Things I didn’t think through [NOT 9/5/22]

Hi, friends!

Tonight’s topic is things you didn’t think through before doing, buying, etc. Please share results if they were hilarious, too.

This topic brought to you by my winning a raffle for a fire pit over the weekend, only to get home and realize that not only do I need to get pavers and clear some of the lawn to set this up (since other options are on the deck — hello fire hazard or on the driveway — also, hellow fire hazard), but also the best spot on the lawn is close enough to the sump pump discharge to be a swampy mess much of the time.

Anyways, I was already planning on putting a second rain garden in (this one around the sump pump discharge, compared to the one that I put back in the swampy mess area at the back of the yard) so I guess I’ll do that and see if the juncus, etc, will suck up some of that water mess and make the area more stable and less squishy.



  1. Buying a gas grill. Visions of suburbia filled my head. Grilling dinner, drinking beer, and bullshitting with the neighbor. That lasted a week or two. I work in a manufacturing plant with no ac. In the summer time it gets to be in the 90’s. I realized I have no desire to cook outside in the heat after a day being inside in it. One of the dumbest decisions ever.

    • Oh I totally can see that! I don’t own a bbq pit/grill because I don’t really cook meat that much and I also have no interest in being outside in hot weather next to a heat-producing source.

      Do you at least grill in winter?

    • I love my gas grill & go through one every other year.  I’m not the best about cleaning them & always saucy drippy stuff that rusts out the jets.  Summer, at least not turning on the oven inside.  Winter, fresh air & usually getting laughs for being on the deck in my grilling slippahs! (That’s pigeon for rubber slippers)

  2. Dating & worst, falling in love with a person you work with.  After the first time you would have thought I would know better but I did it again & the 2nd time the girls mom worked with us too!  I was young & stupid (now I’m old & stupid & still kind of work with my love interest).  Anyways, it lead to some really sad & tough moments that changed me forever.

  3. Buying bikes and parts on a whim. Bought a Fuji track frame with no seatpost or clamp…which they don’t make anymore. So it’s basically artwork now.

  4. My old truck had some ice frozen in the box, so I grabbed the 2×4 that was also the tailgate and smashed it. When I woke up my son was looking at me, asking me if I was okay. I still have the scar right under my eye.

  5. I regret buying the George Foreman grill that didn’t have grills which detach from the base. I stuck with it for almost a decade. My husband finally convinced me that it is worth it to replace it because cleaning it is such a pain in the ass. Our sink is not large and only half the grill fits in at one time.

  6. I have things I’ve planted which in retrospect I would have done differently —  a Japanese Maple too close to the house, boxwoods too close to one another, a Chaste Tree I don’t really like, butterfly bushes when I really should have put in natives….

  7. kid me used to cycle to school and back every day

    one day on my way home…i spotted a brand new pile of dirt by the side of the road

    couple feet high…angled just right to be a sweet ramp

    so obviously i pedalled my little ass off and jumped that fucker

    it was right about when i cleared the top and gravity and inertia took over that i discovered where all that dirt came from

    it was then i knew i fucked up

    • Where did the dirt come from? I used to skateboard, and was decent, well, I was riding my bmx bike home from college, and friends spotted me, we decided to meet at my house for some recreational drugs, and I said I’d meet them there. Hyped to hang out and just feeling it, I saw a brick flower bed and figured I’d bunny hop onto it and ride. I’m not near as good in a BMX and ended up going over th handle bars, popping the front tire and bending the rim. Had to run my bike home.

      • The big pile of dirt came from the equally big hole which someone dug to get to the water main right behind it which I majestically sailed into

        It was a landing I walked away from…. eventually


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