The Washington Football Team is Now Called *Checks Notes* “Washington Football Team”

To be fair, it was going to be a tall order to completely change the team name, logs, and everything else over the course of a few months, even before Dan Snyder’s dirty laundry got aired all over The Washington Post. Still, it’s a bit of an anti-climax that for the 2020 season at least (assuming there is a season), the Washington Sports Team Formerly Known as a Racial Slur will adopt the name “Washington Football Team”.

And to be honest? I don’t hate it.

I mean, if I had to go with anything, I would’ve gone with the Washington Football Club (or Washington FC), but Washington FT doesn’t have a horrible name to it. And if the Washington FT (sees, kinda flows, doesn’t it?) manages to not be complete ass this year, it’s possible the name could stick without having to lose their minds trying to fight some rando for a trademarked logo.

The team will retain the burgundy and gold colors, while hopefully retiring their godawful and fucking hideous “gold” pants.

In other “dear God, please make Washington not an absolute fucking chore to watch” news, Washington FT hired Julie Donaldson to replace disgraced former Senior VP Media & Content Larry Michael, who was not only a scumbag, but a shitty play-by-play announcer.

I’m not sure anything is really going to change in Washington, but it’s at least nice that a day went by with some relatively positive news. Let’s see is they can get out of the week without fucking it up!

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