The Food of Love [NOT 14/2/22]

image of 1960s table with appetizers

Hi, friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day! How is your day going?

I’m single (like every year 🙂 ) and I decided I wanted nachos. Apparently Qdoba is the food of loooooooove in my area because that place was hopping.

What’s your food of love?



  1. Today’s foods were Lamb Kebab for lunch with Saffron rice, tsatsiki, and pita.

    Supper was Chicken and waffles with a side of tater-tot poutine😁

    The original lunch plan was going to be Vietnamese–Com Ram Suon Bo Dai Han (Broken rice with marinated Korean beef short ribs)–buuuut it turns out ^that restaurant^ is closed on Mondays, so I couldn’t get the Broken Rice…

    If I’m back up at that school later this week** I’m SO getting an order of the broken rice, because it is HEAVENLY!!!

    Ngl, the food here in MSP and the surrounding ‘burbs is one of my favorite parts of living here. We have SO MANY tasty options, because we’ve had so many years of immigrants moving to this area, missing home, and deciding to not just make those foods for themselves, but opening up restaurants and making it available to everyone here😉💝😁💖🤗💫

    We have amazing Vietnamese, Thai, Lao/Hmong, Cambodian, Japanese, Greek, Ethiopian, Afghan, Somali (and other African!), Middle-Eastern, Jamaican, Mexican, Russian, Polish/German/Eastern European, French, Irish, & Western-European, and Central & South American restaurants–all because we have so many folks from around the world who’ve settled here over the decades.

    This week is “try all the tasty foods, and go to the various international grocery stores & try all the foods that make Emmer intrigued/curious” week, too!

    Because that’s pretty much always what I do in the week leading up to my birthday–since we do have all those amazing foods from all around the world!😉😁🤗💖

    • **forgot that part!

      The reason I was gonna get the Broken Rice with short ribs, and ended up getting the Lamb Kebob instead, wasthat I got sent offsite to cover for one of our staff at a different school today.

      Since I’m the building float, I get sent ALL over the district sometimes*** and today I was WAY out on an edge of the District, but where that one AMAZING & authentic Vietnamese restaurant is.

      Heck, most of the Vietnamese places in Minneapolis  don’t serve Com tam–i only learned about it by chance, from subbing a couple months back at that same school… and have since looked it up on multiple of the best Vietnamese places around our apartment–only to discover that hardly anyone here makes it with actual broken grains of rice (most serve regular “long grain” rice instead… which is good, but not quite *as good* as the stuff up at that exurban restaurant😉💖)

      ***which i honestly kinda LOVE, as someone who’s trying to get my teaching license–i get to see SO many teaching styles & techniques, which is an awesome luxury & privilege that I KNOW mose education/teaching students don’t get!

      In most of our teacher training programs, you get to observe *maybe* one teacher a semester… as a float, I can be in different classrooms 4-5 days a week, some weeks!😁💗

  2. I made Cajun ahi, fried shrimp w/ sweet chili sauce, garlic shiitake shrooms & asparagus.  Wife got me toffee fudge for dessert.  Lots of good wine to wash it down.  Great night other than we met w/ lawyer today doing our trust so that was a little buzz kill !

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