The Purge, Continued: Wisconsin Edition

For anyone who has been paying attention (and by now, you should be paying attention), Wisconsin has been a kind of battleground since October last, when a conservative-led group [read: GOP] magnanimously decided to sue the state, because the bi-partisan elections board [sensibly] planned to wait until 2021 (after the election!!!) to remove non-respondents from voter rolls. Hilarity ensued.

Oh, get real! This is the GOP we’re talking about – they forfeited their senses of humour when they forfeited their souls. Actually, a conservative judge is what happened (!) who allowed The Purge to continue (!!); election officials appealed (!!!);the GOP-ster who started the whole thing told GOP Judge to fine the election officials (but not the GOP ones) (!!!!); and now, here we are, three Democratic commissioners fined and 209,000 voters removed from the rolls in primarily Democrat voting areas in a Swing State in a presidential voting year (!!!!!).

This can/may/likely could change the election outcome in a Swing State, and is one of the many reasons to end with urging you to vote.

Anyone who thinks any part of this is by anything but concerted & painstaking design specifically targeted at disenfranchising voters the GOP finds inconvenient should start here:

courtesy of Stephanie, who didn’t like what she found

…at least until your head catches fire – then you can come join me jumping in the lake to keep putting it out.



  1. fuck these horse-thieving bastards…I would say & the horse they rode in on but they didn’t have one of those until they stole the thing so it isn’t the horse’s fault…except for that dead one they keep around for flogging purposes…

    it’s a scam & it’s not even a subtle one…particularly now that a certain descendant of the scion of the Gerrymandering’s Our Policy party posted a bunch of his shit out in the open where it was never intended to be…

    it’s a scam, they know it’s a scam & any objectively functional court anywhere in a functional democracy ought to tear that shit apart like wet paper the first chance it got…

    but if I understood what I’ve read about this shit (& haven’t got my state legislatures mixed up) then all it took to delist an Obama voter was that they miss one communication or the system miss one change of address, following which no further sign that anything was wrong unless they turned up to vote…which they’d be able to do at mid-terms because that’s under the 3 year bar…but they’d have turned up to vote against Trump in 2016 only to be turned away…

    that entire set up is designed from the ground up to promote disenfranchisement to a degree that is fucking insane…

  2. I think one of the things that is super upsetting about bullshit like this is that they don’t even try to hide what they’re doing. They’re outright wrecking the voting system in their favor and doing it where everyone can see what they’re doing and there’s never any outcry or any penalty for it. They just get away with it. Over and over again.

  3. If you have any resources that you want to contribute to the presidential election, fighting voter suppression in Wisconsin might be the very best place to put those resources.

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