The Limit Does Not Exist [NOT 11/4/23]

I borrowed the Cady Heron quote from Mean Girls there. 🙂

Hi, friends!

Is there a food or drink where your brain and your stomach are just like “yep, more more more” with no concept of satiety?

Not gonna lie, for me it’s just plain kettle chips. I mean potatoes in general are easy to over-consume, but kettle chips especially are just like huh I must have a second stomach or portal to another dimension because I’ve got no motivation to stop eating these.



  1. I will crush a disturbing number of Oreo cookies in one sitting if I have enough milk. They’re not my favorite cookie, but just something about them that I’ll just keep going back for more. (My trick is to give myself a small amount of milk.)

    • I always liked hydrox cookies more on the rare occassions I could get them.

      But agreed with Oreos. I’ll be eating one like this isn’t even that good of a cookie oh wait I need another one.

  2. Roasted salted mac nuts, spicy ahi poke, chicken katsu or mochiko chicken, a nice fine red wine or perfectly crafted ipa.  I have a bunch of gluttonous faults where I cannot stop!

  3. Grillo’s pickles, Planter’s Cheez Balls (i just opened the can & was going to have a couple, *somehow* there are only 4… 3 left!?!?😉

    Also Dot’s Pork Rinds/Chicharrones–CRACK in a bag, and even if–like me–you aren’t *that much* of a fan of pork rinds, you will suddenly wonder where that bag full disappeared to!😆😂🤣

    And the Girl Scout “Samoas” or the Keebler lookalike–“Coconut Dreams”

    Also,  good Horchata, annnd Jarrito’s Pineapple soda

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