succulents on the side. Their budget is 18 million dollars. 

        • Their budget of 18 million dollars is tight for the market they’re looking in, but local real estate expert Dolly Esperanza is hoping she can find something in their price range that won’t force them to give up amenities on their must-have list, like a large open-plan kitchen because they love to entertain.

          First up, a new build four-bedroom in the quiet gated community of The Gardens at Hellgate, which features a cultural center geared toward the many American and Canadian expats who live in the development. Amber explains: “We know the official language of Boleese is English, that’s why we picked it, but since we’ll be living here, at least part-time, we want to soak in the culture and become good neighbors. Like, what do these people eat? And why do they speak English when if you go to Mexico, which can’t be that far away, they don’t? I mean if people in Boleese can speak English, why can’t Mexicans?”

          • I met someone a few months ago who did some postgrad (?) work in Belize and said that they do, apparently, speak Spanish in Belize. It’s just that it’s not taught, so people just pick it up here and there without learning it formally and speak it really badly.

            She also mentioned some other stories from there that I’ve forgotten, but maybe she’ll tell them on here if you’re nice. . . .

            • Hahahaaha I got through your first paragraph and was like oh wow neat he knows someone else who did post-grad work in Belize.

              Oh, wait, he’s talking about me!

  2. The satisfying squish sound of cranberry sauce oozing out of the can.

    The civil trial had the right idea except they should have gone after the money bags not just the racist mooks.

    Happy Turkey Weekend, US Amercians.  Enjoy your orgy of five of the seven deadly sins:  Gluttony, Greed (retail stores), Sloth (post gluttony), Pride (footbawl team for those who care) and Wrath (when said footbawl team screws the pooch or when someone poached your Black Friday deals right from under you at the local Walmart.)

    • So I guess 25 defendants each owe a million? Which is good — I just was foggy on the details of who was being sued.

      Edit: it’s apparently like six white supremacist organizations plus prominent individuals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen offenders “grouped” like that before. Or I just wasn’t paying attention. 

      • The reporting on this is a mess — I really wish more outlets dug into the implications of this. There have to be parallels of huge settlements against either other violent organizations or scammy companies, and the press has had plenty of time since the suit was first filed to figure out some basic questions.

        How hard will it be to seize any remaining assets? How hard will it be to go after relaunched versions of their organizations? Can fundraising grift based on their cases be seized or shut down? What will Facebook and Twitter do about conspiracy theories about this settlement?

        Obviously the press can’t predict the future for the settlement, but there has to be enough of a roadmap from past cases to say more.

    • Maybe it will cause infighting when the groups who funded the rally won’t pony up for the restitution.

  3. Ah, you DeadSplinterites are the total best of people. From seriously good cat videos to turtle content to New York Times parodies to house hunting parodies, I was chuckling to myself to the extent that dogs were giving me side-eye.

  4. Today in the most Florida of Florida news…

    and I’ll be home watching the 96 hour Mike Lindell special!!!


    • Oh! My trumpy parents love him so much. Like have 2 of the mattress toppers, 4 of the pillows, and 2 dog beds because wow it’s such a great product.

      Can’t wait to read more about this for the laughs.

  5. Oh, and speaking of Mike Lindell, he finally revealed his Supreme Court complaint, which was, uh, somewhat lacking.

  6. All three defendants in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial have been found guilty. Huzzah!

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