They live! [NOT 16/3/22]

Tim Curry in Rocky Horror singing the line from Sweet Transvestite "I see you shiver with antici"

Hi, friends!

I hope your Wednesday is going well.

I don’t know if you have outdoor spaces/gardens near your home, but one of the best things this time of year for me is spotting the stuff that came back.

I created a new flowerbed last fall and while none of the perennials have come up yet, the bulbs I transferred from other spots in my garden are making an appearance!

Also (dork that I am), I’m super stoked because it looks like a few of the kale plants I enjoyed last fall actually managed to not die even though we had some single digit nights! Teeny leaves are forming, fingers crossed the bunnies stay in the back yard and don’t realize they’re there.



  1. We just planted a ton of seeds and I “wintered” my peppers in the greenhouse and almost all of them came back.  A few are a little confused and pushing out flowers already though so we will see how those do.  I’m still waiting for my hops to break thru, they usually come out by now but I’m not too worried since we had a late freeze.  My friend came over and pruned all my wife’s roses and they seem to be sprouting out in the right places now so that is good.  She was too afraid to cut them all the way down like they needed.

    • Nice! I’m envious of your overwintered peppers.

      I have some seedlings that sprouted over the last few days for my lettuce and arugula (the spinach is being a jerk and hasn’t sprouted yet). But also today on the way home from the office I stopped at my favorite garden store and picked up 6-packs of lettuce, kale, and bok choy starters. I tried my third favorite garden store (which is conveniently super close to my house) earlier this week and they didn’t have the varieties I wanted.

    • We were coming back from up north & heard about the daffodil fest about halfway back so tried to take pics at the fields.  We couldn’t get to any fields but I found a huge flock of snow geese hanging out nearby.  Look for a Bird Droppings w/ a daffodil background soon.

  2. The pond in the hollow is full of spring peepers.  They’re little frogs that make a noise like tiny bells.  When they get going it’s like a giant wind chime.  They’re only around for a month or so, but I love the sound.

    • Glad you enjoy them.  These invasive frogs have taken over near my brothers house in Hilo & I can’t sleep at night from the din of these little fuckers!

      • The pond is far enough away from the house that I don’t hear them when the windows are closed, and it’s still too chill to sleep with the windows open.  By the time it warms up, the peepers will be gone until next year.

  3. We’re frozen like Butcher’s neck of the woods, and the only thing starting to come out from under the snow right now, is trash & dog poop.🙃

    Turns out, we have lots of jerks with dogs in the neighborhood (a LARGE dog’s owner, in particular!) who see no need to even bother with grabbing any of the multitude of free dog-bags around, they just let their dog poop & walk away…


    • I have one neighbor whose mother (I think) walks their dog occasionally. She never stops to let it sniff and do its business. So the dog just shits as it walks and she doesn’t clean up because she doesn’t notice. I’ve pointed it out to her before and she does come prepared with bags and happily cleans it up. Learn to walk your dog properly!

      • SAME, @Hannibal. SAME!!!

        Especially when we have FREE bags and three trash cans to throw it into *right* around the 2 sides of the building where this large dog is being taken outside!

        Pretty sure I know which dog’s owner it is, but I haven’t seen it happen *in action* when I wasn’t in my car, so can’t catch them to chew out the owner (OR report her to the office!)

        Turns out it’s been happening A LOT from that dog, I’m learning, as the snow melts!🤢🤢🤢🤬🤬🤬

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