…the moral of the story [DOT 17/6/20]

it's a seller's market...

…it’s kind of a quaint notion, really…that the story has a moral…let alone morals, plural


[Indian] troops were apparently killed by Chinese soldiers in close-quarter combat high up in the Himalayas, just as the two countries were trying to de-escalate tensions.





…one we associate with children’s stories & fairy tales & other things that package up the reality of things in ways we think are safe to handle

The former Atlanta officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks had been issued a written reprimand in 2016 for another use of force incident involving the use of a firearm.




Man Is Shot at Protest Over Statue of New Mexico’s Conquistador


…but that’s not how we engage with the story of the day


…or so the theory goes

Once history has endorsed a social movement, people tend to simplify it and downplay the opposition it faced. But while movements are happening, historians say, they are always messy.

…just the facts might be a fine thing if there weren’t so many of the damn things





Trump Administration Sues to Try to Delay Publication of Bolton’s Book



…& if the focus & the context didn’t have such a pronounced similarity to the observer effect





…but you know how they say that everything looks like a nail to the man with a hammer

Wall Street Rallies as Retail Sales Rebound by 17.7 Percent: Live Updates

…which is certainly one way to look at it…but seems an odd thing to keep as the lede when it seems to not only miss the point they go on to list:

Jerome Powell tells lawmakers a prolonged downturn could exacerbate inequality.

…but also to bypass the possible inference that the statistical upticks (or arguably quite a bit of the overall fluctuations in “the markets”) are at best amoral & very possibly often well into immoral territory

Market Madness in the Pandemic

…they do serve some genuine purposes beyond the extraction of staggeringly vast profits from “the economy” under any & every circumstance (for at least some somebodies) but that would seem very much to be the one for which they are optimised to a degree that some days struggles to demonstrate to my uneducated eye anything like enough on the other side of the ledger to make that a palatable prospect…not that it’s alone in that

A large share of strapped school budgets are going to “merit aid” for wealthy kids, as part of a bidding war to enroll high-income students.

…remember when I threatened to come back to that observer effect thing?


“there’s a tension in this moment reflected in questions around dress code, and to what extent do we want to tear down the system or to what extent do we want to reform it.”


…is the moral of the story still a moral if it doesn’t have any of its own to speak of?


The Supreme Court decision gives plaintiffs leverage, but companies large and small are still expected to face legal cases over their policies.

…but even the good news ain’t all good


The court earlier this term had dismissed a challenge from New York about transporting guns, and three justices objected, with the newest, Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, adding that it seemed likely lower courts have been too quick to uphold state and local gun control measures.

Although he agreed the New York case was moot, he added that he shared the “concern that some federal and state courts may not be properly applying” the Supreme Court’s decision recognizing an individual’s right to gun ownership.

“The court should address that issue soon,” he wrote.

He and Justice Clarence Thomas objected again Monday.

…it’s like it’s never going to be over because…well…getting it right isn’t what they’re about so much as “being right” in that alt-white sight

Prosecutor in Roger Stone Case Will Testify About Barr’s Intervention

…& it’s tempting to believe that it’s getting harder to ignore


…but some do love to trump up some moral outrage given half a chance

Conservative Christians See ‘Seismic Implications’ in Supreme Court Ruling



…but then…that’s the game they’re playing


President Trump and his advisers have plainly decided they have no hope of truly defeating the novel coronavirus and getting the nation on track to meaningful, sustained economic recovery in time for his reelection.

So they’re spending far more of their time on the next best thing: creating the illusion that we have already roared most of the way back to victory on both fronts


…come what may


Coronavirus Live Updates: Drug Proven to Reduce Virus Deaths, Scientists Say

…no…not that one



…would you believe something relatively cheap & widely available might be more use than the one being hawked by the trademarker-in-chief


Once again, President Trump is taking heat for treating the presidency like a branding exercise.


…but that isn’t going to stop them…& neither will the facts



…since their preferred audience isn’t known for finding those the most palatable things





Georgia Set Up a Polling Place in a Nursing Home

…so terms like “harrowing revelations” are looking plenty relative





…albeit sometimes in more ways than one

Mary Trump will say that she was a source of The New York Times’s coverage of the president’s tax returns. The Times declined to comment on the claim.


…& some regimes are less metaphorical when they decide to blow up the talking shop

​North Korea Blows Up Liaison Office Shared With South Korea



…all in all it’s all looking a little more cataclysmic than I’d like


…with altogether too many scary questions

Are You Ready to Eat Meat Grown in a Lab?

…that seem less crazy than I’d like

Mass Extinctions Are Accelerating, Scientists Report

…not to mention mass ejections that might matter

A black hole was seen shooting electrified gas and energy into space. Each blob contained about 400 million billion pounds of matter.

…but Jon Stewart has a movie coming out…so I’m sure everything will be fine…




  1. Looks like the norks are moving troops into the demilitarised zone or are planning to anyway…..wonder if they will actually start some shit or if it’s just saber rattling again

  2. You know Rip asked me for something light hearted to end on and I sent him this absolute GEM which he had the nerve to NOT USE. So here it is for you:

  3. Y’know, the courts haven’t been exactly rolling over to kiss Trump’s ass lately, so I wonder why he thinks … er, somebody thinks (Trump doesn’t) that this Bolton lawsuit will fly?

    At this point it feels like the Trump Regime is just fucking away taxpayer money on whatever whim surfaces from the depths of Trump’s dementia-addled brain. I’m surprised the White House doesn’t have golden toilets yet.

    • …my best guess is that they figure that one of two things ultimately pulls his (& their) ass out of the fire…if they can just keep the waters muddy enough to ride their partisan voter suppression train through to a second term then I think they may actually aim to gut the necessary institutions to the point of making things stick & /or go away according to their whim…so littering the courts with these kinds of bullshit pretexts is very nearly SOP

      …book-by-nasty-mustache-man make tyrannical tangerine toddler look like a criminally incompetent egotistical threat to the fabric of the nation…which makes re-election less likely…which is a direct threat to said superannuated suppository & thus in his twisted spongiform mind translates to a national security issue…& those around him know the fallout if he flames out could catch them so they’ll let him pretend that isn’t bullshit if it covers their ass too

      …because option #2…the one where ex-presidents don’t get turned into object lessons by being repeatedly flayed by every court that can get some licks in (because it wouldn’t be “civil” & the tarnishing of the office is too awful to contemplate) lets the shitbird spread his money-making wings & take the franchise on the road…might be looking less of a sure thing than everyone assured everyone it would be when they leapt on the bandwagon

  4. Does the GOP expect me to be outraged at China scoring pandemic points by donating meals with a large side of propaganda? Sorry, not when Mike Pence asking if he could carry empty boxes of PPE into a nursing home for the cameras happened little more than a month ago!


    If Paul Whelan and his family are trusting trump to act forcefully against his buddy Vlad on Mr Whelan’s behalf they might want to talk to the Warmbiers. trump will always kiss the most powerful ass in the room. If Paul Whelan comes home it will be because we give Putin something he wants and not because Tiny Hands is a tough guy, genius diplomatic negotiator. Also dude lost me at “Paul’s Life Matters.” Fuck that guy for acting like his globetrotting misadventure is the same as hundreds of years of oppression and murder.

    • I’m giving China “pandemic points”. We have been trying since this started to buy N95 masks at decent price & hit dead-ends at every turn. Asked a buddy that works for a Chinese based company and he got them to donate 500 masks to us. We did have to take a thank you picture but if they want to use that for propaganda, have at it! Our country wouldn’t help us out on this, they just tried to charge 10X the normal price because they can. It took a scenic route coming to us and got held up a bunch so glad we finally got it.

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