Third time’s the charm? [DOT 19/12/19]

Everybody got coffee?

I think we’re gonna need coffee.

I mean…look at the man…sure, nobody in their right mind (the other kind, that actually makes sense…) wants to…but really look at him…not just the cartoon caricature of a wannabe mobster with delusions of grandeur…the actual thing under the hair that lays claim to being a member of the human race…

“does this old broad even know who the hell I am?” – the dotard in a suit so bad that it screams I-failed-my-physical

A whole lot of assholes are gonna be spouting a whole lot of bullshit from here to November next & yesterday’s vote is the biggest ratchet yet on the rack that homunculus-in-a-hairpiece has been stretching out on like it’s his personal sunbed since his daddy was still around to bail him out.

Instead of which he just has a bunch of shady old white men who remind him of his dear old dad because they to are smarter than him but mysteriously keen to fix all the shit he breaks & bail him out of even the deepest of holes with no thought to their own dignity, let alone the spirit of the laws they’ve sworn to uphold.

…still, some of those pale ol’ stale dudes that look like a bag of ambulatory flop-sweat someone poured into a suit really do make themselves stand out from the pack, don’t they?

Kamala seems to think so, anyway…

…or this swell guy…

I mean…he’s better than Rudy…I guess…

I wonder if his “president” knows Bill takes notes sometimes? I mean, we know he thinks “the best” lawyers don’t take notes…& his lawyer literally can’t take notes…in any sense of the term…

take note…this man can not take a note…

…so how does thing look like it’s looking like shaking out?

[yes, the repetition is intentional – as is the repetitive nature of your basic propaganda-based obfuscatory counter-narrative approach to exculpation by outright manipulation, be it literal or conceptual, indirect or in person – as was the shake-as-in-shake-down, since you’re asking…]

…says the NYT

…while the WaPo folks went with this

…so we can be pretty sure that it’s a gonna-get-worse-before-it-gets-better scenario

…surely begging the question – as he has every day since he first announced his misguided intention to run for a position for which he remains as ill-suited as he himself is in a more sartorial sense

…although to be fair to the hopeless, hapless, haptic feedback loop of a man there is one truly exceptional metric by which he outstrips not just all the other presidents but even all the other prospective candidates that ever threw their hat into that ring

…his exceptional (which is to say near-total) lack of understanding or respect for the the office he currently mimes holding, nor the institutions & mechanisms of the government it (theoretically) administers

…so anyway…how’s your day looking?



  1. I don’t even know who it was that dropped a link somewhere in Kinja, but thank you.

    I have definitely felt something missing in my reading life, so thank you to everyone who has had a part in creating this.


    Sick of threatening calls from the “Canada Revenue Agency” and sketchy offers for duct cleaning?

    Starting today, Rogers, Bell, and other telecommunications providers in Canada must implement systems that help block scammers from calling you.

    It’s about damn time.

    • Don’t expect significant changes in the amount of calls you get. It’s nearly a year before they have to do anything about spoofed numbers, and I don’t know about you, but that’s where most of mine come from.

      Then the scammers will find a way around it, and Bell and Rogers will shrug and say that they tried.

      • I’ll take what I can get, though. Anything is better than the free-for-all that it has been especially when Canada is among those with the highest prices in the world for service.

  3. When Obama was elected I thought we had finally turned a corner as a country. I never thought we could get a black president & he would survive 8 years in office! Then when I saw Trump running against anyone I thought we now really have a chance for change. Since then it has been a never ending downhill ride to the worst of what this country can be. Watched Moscow Mitch complain about the lack of due process as he is about to call no witnesses in a sham trial & I had to change the channel & take a deep breath. I find it ironic that we are 2 weeks from 2020 & still have no hindsight to how far this country has fallen. I’m at a loss for words and a loss of hope at this point.

    • Seriously, WTF? We need a purge of the GOP like never before.

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