Things that Confuse You [NOT 30/8/22]

Hi, friends!

Tonight’s NOT topic is random things that make you go “huh?”

I like to mindlessly scroll through Facebook’s videos. They’re trying to compete with tiktok I think, whatevers.

What I don’t understand is people basically lip-synching over another person’s video. Like a comedian talking through something, etc. It seems deceitful to try to get views with someone else’s original content. I find it especially annoying when the voices are similar enough that if I hadn’t heard the video content from the actual creator, I wouldn’t realize someone else had recorded it first.

I don’t mind the reaction videos where it’s a person laughing or whatever to the other person’s content because you clearly see it’s someone else’s content. But the “pretending to be saying this stuff” is just weird and I don’t understand it.



  1. What confuses me —

    Michelada. I was with someone who ordered it and it seems to be beer, tomato juice, CLAM JUICE, and lime.

    No. Just no.

    According to Wikipedia the original recipe was just beer with lime, salt and ice. Later some chile powder went on the rim. Sure, that sounds fine. I don’t know how this recent version ever caught on.

  2. Iced coffee. Why?

    Eating crustaceans. They’re BUGS.

    TikTok. Just … what?

    Professional sports. I mean, what’s the point? You’re watching somebody at their job. I don’t watch the mailman either. I get amateur sports, I get school sports, I get playing sports as a hobby, I just don’t get watching someone earn a paycheck.


    • I’d much rather see the Leafs win the Cup (and the Canada-wide celebration that would follow) than watch the real housewives of the kardashians singing on american idol with a fraudster who stole his father’s fortune from the rest of his family and blew it on the art of the very bad deals in less than an instant leading him to spend the rest of his life grifting an entire country – whose citizens were dumb enough to vote him into the presidency – say, “you’re fired” to celebrities between 10% and 1,000% smarter than him.

      I prefer to watch people who actually have talent…such as, but not limited to, hockey players and baseball players.

      I understand why intelligent people dgaf about sprots…but what I don’t understand is why intelligent people care about other frivolous things as though they are of any more importance.

      • Never watched an episode of anything with a Kardashian in it. Actually, I’ve watched about 4 episodes of anything labeled “reality television” in my whole life. It was obvious from the jump that all that shit was fake. TV producers don’t leave anything to chance.

    • You live in Florida and you don’t eat crustaceans? You remind me of a young French couple I met just months before lockdown. They were very sincere avowed Communists who were vegan and didn’t drink wine (not even vegan wine, if such a thing is available in France.) My initial thought was, “I don’t think I’ve ever met two bigger idiots in my life” but then I remembered the Jewish kids I knew in Germany who weren’t orthodox but they tried to observe as many of the dietary laws as they could. Try avoiding pork in southern Germany. So I switched my opinion to “My life will never be 10% as difficult as theirs must be.”

  3. As for sprots, if you like the rhythm, style, movement, collisions, personalities (what the leagues let out) etc., The history of the teams, players, sprots themselves, then watching the best do it is fun and spending time watching it with others who enjoy it, or enjoy talking smack about it, is also very fun.

    But, not liking professional sprots is okay as well, there are certainly plenty of reasons.


    • I don’t begrudge other people their enjoyment. One of my best friends is a sports fanatic, and we kill at trivia night thanks to his expertise. I’ve sat through games (in-person is more interesting — TV sports just put me to sleep). I just have no real urge to learn more about it or pay any attention to it.

      • Cuz that (like bringing over a YouTube link!😉) is the only one I DO easily understand…

        (Open the share *thingy* on the tweet, hit “copy link” and slap it in the comment–basically just like Youtube!)

        That was the reason sharing Pictures & .gifs was SO hard for me to wrap my brain around!😉😆🤣

        I’m used to just doing the mobile version of  “control C”/ “control V”😉💖

        • And if that *wasn’t* what you mean…

          Thank you VERY MUCH for alll the stuff you do for us here, Myo, because you ROCK, and you ARE truly appreciated!🥳💖💝

          • @myopicprophet, you made me curious–and now I get that ya meant making the pictures/picture-box-thingy pop up in the *other* direction…


            Buuuut since I’m typically the “P” in the term PEBCAC, and learning kids’s level stuff like Kodable, and swearing at the MACs at the school district, because *WHY IS IT *COMMAND C* not *Control C*!?!?!?????😠😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬, is muuuuch more my level of working with computer code, I’m not likely to be of much help.

            But you are STILL AWESOME!

  4. daily life?

    theres not a whole lot what makes sense to me anymore

    i mean…water is wet….unless its tennis ball sized hail…..see even that doesnt make sense

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