…the shitshow cometh [DOT 25/8/20]

yup, they found a way to make it worse...

…as if things being literally on fire wasn’t enough



…it’s time for the “other” convention


…wherein the GOP takes a plethora of self-started dumpster fires & attempts to pour ever accelerant they can find on the conflagration in the hope that it will draw attention away from the fact that all of their pants are constantly on fire




…well…that or run around trying to put theirs out…& some distance between themselves & the top of their ticket



…ok…so…we know he’s full of shit where the drugs are concerned

The president’s campaign has made his efforts to lower prescription drug prices a centerpiece of his re-election pitch, but the executive order remains unseen.

…it’s too much to hope that he’ll take his own fucking advice & poison his own self

When CBS asked Mr. Trump about oleandrin for Covid-19, Mr. Trump said, “We’ll look at it.”

…whereas poison is very much on the table again where his buddy Vlad is concerned

Once again, a prominent critic of Moscow has mysteriously fallen ill. And once again, poison appears to be the culprit.


…& it isn’t just the medical care for Russian dissidents that’s been perversely slow under the circumstances

Antibody trials sponsored by Regeneron and Eli Lilly are off to a slow start because of a dearth of tests, overwhelmed hospitals and reluctant patients.

…but as ever, some things move faster



…& quite profitably…for a few

As the pandemic accelerated the demise of some brick-and-mortar retailers, a group of investors profited handsomely from their travails.

…while others…are just as fucked up…but the “profit” might be even more reprehensible



DeJoy Defends Postal Changes as Trump Continues to Attack Voting by Mail


…I’m not even going to bother with the full attribution because who needs more of that noise…but I heard the deranged mass of decomposing pumpkin himself claiming that sending ballots to eligible voters who might not have requested them was “so unfair”…which is a bit fucking rich

…as ever with the man’s threads…worth following to the end


…the sheer petulance of these preening parasites is somehow still fucking hard to believe

N.Y. Attorney General Asks Judge to Order Eric Trump’s Testimony
The Trump Organization has stalled a state inquiry into the financing of four properties for months, Attorney General Letitia James said in court papers.

…so that convention had a lot to distract the faithful from



…& just the one increasingly grubby looking playbook to pull from

Long before Trump, there was Pat Buchanan. The 2020 Republican convention is looking strangely like the 1992 edition.


Why Trump Never Stops Talking About ‘Our Suburbs’


The Trump era is the hoax era. But not in the way he or his cheerleaders claim.


…speaking of hoaxes…claiming the economy is going gangbusters is some deluded bullshit…but is it even in the top three most deluded stains of bullshit this fucking asshole is peddling at this point?


The Truth Behind Trump’s ‘Rocking’ Economy




QAnon Is Trump’s Last, Best Chance
The only thing he can hope for is fear itself.

…seriously…I’m gonna have to stop there or this is going to turn into a wall of text…or more accurately a fucking screed…because that shit is weaponized credulity so fundamentally batshit crazy that the only way it gets traction is as a lazy fig-leaf for a brand of sullen victimhood that no self-respecting person should be capable of entertaining without being crushed beneath the sheer weight of the attendant shame


…& there’s other shameful shit to get to grips with…yet. a. fucking. gain.


Wisconsin Reels After Police Shooting and Night of Protest


…& the baseline was shameful to begin with


…& even the miracle of modern technology isn’t exactly throwing open the doors




…& I guess this qualifies as good news by 2020 standards



…as does this


…& this isn’t bad news, either


…but damn if doesn’t feel like we deserve better?


…be good to yourselves, folks…we’ve got 60-some days to go…& who the fuck knows how long it’s going to feel like before we get to January?




  1. So the RNC Day 1:
    I will just say this. I think Kim and Half-Scoop’s relationship is strong, because they obviously openly share their meth. Most addicts hoard but they are open and giving.
    I wonder if any of Half-Scoop’s five (shudders) children will be making an appearance. I wonder if the divorce has gone through. I hope the wife took him to the cleaners. First off, she had to sleep with him at least five times. I wonder if has any assets to divide?
    I read an interesting thought/humor piece. Donald Trump dies. Mel has blackmailed him successfully enough that she gets tangible assets, like Mar-a-Lago and the apartment in Trump Tower, but no cash or securities. She’s generous in that way.
    No, the cash is left to Ivana’s Three Stooges. Tiffany’s cut out. The lawyer reads the will and tells the unholy trio, “Your father’s estate consists of $34.19 found in a cookie jar under a bed in Mar-a-Lago. That is yours, to be distributed equally, under the conditions of the will. He has also left you $956 million in debts to be payable to the following (State Bank of Russia, DeutscheBank, a couple of hundred law firms, various trusts set up in the wake of successful lawsuits brought by the NY Attorney General…).

      • I doubt he does because there’s a lot of gushing nonsense in the Trumposphere and you never see Half-Scoop with any of the spawn. I hope Mom pulled a Marla and moved to the other side of the country and contents herself with having sole custody and cashing the alimony and child support checks, should Half-Scoop have the funds to pay it. I have no idea where any of them live. Is Half-Scoop in NYC? DC? A private sanitarium in Connecticut with supervised outings? Someone let him and Kim off the leash last night.

        • …yeah…when both sides of the argument include members of that family it’s hard to believe even the ones you’d otherwise imagine were on the “right” side of the issue seem like they must have some reliably repugnant motivation for taking their position

          …if they’re opposing it it’s probably because his daddy isn’t getting enough of a cut of the profits to suit him but thinks it’d be inconvenient to reverse his position if he directly came out against it so jr is the messenger?

          …but honestly I haven’t looked into it so that’s purely conjecture

    • My main takeaway from the RNC is wondering at which point screaming that the actual literal socialist Marxist communist uptopian dystopia is right around the corner if you allow this old Centrist white man to be President stops being a viable talking point for everyone but the basest of Trump’s base.
      It’s like…the “cancel culture” stuff. Unless you’re extremely online, you probably don’t even know what cancel culture “is”, and the frequent references to Democrats try to cancel stuff seems like it’ll ring hollow to Republicans who don’t live their entire lives on Facebook or Twitter. Or the “they’re comin’ for your suburbs!” stuff that seems aimed squarely at suburban white women that airs just on the side of “okay, this kinda sounds like bullshit”.
      And most of the RNC’s time seemed to be devoted more to Bernie Sanders and AOC than it was to Joe. The problem being that I think most people like Bernie, and (once again) unless you’re extremely online, AOC might not have the EXTREMIST branding Republicans think she does?
      And basically no one talked about the pandemic, mostly because talking about the pandemic would have made it clear that Trump has done jack-and-shit about it.
      Like, I watched the RNC expecting to be horrified, but mostly I was kinda annoyed and entirely bored. Every speech was kind of a retread of the speech before it, and then it just kinda ended with no fanfare.
      I don’t know. I feel like shouting about how the Democrats are going to literally destroy the country if they’re elected into power is only playing with a very, hyper-specific part of the Republican part of the electorate, and any sensible Republican (in as much as those exists) is kinda gonna look at this stuff and conclude that, yeah, they ain’t voting for Joe, but that they’re also not going to risk going out to vote in a pandemic for Trump either, because everything the speakers are talking about is kind of extremely stupid.

  2. For those who pay attention to astrology, Mars is stuck in place and ready to cause conflict, create inflammation, and add insult to injury. Sounds about right…

    • In my corporate past life I worked with a very sweet woman who was really into astrology. Whenever something went wrong, like a printer went on the fritz or a file disappeared from the server, she would say, “Well, Mercury is in retrograde.” One day someone to whom some mishap had befallen snapped, “You say this every day. Is Mercury always in retrograde?” “Oh no, you see what happens is…”

  3. Are we just going to pretend that Kimberly Guilfoyle didn’t borrow her entire aesthetic from Melania last night? She looks like her dude’s step-mother … it’s fuckin’ bizarre. (Also she’s older than Melania, but whatever, we don’t kink-shame here in the DS comments.)

  4. You really are quite the wordsmith, RIP. Your DOTs make me laugh and wince at the same time. Some day I hope to enjoy your considerable talents without wanting to crawl back into bed after reading.

    Falwell is now saying he hasn’t resigned his position at Liberty University. Did they Bill Barr him by announcing he was stepping down to shame him into leaving? You think they’d know he has no shame. Good article from Politico. The most disturbing revelation –

    And just then he comes out and he’s wearing a Speedo.

    Eww, I do not need that image haunting me.

    • …I thank you for the kind words…& would that I could find less to wince about

      …but that certainly isn’t going to happen if Falwell & swimwear are involved…does seem like the announcement might have been made before he’d actually been given the push, though…not that I’ve any sympathy for the guy but as tactics go it’s a pretty shitty one

    • “And they put me on leave because of pressure from self-righteous people.”
      No, Junior, they put you on leave because you’re a fucking embarrassment they can ill-afford to have running around. In a Speedo. 

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