That’s A Shame [DOT 15/4/21]

Happy Thursday gang!

#RIP (Rot In Purgatory) Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff, mastermind of the nation’s biggest investment fraud, dies at 82

This guy was shady when he was in Maryland, now he’s taken his show on the road:

Derek Chauvin defense expert blames heart disease and drug use for George Floyd’s death

By what date now?

Biden announces all US and Nato troops to leave Afghanistan by September 11


Am I Clarence?



  1. I got my first Pfizer jab yesterday! 
    In other Gotham news, I just learned this morning that for the Mayoral Democratic primary on June 22nd candidates candidates’ ballot positions will be assigned randomly, not in alpha order. About 40 people have filed paperwork but I doubt they all make it on to the ballot. This will also be the city-wide debut of ranked-choice voting, so this should create complete chaos. It’ll be interesting to see what percentage of ballots are actually accepted as valid. I’m ready, although I have absolutely no idea who I’d want as Mayor, let alone in this “Pick 5” ranked-choice voting innovation. But I will do my research and vote, as I must. We still have unlimited absentee voting (well, technically we don’t, but for now you can still use Covid as your excuse. Why you need any excuse I don’t know.)

    • I’ll tell you one other thing: Biden should NOT rely on Capitol Police during the State of the Union address on April 28. The entire agency should be considered compromised until all of the co-conspirators are identified and removed. I’d bring in the National Guard again, with thorough vetting. 

    • The Trumper vaccine resistance mystifies me. Doesn’t Trump come close to claiming he invented the vaccines himself? Not that long ago Cuomo was saying that the process was too rushed and he doesn’t trust the Trump CDC so there would be a (presumably lengthy) review by NYS health officials, the same ones who brought us the nursing home mass deaths, and now New York State can’t vaccinate fast enough. Quite a turnaround. 
      I suppose there is that huge strain of conspiracy-theorizing and mistrust of the educated and talented among them. One of the tweets said something about they didn’t want anything to do with anything Bill Gates had a hand in. I also don’t know where this comes from. I would assume the Gates Foundation provided some health initiatives research funding? I would also love to see how these people exactly interact with the world. Do they not use Microsoft products and operating systems? I don’t, Apple and Mac all the way for me (shitty as that can very occasionally be) and I’ve been using gmail for so long my gmail address was generated for me. It was beta and, if IIRC, you were given three tries to come up with your own gmail address and if they were already taken they’d generate some for you that came kind of close and you’d pick one. Still, much as I loathe Outlook, my office had it and it was fine.
      Rambling, rambling, happy Thursday everyone.

      • I share your bemusement. I talked about the Gates thing with my daughter last night. We’re both mystified. My meth-head sister-in-lay claims that Gates is injecting everyone with microchips to “track” them. She wasn’t able to explain why one of the world’s richest men would care about the comings and goings of a twice-convicted drug addict in rural Florida. 
        I know Black people who won’t get it, honestly because of Trump. But I can understand that. There’s a long history of involuntary medical experimentation there and the vaccine was developed primarily under the watch of a white supremacist. I can see why they’d be wary. I don’t agree, but I understand. 
        But Trumpers? Makes no sense. 

      • It comes from Bill Gates predicting the pandemic and turned into the conspiracy theory that he created the pandemic because nobody could have seen this coming?  Fucking covidiots piss me off!  My wife works with Boeing engineers engineers that even believe this shit!  I told her to ask them how they found the clinic if they are so afraid of being tracked.  Yeah, your phone is tracking you and knows where you are right now asshole!

        • …this is something I can’t get over to be honest…even after the geo-tagged data of however many would be insurrectionists on Jan 6th made pretty clear the extent to which a phone does most of the stuff they claim they’d hate for anyone to be able to do it seems like most of the people shilling that kind of line are replete with phone/facebook/instagram/twitter/what-have-you & don’t seem to be the sort of people who can obfuscate their online footprint like the movie version of the characters they seem to think they’re playing?

          …most days I genuinely struggle to understand how they manage to take themselves seriously when it seems like it must require levels of cognitive dissonance you’d think would make it flat out hard to interact with the world

        • I think we’ve talked about this previously, but engineers are some of the worst. I work with software/hardware/firmware engineers daily, and a ton of them describe themselves as “libertarian”. 

            • …it’s a little odd…I would have thought that understanding systems/mechanisms would tend to make you understand the importance of inter-reliance & the benefits of redundant fallbacks to allow for failure of components without the overall mechanism failing

              …but maybe they just think they can build a whole society all on their own?

              • Alternative explanation: Racism. White guys losing their white privilege. 
                I think they believe they’ll be replaced by “cheaper foreign labor” at some point. 

          • HEEEEY!  I’m one of them…
            But yeah, most of my fellow electrical engineers are libertardian/wingnut/ignorant & dumb as fuck every where else.
            I blame the lack of actual liberal education and the STEM fast tracking.
            FYI, I had more interests than engineering and nearly ended up as a history major which is why I’m atypical for my profession.

      • I have to keep reminding myself that hypocrisy and inconsistency is a good thing to people without values.
        Trump cheating on his pregnant wife with Stormy Daniels is a sign of the superiority of their pseudo-Christianity, not its inferiority. Their mob attacking police is a sign of their righteousness, and so is “their” police attacking innocent civilians.
        Attacking the hypocrisy is valuable to the extent it separates them from rational people. But by itself attacks can be counterproductive because it encourages the kind of idiotic Ken Vogel NY Times articles that talk about “questions raised by inconsistencies” for Hilary Clinton, Hunter Biden, etc.
        The focus has to be gounded in how much harm is done and help offered by different sides. Otherwise, both conservatives and Ken Vogel types can run all day with bothsides nihilism free from any worry about accounting for real world effects.

        • …I think it was glen greenwald the other day who was trying to say it was outrageous for people to be pre-judging gaetz without “evidence” despite having been all about condemning hunter biden based on conjecture & a liberal helping of speculation

          …apparently irony is literally lost on these people

          …much as in the case of mitch “citizens united was a good thing” mcconnell decrying corporate influence over policy when he’s trying to stack the electoral deck

          • I think the loss of irony is part of the point for McConnell and Greenwald. They have identified resistance to shame and refusal to stick to standards as a part of their audience’s identity, and they’re pushing the boundaries to solidify these traits.
            I think another goal is aimed at the set of wannabe neutral observers. By undermining trust in themselves, they recognize that the so called neutrals will overcompensate in their attacks on good faith actors in the false name of balance and fairness. As long as McConnell, Greenwald, Fox, etc. are still part of the club, the self appointed middlemen feel obligated to treat the right’s failings as the failings of liberals as well.
            The net effect is the cynics are goading the media into destroying themselves.

  2. There’s only one crime in this country that you can never, ever get away with: Stealing from the rich.

    Bernie Madoff’s only mistake was that his clients were millionaires and billionaires; if he’d built it on thousandaires, he’d probably have received a congressional medal of freedom from Trump.

    • It exposed the hubris of Madoff’s victims. They like to congratulate themselves on being “self-made” when a lot of them relied on luck (celebrities) or family connections (being born rich). Even somebody like Spielberg who is obviously talented came from a fairly wealthy background. I think the humiliation of getting conned was worse for a lot of them than the money they lost. 

      • That fucking guy. You’ll never get me to believe he was a victim. He was in on the whole thing. I’m sure he had an arrangement with Bernie in exchange for Bernie’s silence. 

    • It has zero chance of passing.  Just like abolishing the Senate, DC/Puerto Rico statehood, and Single Payer healthcare.  The best we can hope for is someone to be able to convince Breyer to retire and for Thomas to drop dead before next year just to get us back to a conservative Bench that sometimes finds moments of sanity.

      • …I could have my bills mixed up but I think biden has said he’s not a fan of packing the court & I think pelosi might have said she wasn’t going to bring that to a vote?

        …I’d have to check because I’m not sure I remember where I read that last bit

  3. Being arrested after “using a piece of lumber to assault an employee at a Menard’s store after he was asked to wear a face mask.”

  4. Just here to say I love the DOT and appreciate all the effort put into them (comment section included). And I wish the DeadSplinterati ran the world…or America…or a media company…which it sort of is…so yay that’s a win!

    • …plato had a theory that the best rulers would have no interest in the job…so we might have that going for us…although some days I might revert to bill hicks’ “people who hate people party” in terms of affiliation so it’s probably for the best nobody’s liable to give me the gig

      …I reckon @megmegmcgee would probably have a great line in benevolent despotism given the opportunity, though

      …& groucho marx might have said he wouldn’t want to be part of a club prepared to have him as a member…but I must say I’m rather inclined to be grateful to be part of this one…which definitely has more to do with the rest of you than whatever I manage to contribute?

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