The Purge, Wisconsin: On. Hold?

Look, I try, but it’s only Wednesday and as Jake aka RIP pointed out, it’s been a slog. But there is (finally) a sliver of good news out of Wisconsin: on Tuesday, an appeals court sided with the bipartisan election commission and put a hold on both The Purge and the contempt ruling against the Democratic members of the commission:

So, whoot! But also this – I can only guess that so many GOP gym shorts collectively twisted that this will be playing out in the courts for a long time…just not before the 2020 election (hopefully), because the Wisconsin Supreme Court declined to take the case last month.

And there are those who say this serves to alienate voters, who may be confused by their ‘are they/aren’t they’ registered to vote status; and that this causes confusion and discourages turnout (which is the entire point of the whole conservative voter-suppression exercise) and, because it can’t be said enough:

Also on Wisconsin, submitted without comment (other than DNC, where are your boots on the ground?!?):



    • I hate being in a position where I root against good things happening (assuming Foxconn would have been a good thing), but I’m sick of the Republicans getting away with the bare minimum to convince people they are on their side.

  1. “assuming Foxconn would have been a good thing”
    Fuuuuuuck that, and root away, love.

    Foxconn was a BIG fucking mess & environmental & financial nightmare:

    From the second link:
    “As part of its incentive package, Foxconn was exempted from having to create an environmental impact statement for the project, limiting what can be understood about its impact. The company was also exempted from complying with certain state wetlands restrictions.

    An environmental impact statement would have disclosed potential changes in the environment that the construction of and industrial activities at the Foxconn plant would create.

    One day after the water diversion was approved, the DNR OK’d Foxconn’s air emissions permits, a first step towards allowing the company to emit pollutants, including volatile organic compounds and greenhouse gases, into the air, according to the DNR.”

    So fuuuuuuuuuck them, and root against them ALL you want.

    See also the budgetary issues:

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