This is a Post

& This is a Subheading

This is a featured image.

…these are words in a post…

…& this is an embedded video…

…& these are a few words between an embedded video & a blockquote…& they even come with a nifty hyperlink & everything…

…& this is the above mentioned blockquote…

Yet do much less, so much less, Someone says,
(I know his name, no matter)—so much less!

– Robert Browning

…although this could be the end of this post…

…I’m inclined to presumptuously assume that this fails to meet the standards…& by standards I mean “expectations” so-to-speak, well, at least for those who presumably refer to “so-to-speaking” as some kind of a by means of how things should – or at least could – be said…of a “not-so-much” strenuous-to-write lengthy post?

…perhaps…& by that, of course, I mean maybe…a simple post like this is enough to inspire you lot to comment nonetheless?

…because, Non Omnia Possumus Omnes, “We can’t all of us do everything”, but…well perhaps not quite necessarily a “but” per se…

…not only is this post an inside joke…it’s also the easiest & least time consuming post to write…

…so before I get too knackered – or someone (perhaps suffering a sense of humour failure?) pitches a fit & stalks off in a huff – here is a poll for the end of this post…

Is a post such as this easy to write?
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  1. Parody as a compliment, well done. Educational, too!

  2. only voted B coz you cant give me that option and expect me not to use it

      Ah finally managed to post a gif…sorry for the gif links up until now.

        • same way you post an image cept you drop a gif url where the image url would normally go
          least thats how it works for me on the pc

  3. I should have been able to vote both A and B.

    • I concur!

      Poorly-designed poll, answers are not mutually exclusive. 

      • I was going to make “all of the above” an option but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get up tomorrow morning…

        • That was part of the reason I chose “A”….
          I REALLY wanted to chose “B” because it was the MUCH more “fun” answer… but I took my ADHD meds this morning, soooo I was able to *stop* myself from choosing the “impulsive & FUN!!!” answer at the last second😉😆🤣
          But really, you ARE awesome!🥳🥳🥳And you are EXTREMELY appreciated around these parts my friend!
          Thanks for everything you do, to keep us running, and at least *mostly* in line!😉😁🤗💖

          • I promise more “fuck off, myo!” options in future polls. Apparently it’s a popular opinion around here…and I’d hate to disappoint!

            • Thank you, emmer’s meds…from the very bottom of the dignity I have left.

            • It doesn’t always have to be “Fuck off Myo!” fwiw!😉
              We could allllllways expound on *multiple* “Fuck off ____!” Topics😁💖

  4. I’m posting a doo-wop just because who’s gonna stop me?

  5. I’m practicing my gif posting.

    • And – failed. Womp womp

        • But we’re hijacking it for learning purposes.

          • MORE AWESOME POSTS FROM @SPLINTERRIP IN OTHER CATEGORIES vs. a few people learning how to comment gifs:

            • …hey, now…learning is important?

                • i learnt every now and then a poll comes along that has an option for fuck off, myo!


                  • All the best polls include “fuck off, myo” as a response. This is statistical fact. 

            • Speaking of Other Categories (but I’m not going to write a whole post about him) on this day in 1953 Edmund Hillary, later knighted so Sir Edmund Hillary, summited Mt. Everest, along with Tenzing Norgay and a sherpa or two. 
              I only bring this up because one of Hillary Clinton’s many, many little white lies/self-owns was her claim that she was named after Edmund Hillary. I suppose to reinforce in people’s minds that if she got the Democratic presidential nomination and won she would have summited her own Everest. This was laughably easy to disprove, or at least call into question, because she was born six years before this happened and it’s doubtful that her middle-class parents in suburban Chicago were following the doings of an obscure New Zealand beekeeper, which is what Edmund Hillary was doing in 1947.

              • That was the thing about her:  there are all these people who bitch about other people who said they couldn’t trust her, as if there was no reason to not trust her…but she did this shit all the fucking time.  Just lied all the goddamned time and was never a good enough liar to actually get away with any of it.  Just self inflicted wound after self inflicted wound.

                • Perhaps Obama supporter David Geffen said it best in 2007:
                  At issue is an interview that Geffen gave to Maureen Dowd, in which he characterized Hillary Clinton as a calculating figure who can’t win and her husband as “a reckless guy.”
                  “Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease it’s troubling,” Geffen said, among other comments.

      • Try again. This is the best place to make mistakes without interrupting the feed. I think the link itself is broken. Try a different gif. Maybe from giphy?

  6. OK, let’s see if this gif thing works. ..”pastes gif url into image field”

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