…then again [DOT 17/4/21]

it is the weekend, after all...

…ok…so one way or another we managed to slightly overdo the DOT thing yesterday…& today there’s the brain drain coming later…so mostly I told myself I wouldn’t ladle some absurd amount of links into this…& try to avoid the whole shooting thing…but I’m going to break that right at the beginning because I found this

…& I don’t know the details…so I can’t say I know what happened there…but all the same…if it turns out that a kid died at school because a cop decided they had to shoot them despite the kid being unarmed…& a kid…& the cop having a gun…& being an adult & supposedly a professional…I don’t know how to square that circle

…but it’s the weekend & it’d be nice to have something to maybe not feel dreadful about…so

Liberty University sued its former president Jerry Falwell Jr. this week, exacerbating the messy divorce between the Christian university and the leader whose family name has been synonymous with the school since its founding.

The suit, which was filed on Thursday and asks for more than $40 million in damages, alleges breach of contract and fiduciary duty. It claims that Mr. Falwell withheld scandalous and potentially damaging information from Liberty’s board of trustees, while negotiating a generous new contract for himself in 2019 under false pretenses. Mr. Falwell also failed to disclose and address “his personal impairment by alcohol,” the suit alleges.


…maybe it makes me a bad person but somehow when things don’t go well for holier-than-thou types whose practices don’t align with the things they tend to preach…let’s just say I don’t feel bad about it…& while we’re on the subject of things that do not make me sad to hear


…also…how do folks feel about this?

Gawker set to return again – but can it recapture ‘the old anarchic spirit’? [Guardian]

…anyway…it’s the weekend…let’s hope it’s a good one



    • …much as with the splinter thing…I think there were undoubtedly some flaws to gawker…but the collection of commenters that were to be found in its vicinity is something I miss more than the site itself?

      …I guess I’d be disappointed if they just wheel out the name & try to use it to put a gloss on some clickbait traffic-farming thing…but if they were to provide the sort of opportunity the original did for me to find somewhere to scroll through snark on demand…I could find some time in my day for a thing like that?

      …plus I’d just really like for peter thiel not to get to hammer things into the ground with a combination of proxies & a chequebook?

      …I don’t know…I guess I’m conflicted…which was kind of why I wondered what others made of the idea

      • The commenters at Gawker were among the best group ever assembled I’ve seen on the intertubes.  It’s not a high bar, but the comments were a lot better than the shitshows elsewhere (cough huff puff cough.)
        Splinter was the closest the remains of gawker ever got, but spanfeller fucking killed it again.  I hate him more for that reason than anything else.
        I’m proud I earned my stripes/stars/whateverthefuck they used there.
        Don’t miss AJ though.  He was a shithead.

  1. Well, good luck on that Gawker relaunch. Bustle tried this twice before and both times failed to achieve lift-off. They’ve recruited Gawker alum Leah Finnegan to run the thing and maybe third time’s a charm. The problem is, Nick Denton was many things but one of the good things was he somehow managed to (mostly) attract talented and very funny writers, gave them the key to the liquor cabinet, and let them roam all over the place. I’m sure he was intimately involved in everything but the writers seemed to have a lot of autonomy. 
    The Bustle “empire” is owned by one guy but who knows how controlling he is or what his “vision” is, if anything. Or who and what his sacred cows are. Plus Gawker seems like a relic of a long-gone era, like Spy Magazine was to the 80s.
    Look at what happened to the non-Gawker parts of Gawker Media once Herb Spamfellow and whatever that hedge fund’s name is got their hands on it. I mean it’s partly why we’re here, right? There is no more Splinter and Deadspin might as well not exist. Every so often Jezebel, my former one true home, will run a story. Often badly written, often dull and/or bizarre perspective, 5 comments or whatever, two of them in the gray. But sometimes they slip up and link to a similar story from the past and post a link. The Gawker Media archives are supposed to be off-limits but kinja being kinja and with their tech budget being $4 a month or whatever it is…Those stories: much funnier and more interesting, 350 comments, 330 in the black. On the one hand I like these because all sorts of names come flooding back, my previous name included, but on the other hand it’s this weird sensation of…it’s like being at a memorial service. 
    Just to keep nattering on, and speaking of Gawker alums, Choire Sicha has done really well for himself:
    This is today’s Keith Kelly Media column. He’s always worth reading, if media, especially New York media, is your thing. There are some real gems in here though. One of his deputies is a woman named Alexandra Jacobs, who, when she was very young in the 90s, did a feature for the once glorious New York Observer (under Arthur Carter, before Jared Kushner got his hands on it and ruined it) called The 8-Day Week. Immensely talented. His boss or someone above him at the Times is Sam Sifton, who, for most of the 90s, wrote and did various things for a free alt-weekly called “The New York Press.” That’s quite an ascent. Sifton, I learned, is a Harvard grad, aren’t we all, and his maternal grandfather was Reinhold Niebuhr. I’m sure that was no handicap when it came time to apply for a job at the Times.
    Now we’re speaking of the Times. Vartan Gregorian just died. You might not know who he was but he was the President of Brown University, almost single-handedly brought the New York Public Library back to life in the 1980s, and went on to run the Carnegie Foundation for many years. He’s well-known in New York, at least among the people my age who I know. In the obit I learned that he is survived by sons, one of whom is married to the Times’s very own Maggie Haberman, who is herself the daughter of Clyde Haberman, who wrote for the Times for something like 90 years, or so it seemed. 
    New York: City of 8.5 million or village of 400?

    • I think I just beat my own record for “longest comment ever posted on Deadsplinter.” And I didn’t even get into Prince Philip’s funeral, which will be broadcast live at 10 AM today EST. I’ll save that for Brain Drain.

    • I would only be interested in Gawker if it were back in the kinjaverse. It was a hard sell to get me to come here (and Backtalk, on FFF) because I’m lazy. But even then, it wouldn’t be the same, just like Splinter was close but no cigar. 
      And my laws, are some of the Jez girls being terrible on purpose? Some of their takes are astronomically obtuse. Then again, they are about 15 years old so i don’t know what I expect.

    • …I get that it was sort of a leftover from them having begun to defend him in that suit while he was in office…but frankly that they ever played that role in a case about something he did so long before he got anywhere near the white house was offensive in the first place & I hope they revert to his having to pay for his own defence as soon as possible…it’s beyond outrageous for the state to cover the tab & lend its efforts to defending that asshole against a long-standing accusation of rape in the first place

    • …agreed…I had a few links about that but I figured I’d been on about enough yesterday I probably ought to give folks a break today

      …speaking of which I think we’ve also had the first guilty plea from someone charged for their actions on jan 6th…which I think came from an oath keeper

    • In the early days of Delta, Colonel Charlie Beckwith asked any prospective Delta candidate during interviews if MacArthur was wrong in demanding Truman nuke China.  He kicked out any soldier that said yes.
      Elite units have always been right wing.  Partially due to the training.  Partially due to the nature of the mission of special forces.  Also the kind of people they attract.

      • …I get what you’re saying but I’m not sure it’s a universal rule…I realise that the military isn’t exactly a breeding ground for what’s generally considered left-wing stuff but I think some branches of special forces type stuff also prize an ability to work outside of (or without) a command structure in a way that at least suggests rather more by way of independent thought than generally seems to be indicated by the right wing of things?

        …iirc the british commandos from WWII were what a lot of special forces are, as it were, derived from & I think they did a lot of that kind of thing…added to which a lot of the legacy of WWII does kind of lend itself to the idea of the armed forces providing a defense against fascist stuff…at least in a bunch of europe, I guess

        …like I say, I take your point…I just think maybe it isn’t a given?

      • Oh, no doubt. The thing I found creepiest is the obsession with the Q bullshit and other ridiculous conspiracy theories. Not only does that show a bizarre right-wing fixation, it’s stupid as fuck. Which means the people who believe it aren’t very smart. That’s not something I want to see in elite forces. I kind of expect them to be above the regular grunts in intellect. Clearly I’m mistaken. 

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