The only time Mike Pence has ever been successfully referred to as a “queen.”

There have always been tie-ins with Presidential campaigns and commemorative board games, whether legitimate or satirical. With this commercial … it’s anybody’s guess.

This website purports to offer your very own collectible chess set, where Donald Trump and the red Republicans are battling (insert Democratic candidate’s name here) and the blue Democrats.

Donald Trump is listed as a king (which, for some people, is approximately where he thinks he belongs), while Mike Pence is listed as the queen. Insert your own jokes here.

The Democratic pieces will have podiums, until the nominees are announced – then those pieces can be ordered for an additional fee. Sure.

In case you’re wondering, the rest of the pieces are politically organized as follows – senators and House members are knights (the sight of seeing Mitch McConnell riding an elephant, while Nancy Pelosi sits atop a jackass, is too much to bear), the bishops are Supreme Court justices (John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh are on the red side, Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are on the blue side), and former Presidents / Vice Presidents George W. Bush / Dick Cheney and Barack Obama / Joe Biden are rooks.

The site offers three different levels of collectibility, including a deluxe chess board (and by “deluxe,” I mean wooden) for $99 plus shipping. Oh, and you can order your chess pieces in silver pewter or gold toning. No word on if you can get the Donald Trump piece in natural orange peel coating.

Honestly, though, I wouldn’t have used the game of chess for this type of product. It’s Donald Trump. Can’t we use a variation on Hungry Hungry Hippos?



  1. Thank goodness I can get THREE sets with the promo code. I was so afraid they’d sell out before I could get more than I needed of this stupid, ugly version of a game I’m too stupid to play in the first place!

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