The Utopia We Seek [NOT 7/5/22]

Let’s see if I can fuck up this image.

Since many of us are stuck living in an increasingly dystopian nightmare aka the dream world of assholes and selfish pricks, what would represent the kind of world do you want to live in?

What things would you change to make this world a better place? What can we do to make this happen?

What is worth fighting (literally or metaphorically) for?

I’d like a world where people are treated with respect, treated as equals under the law, where status/power/wealth isn’t the end all and be all of civilization and where we can live within reasonable limits. However, we humans tend to… shall we say… fuck things up.

I’d also like to be out of debt, a pony and a time machine to undo some of the stupid shit I’ve done with my life, but you know.

Of course, anything goes in the NOT.



  1. A world with 4 day work weeks, where people earn a true living wage, not an existing or surviving wage. Equal pay regardless of race, gender, orientation. A Basic Universal Income for people unable to work. Free community college for at least 2 years or trade school, paid  family leave, universal health care, abolish the current LE system, reparations for Native Americans and descendants of enslaved Africans. Just to name a few, lol.

  2. Equal representation of women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ people in positions of power. Better yet, let them have more seats at the table than white men. Capping the wealth of any individual at half a billion (or some other lower number). Real separation of Church from State.

  3. We could really use a new framework for what counts as smart, because the technocratic old school one that has long championed  people like Larry Summers, Bill Gates, Thomas Friedman, and Alito as “brilliant” is a crock.

    There’s a terrible intellectual narrowess among these people that basically matches the medieval scholastics who endlessly debated the tiniest points, and whose brilliance seemed to be defined by their ability to argue about two narrow issues instead of one.

    Repeating Apollo 11 is not vision, nor is Apollo 11, but with Mars. But that’s all we get while the oceans rise. These guys are failures so let’s find new ones.

  4. I agree with everything everyone else has offered up and will add corporations should not be considered people- but I’m cool if animals get those rights. I would prefer that $100mil is the cap for individual wealth. There should be national rent stabilization across all states and all real estate developments – residential and commercial  – should have strict environmental impact studies done and adhered to before they can even break ground – too many wildlife habitats are being destroyed. Also, green roofs should be required on any structure that can support it.

  5. At its absolute most basic, I want everyone to stop living with the expection of an afterlife where everything is great (or horrible) and using that as a crutch to ignore responsibility for their actions on this planet now.

    That first verse of “Imagine” by John Lennon is one of the astute observations on the human behaviors that need to change, in my opinion —

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us, only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Livin’ for today
    If every zealot, regardless of religion, had to truly live for today instead of “well sucks that elephants are being slaughtered, but it’s fine because the world will end anyways” etc etc?Fuck me but that would go a long way towards impacting social justice and environmental issues.
    Years ago when I was working summers in Belize, I remember talking with folks about conservation work with local farmers and it was very easy to get folks to do long-term projects like replanting the slow growing jungle trees, etc, because it was understood that these actions being taken were for their grandchildren to benefit from decades later. Oh we should do better water management practices? That I might not see anything from but will stabilize the creek banks and help with soil erosion in a few years? Yeah let’s start when the corn crop is in.
    Meanwhile, I had students I was teaching during that academic year who were literally of the mindset that they didn’t need to recycle or conserve anything etc because duh End Times were gonna happen anyways one of these years so none of that mattered.

  6. i just want to be left alone…free to choose my own path

    but aside from that….big fan of equality me

    same job same pay

    in my ideal world….the super rich would actually pay taxes so the rest of us dont have to……that would make life a lot easier on everyone.

    course…in my ideal world we’d also be heavily invested in nuclear power

    do we have the tech to yeet the waste into the sun..or into endless space….yes we fucking do

    and…chucking nuclear waste is the surest way to confirm if there is or isnt alien life out there

    coz that the kinda shit no one would let slide without at least a strongly worded letter of complaint

  7. First up, something along the lines of this;

    For the folks not interested in links, the short description is this,

    “The state law prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, public services, education, credit, and business based on protected class, such as: race, religion, disability, national origin, sex, marital status, familial status, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

    I’d want ^THAT^ codified as Amendment 28 of the Constitution.

    So we can END this bullshit where 6 priviliged, Ivy-league, rich folks, are able to determine that most of us have ZERO actual rights.

    Secondly, take the cap off of Social Security rates, send make them infinite (PLUS, determine a formula by which Social Security & Medicare contributions are also tied to “non-salary compensation,” so that the richest of rich motherfuckers, who take their compensation in ways other than a salary are still held to account, and paying into those systems.

    Then I don’t care if those assholes are baking billions or trillions a year–because then they’ll be PAYING on those millions, billions, & trillions😉😈

    3. Fully fund the promised 40% of Special Education costs from the Federal government.

    ^That^ will go a long way toward the constant & chronic underfunded public school systems nationwide.

    4. Universal Basic Income-that we ALL automatically get an income *automatically* that takes us to the Federal poverty level–so that folks CAN live off $15.00 an hour ×40 hours a week (obviously bringing up the Federal Minimum Wage To $15, too!)

    And then SSI, SSDI, Unemployment, SNAP, EBT, WIC, TANF, and all other “Safety-Net programs” are paid *on top of* that “poverty-rate” UBI level.

    5. Automatic enrollment in all “safety net” programs people/families are eligible for, once eligibility is met for one of them.

    I.e., if a family meets eligibility for SNAP, they are automatically considered eligible for housing support, medicaid, free/reduced school lunch programs, free/reduced childcare programs, etc.

    No additional paperwork, no additional forma to fill out, it’s just DONE & You’re ELIGIBLE.

    Poor folks waste too damn much time, effort, and money they DON’T HAVE, getting their basic needs met, because too many states have systems intentionally designed to have people “self select” themselves out of the eligibility pools (looking at YOU Florida Unemployment System–amongst SO many other unaccessible systems!)

    6. Easier “forgiveness” programs for college debt… Make it so that we don’t have to do the damn “120 consecutive payments!) bullshit… stuff happens to MOST folks over 10 years–BIG STUFF...

    Make it so that “_______ many hours of work, in a publically-necessary/needed field” meets the payoff requirement.

    The public needs folks in those jobs, let folks work off that education with pay.

    (I realize there ARE programs that already DO this! But make it universal, and make the Government track it via the employer–don’t make the EMPLOYEE bee the “keeper of the info”

    The IRS *DOES* have the capability to do something like that–

    7, fully fund the IRS, (and hire more employees!) so that they can do ^that^ and So that the IRS can make sure rich folks comply with tax laws again!

    8. Fund Public Education again, from birth through Undergrad degrees.

    Fully fund Public Pre-K-12 schools, and restore the old funding formulas for college degrees.

    (In the stare of MN, back through the 80’s-or-so, State & Federal funds covered 70-80% of the cost of a degree. That formula began to flip in the late 80’s/early 90’s, until the current era, where the student is on the hook for 70-80% of the cost of a degree, and State & Federal funds cover just 20-30%)

    And 8. Mandate a “cushion” of $10,000-15,000, for families transitioning off of “Welfare” programs

    Rather than the current, asinine system, that states & the federal government use when households are “transitioning out” of welfare/ safety-net programs, where “for every dollar a family makes *past* their benefits, they loose money & support every month, *fix* the damn system that causes folks to rebound back onto, then off of assistance over & over again, by developing a system that teaches folks financial literacy, and diverts a percentage (say 25%?) of that “excess money” into a savings account, that builds until it’s at a total of… choose a number–$10,000 or $15,000.


    Yes, I KNOW that amount *sounds* incredibly high!!!

    But a cushion of ^that^ sort would prevent most folks from rebounding back onto social assistance programs, in the event of a major car repair, needing to get another used vehicle, a job loss, housing loss, OR a major health calamity.

    By ensuring that we have folks supported, making savings payments of their own, and leaving the safety-net programs with Financial Literacy, there would be much less rebounding, and less long-term need, less childhood poverty, and less cost years down the road, because of the decrease in long-term need & childhood poverty.

    Bonus point 9, which I was reminded of by parts of ^that,^

    Bring back the advanced Child Tax Credit, AND the “P-EBT” programs, and make them permanent!!!

    We reduced childhood poverty at a HUGE rate, for the first time in literal decades, when we did both things earlier in the pandemic. The P-EBT made HUGE differences for families that has food insecurity.

    Childhood hunger can cause lasting (lifelong!!!) impacts on the brain development of children, so feeding them is GREAT, if you want a smart, informed, and successful adult populace decades down the road…

    We should feed kids healthy foods, that is easy for their families to access!!!

    Both these programs were great, and they cost us a fraction of the yearly defense budget!🤨🤨🤨



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