…the clue is in the name [DOT 11/1/20]

…might seem like small beer with all the other shit that’s going down around the world these last few days but for the record this is…not great?


…since essentially it means that from a policing standpoint the powers arrayed against them are largely as broad as those regarding your actual terrorists – that’s what you get when you fuck up traffic in London, I guess


…at least it’s the weekend?

…we could all use a rest


…we’re going to need it by the looks of it?





      • …I know she’s been trying to stake out “the long game” & folks were complaining that if left too late the vote could be thrown out as unduly prejudicial “so close to an election”

        …rather than that being maybe just the time you want to know that sort of thing

        …but I think some of the dotard’s motivation in trying to be at war with somebody-oh-who-cares-anybody is because it’s harder to lay any kind of a judicial whammy on “a wartime president” plus a segment of the electorate flat-out loses their shit at the idea?

        …so maybe she thinks she’s gotta take her shot to get the GOP on the record as a bunch of power-mad lying thugs with no respect for the institutions of government or the interests of the people?

        …who the hell even knows any more?

        • Yeah I mean, I’m not going to pretend I have a better idea what to do because we are just in a shit sandwich. So I’m not one of those NEVER TRUST PELOSI people because I do think that she is good at her political operative shit. So maybe this is the right call. It’s hard for me to see.

      • “Pelosi held off long enough to make it look like she actually believed the turtle would conduct a fair trial without making it obvious that she is an active member of the GOP. Something, something, if you don’t vote for bernie, you’re voting for satan.”

        • Like, I have plenty of issues with Pelosi and I don’t think she is politically aligned with me – but she is clearly NOT a Republican. She wants the power in the hands of herself and centrist Dems – not the GOP.

  1. “I have asked judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler to be prepared to bring to the floor next week a resolution to appoint managers and transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate,”

    Key phrase is “be prepared”. She doesn’t necessarily say it will happen. I’ve heard some smart commentators state that they need to make sure the trial goes past his State of the Union address to prevent him from gloating about complete exoneration. Ain’t nobody got time for that! They need to also call for Mitch to recuse himself since his wife is part of the administration. He won’t but pointing it out in public is more good public shaming! No matter what, the U.S. is screwed. Day drinking anyone?

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