things that make you go ewww [NOT 20/4/22]

Hi, friends!

So the parents got me a travel pillow from the MyPillow weirdo company.

I washed it multiple times (washer and dryer) and it still smells like cigarettes from my parents’ house.

I think it was Emmer who joked a few years back that we’re going to find out the foam in that company’s shit is a carcinogen? I’m pretty sure that’s correct based on how it’s not releasing a scent despite being laundered twice. Like I don’t know what chemicals go into making it, but whatever the fuck they are, I don’t want them near me.



  1. You have my sympathy… When my kids were little, Husband’s dad gave us his younger kids’ bunk bed set and mattresses. Which was really nice, and I really appreciated it, but omg. So. Much. Febreze. Was needed. He and his wife smoked in the house, about a pack a day, each. It took about 3 weeks of spraying them and laying them out in the sun to get to where I was willing to let my boys sleep on them!

  2. I’ve mentioned before that my wife has no sense of smell, I call her the first Covid case because she lost it in China long ago.  She likes to spray ammonia based cleaning products all over the shower & then walk away.  Doesn’t open any windows or warn me.  I’ll walk in later & almost pass out from the fumes!

  3. It’s OK to throw out the pillow. If you’ve ever had a pillow go mildew-y, the smell transfers to everything it touches. They’re basically giant time release capsules for smells. Say you lent to a friend who is on a long trip and will return it to you… and then change the subject.

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