Things that are more detrimental to your health than wearing a mask, ranked

Let freedom ring (your lungs with dense concentrations of coronavirus)

1. Guns

2. Coronavirus

3. Smoking

4. Drinking and driving

5. Texting while driving

6. Driving

7. Drinking

8. Drugs

9. Overeating

10. Being a lumberjack, farmer, truck driver, roofer, fisher or any other dangerous job (No, cop, that doesn’t include you. Sorry. Go grab a tampon milkshake and a Big Mac with extra “secret sauce” on your break if it makes you feel better.)

11. Being Black near a cop

12. Being Black just in general

13. Being poor

14. Unprotected sex

15. Not enough exercise

16. Too much exercise

17. Opening any social media app ever

18. Being a workaholic

19. Too much caffeine

20. Areas with high pollution

21. Doing nothing about climate change

22. Living during the Mango Unchained administration

23. Not wearing sunscreen

24. Not treating depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses

25. Screen time

26. Not thoroughly cooking meat all the way through (poultry should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165, while ground beef should be around 160. And if you’re cooking steaks or chops, I can’t stress this enough, people, let your meat rest for a few minutes)

27. Not sleeping enough

28. Not drinking enough water

29. Too much water

30. Sitting

31. Sleeping too much

32. Being pregnant

33. Getting hit by a bus

34. Going to a Mango Unchained rally

35. Whining to me about wearing a mask or your “freedom” because I will punch you straight in your stupid fucking covid-infested face (and then wash my hands for 20 seconds with warm, but not hot, water)

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  1. Ah, but you see, I need my daily Vitamin O, that is, Owning the Libs because I have a self-worth deficiency and need to take it out on others. If Freedom is Oxygen and Oxygen is breathing and I can’t get my Oxygen/Freedom you are basically murdering me like you did George Floyd. This is very simple math, i don’t know what you’re not getting other than a case of the Fascist Socialism!
    (/s, just in case)

  2. guilty of…..3,4,5,6,7,8,9 maybe 10…lot of stuff that will go boom or eat a finger at my work….on the other hand…im not an idiot that bypasses safeties 13,14,15,17,19 ….uhhh… fuckit fucking most of them
    anyhoo…i tried to get a rona test a couple days back as i couldnt breathe for 2 days straight
    they wouldnt let me make an appointment as im not medical staff…and masks are only required on public transport here
    i figures that means im officially gubment sanctioned rona free….
    (i mean…i probably am…hayfever meds fixed me right up…and made me hyper as fuck…but im a little annoyed i couldnt get a test considering the bigly add campaign the gubments running about how everyone can get a test now…even with mild symptoms)

  3. I mixed the threads and posted a comment on the next thread that I should’ve posted here…
    get a load of america’s covid-19 warriors after the 3rd minute:

    U.S. Hits All-Time High in Coronavirus Cases | The Daily Social Distancing Show
    first is patty, second is kim, and third and most devastating of them all is becky…

  4. I am still wearing a mask when I go outside to a public area or sometimes at work.
    Why?  I don’t like it, but I also don’t want CoVID19. Sorry to my fee-fees and I’ll do my part to save society from getting sick.
    I swear sometimes that CoVID19 is human evolution in action.  It is part of the process of weeding out the fucking morons from the rest of society.  The problem is that the process is messy and a lot of folks who aren’t stupid are going to suffer along with the morons.

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