The Expanse [N/S edition]

…this one is a little trickier than some…there are spoilers in terms of the TV show…& spoilers in terms of the books…& the story in the books extends beyond the run of the TV show…& the two diverge somewhat in plot/timing/characterization throughout…which is not to say it’s impossible to talk about while avoiding spoilers but does mean you might need to take more than usual care in order to avoid them

…which I suppose might mean that there was probably a better topic to try this out with…but this was the first one to come into my head?



  1. …so…I know some folks at least have watched some or all of the expanse

    …but if you have no idea what the hell that would be when it’s at home the answer…roughly speaking…is a sprawling thing probably deserving of the term “space opera” in which a relatively short list of core characters variously scattered around the galaxy (or even beyond) deal with various things that might spell doom for humanity

    …one of them is called amos…he’s hard not to like but would probably be quite scary in person

    …one of them is called chrisjen avasarala…netflix didn’t really do her justice but on amazon she’s at least a little bit gloriously sweary…if perhaps not quite to the degree she manages to be in the books

    …maybe you aren’t a fan of sci fi or already have too many things to watch…but otherwise you might like it…I thought it was pretty good, anyway?

  2. I love most sci fi – I’m not picky – if it’s a good story and mildly entertaining I’m in. I’m not a tech nerd so anything that sounds remotely plausible in the realm of actual science is usually fine by me. At 8 yrs old – I thought Space:1999 was the most amazing thing out there. That said – The Expanse is fair and away the best sci-fi out there. I’m amazed at how well those guys managed the politics and storylines of all the characters without it getting bogged down in weird non essential details. Although the story is massive in scope – the telling of it is really compact and easy to follow – which is why it’s so brilliant.



    • …there’s a random bit of sci fi apocrypha that claimed a lot of pipes & ducts & stuff on old start trek sets were marked as GNDN-somenumbers…& that it was an in-joke among the people building the sets that the initials stood for GoesNowhereDoesNothing

      …which if true would presumably be at the opposite end of the spectrum from what they did with the material that made it into the expanse as a TV show…pretty much every bit went somewhere & did something in terms of developing character/plot/narrative or the world-building side of things…so I think I’m with you that it might be a contender for best TV sci fi I can think of?

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