…there will be drinking [DOT 31/12/19]

…but will it be?

Happy, that is – can it even be a happy new year’s with Australia on fire*…the putative leader of the free world melting down regularly**…& the possibility that the UK might be looking into the possibility of dropping the U***…so things aren’t exactly looking great from where I’m sitting.****

Still – we can hope, right?

I mean, for a while there around the demise of Splinter & Deadspin it seemed like there was a pretty healthy crowd that was capable of a pretty interesting conversation that did arguably more to make me feel like maybe I wasn’t the crazy in the equation than even the sites from which I recognized the screen names involved…so it’s at least conceivable that we could do something like that again

…maybe even here…a few things are different but some things are (or could be) the same

…drop us a link you think is worth talking about & we can hoist it ATL on these DOT posts or start a fresh one with its own threads

…or join our merry little band & get yourself the ability to put stuff up without the middle man the way one or two folks have already

…the trick to it all last time was that people joined in so that’s generally something we’re inclined to encourage this time & with the new year primed to kick off some of us are thinking pretty seriously about trying to find more time for this place rather than less

…sure – I probably could get used to shooting my mouth off online on the daily

…but I for one had more fun when the rest of the crowd showed up & said their piece+

…how about you?

+ see…

thanks, meg…

& myo...







****Iraq Protesters Break Into U.S. Embassy Compound in Baghdad

American Airstrikes Rally Iraqis Against U.S.



  1. I guess I’m still in mourning over the demise of Splinter and Deadspin and the continuing fuckup with the Kinja commenting system. I probably should spend some more time here.

    As for Australia, I’m not shocked that the beds are literally burning. Canada City Wingnuts I have known point to Australia as the perfect nation because the media’s controlled by Murdoch, it has some socialism but only enough to be tolerable (for them), more free market friendly (thanks Rupert) and it didn’t do a single fucking thing about global climate change thanks to the likes of Gina Rinehart and others in the Austrialian coal industry bankrolling the doubters even though they knew since the 60s/70s what uncontrolled CO2 would do to the global climate. George Miller’s now almost prophetic future of Mad Max isn’t all that far off now.

    As for Trump, I gotta hand it to Nancy. She can cut a bitch/Trump. The GOPers in the Senate are going to turn the trial into the farce they claimed/projected the Dems did in the House, but Nancy’s gonna let’em hang on that. Rule of law matters and they even apply to Trump. Let’s hope things go worse for Trump.

    On a personal note: Triumph and pain as usual. Pain, permanently uncoupled from my ex. I’ll miss her, but we were at different stages in our lives. Triumph… personal wise not job wise. Strengthened my relationship with my parents. Pain is realizing my dad is finally in the late winter of his life. Triumph, made more peace with myself (still incomplete.) A lot of that personal anger that drove people away from my life and made me miserable is gone.

    • …sorry as I am to hear the pain ledger entries – & I am – the rest of it sounds like very much the sort of thing that would be welcomed if you’d care to vent a little hereabouts so do by all means come hang out when you’ve a moment.

      The wake was a good time but for now we’d like to think of this place as a bit of a fixer-upper but with a lot of potential…

    • …not to pile on joe (hell, if he gets the ticket I’d still ride with him before I got nearer to the trump bandwagon that it’d take to puncture the tires) but damn if it don’t seem like we’d be collectively better off if he explained why several other candidates look like they’d be a better fit for the post…instead of trying to ride coat-tails like the whole thing is an exercise in “did I mention I know this guy?”

    • …I had a link ATL to a map that seemed to be to some extent tracking the fires but honestly I don’t know where it was/is pulling the data from & it doesn’t show that sort of thing

      …between that kind of nightmare & the idea that with things as dry as they are & shifting patterns of prevailing wind the fact that Australia’s hottest time of year is yet to come is uncomfortable to contemplate

      …& I’m not even in Australia

      • If you have ever been threatened by fire, I mean seriously considering your evacuation options as you are watching smoke, wind, weather patterns, and emergency alerts, ‘Shelter in place; it’s too dangerous to leave’ is NOT what you want to hear.

        You need only look at Paradise, CA, to see how deadly it becomes when three of the four ways out of town are on fire.

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