The FRAMING, People: DO NOT Put Only One Media Moderator Who Is A White Male In Charge Of Presidential Debate Topics, If You Plan to IGNORE White Nationalist Domestic Terrorism and Instead Title It “Race & Violence”

Posted on Deadsplinter 13/11/20

I couldn’t figure out what to write about today that everyone would be interested in and REALLY NEED to read about in this absolute cascade of terrible news – and then I saw this

Sweet Jeebus, people.

Does everybody see the problem here …?

And does everyone see the complicity of the white-male-controlled mainstream media messaging, as explicit as the wording, in favoring a narrative that, as far as the actual American electorate goes, doesn’t even exist??

If you’re wondering why I’m asking everyone to pay attention to every single word in an era where we’re getting deluged by torrents but we also know one of the major networks has literally turned into a full-fledged propaganda machine under the essential control of Russian oligarchs via the Murdochs who Reagan quietly sneaked and let into the country when the Fairness Doctrine lapsed – now you know.

If you’re wondering why I’m always screeching about how and why REPRESENTATION MATTERS – there is just one white man from Fox News moderating this whole thing and I don’t care if his father’s name was Mike Wallace – in stark contrast to all the Democratic Party POTUS candidate nomination debates, when both the field and the moderation panels looked more like the country they are supposed to be serving – THIS IS THE REASON.


But it’s not being framed that way because “Fox News” is corrupt, the vast majority of white male (and female) media C-level leadership is in on the conspiracy, most of the rest of us are so overworked, exhausted, and/or anxious that we’re too beaten down to pay attention, which is just the way the plutocrats want it – and the people paying the MOST attention to the messaging and propaganda are people like the Treason Occupant, KayLIE McEnemy, Bill Barr, and the guy who knows the most about how a propaganda war works – Vladimir Putin.

That is also the reason why the FBI has been SITTING on the data concerning the infiltration of white nationalist domestic terror into our country and into the ranks of “law enforcement” … since 2006.

But almost 15 years later we still don’t have a statute pursuant to which to prosecute murders like Illinois-to-Wisconsin Kyle because the only people in charge are people who look like him.

In the whole ranks of the FBI since I’ve become cognizant of the scope of the problem (because this – much like the COVID-19 deaths, is a topic on which the federal government doesn’t keep statistics (is anybody seeing the pattern here of absence of information, negligence, neglect, and erasure of data yet?)), the number of federal prosecutors and investigators of color whom they have on federal law enforcement staff at any given time hovers somewhere in the neighborhood of “count them on one hand” as a non-imaginary number.

So they don’t see it. Because they don’t know what to look for.

Yes it’s that serious.

“It’s all about who controls the information.” – Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley as Cosmo, Sneakers

Now would be a good time to put up the Powell’s discussion Elie Mystal and Tiffany Cross had discussing her book, which deals explicitly with how having the decision-making influence at the top of every mainstream media pyramid stay all white in a demographically morphing country actually warps the delivery of the actual news to the detriment of the people in the countries it’s supposed to serve. I hope it’s up.
It’s not up. So here is Tiffany (who just got named to the Root 100 for 2020) talking about representation and Elie talking about why Democrats have needed to pay attention to the courts, and not just SCOTUS, six months before RBG passed, instead.

And, in stark, bleak contrast – if he hasn’t deleted it because he was getting ratioed so hard – if you’re wondering why this is, or should be, as much of a big deal to right-thinking white people as it is to BIPOC paying attention as the Constitutional democratic republic rocks and threatens to crumble around us under the racism and corruption where the racism ACTIVELY SERVES to HIDE the corruption – did you know that the COVID money that was supposed to help regular Americans (you know, like the Canadian government has been doing with no break and no bickering) has been flowing to Jared’s and Mnuchin’s buddies … and now Esper’s buddies .. by the tenis of millions? — because it has —

— is how irresponsible white male journalists behave with member of Congress they’re supposed to hold accountable because access matters to them most and flattery instead of accountability will get them access to that and as long as they continue to have amiable relationships, all they ahve to be is mediocre.


Yes, I am going to suggest reading Sarah Kendzior again too, because this is the REASON she has been talking about this kind of thing since 2013 (no, that’s not a typo)

Focus, everybody.

“Now is not the time to stop paying attention.”

Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid




CLPPNG featuring Daveed Diggs

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