This Week’s Menu? [NOT 21/2/21]

overhead view of someone prepping food - cuttting board, some chopped veggies, and a stock pot with ingredients in it

Hi, friends! Unfortunately it’s Sunday night already. WHERE DID THE WEEKEND GO???

What’s on your menu this week? I have a rotisserie chicken in the fridge so the next few days will be some variation of salad with chicken or what-veggies-are-in-the-freezer with chicken. And then I guess around Wednesday I’ll need to figure out other meals.



  1. I’m working through the last of the frozen prepped eggplant slices in the last eggplant parm.  Mrs. Butcher, of course, is no longer eating eggplant so she is eating clam sauce.  Later this week, I’ll be making a spinach rice casserole and will put it together for an FYCE post down the road.

  2. I’m having grilled roughy and baked potato for dinner tonight. I’m going to the store tomorrow going to get some salmon, and portobellos to make @Elliecoos Philly sandwiches. 

  3. I splurged because I wanted steak for the first time in 4 months and I have built up a lot of the local supermarket chain bonus points so it was already “paid” for.
    I ended up getting two really nice steaks and I’m going to end up having them with eggs and home fried potatoes for a really $/fancy breakfast/dinner while suffering night shift.
    Otherwise, its just chicken or fish with whatever carbs I can scrounge up with some fresh veg and fruit.

  4. I’m cooking “pork and beans” which is a staple in our home. Ground pork cooked with soy bean paste and asian green beans (those really long ones) served with rice. It’s my go to dish when I’m uninspired but want something comforting that’s easy to shop for and cook.

    • Super midwestern me didn’t have curry until grad school when I went to a Thai restaurant for the first time around 2006. 

      I was trying to explain to my parents because none of the spice profiles are common to how they cook and finally I was like “I don’t know how to explain it to you but curry hits my stomach and my brain like the best comfort food you can imagine.”

  5. There’s a ton of leftovers in the fridge from the last few days, so those need to get finished before I make anything new. There half a roasted chicken and a pot of gravy, spaghetti and sauce, and a ton of Chinese food leftovers from Kiddo3’s birthday on Friday. Once the chicken is gone, I’ll make stock with it’s remains, and probably some sort of chicken veggie soup from that. 

  6. I’ve been working outside most of day but finally came in to make corned beef in the insta pot.  Costco had good price on them & had a craving.  That means I cook 2 dinners since none of that works for pescatarian daughter, she gets Szechuan tofu w/ cabbage.  

    • Ohh I bet corned beef in an insta pot is fantastic.

      I had a cousin who made a fantastic corned beef in the oven (it was ye olde days of the 1990s when we were limited to old-fashioned things like ovens and bbq pits), and she used Old Bay seasoning for it and it was sooooo good. 

  7. Lazy Birthday dinner & leftovers here for tonight & tomorrow.
    Because I didn’t feel like driving tonight (we had light snow all day, and I just wanted to be lazy & stay in my pj’s all day😉), we ordered delivery from a place just a few blocks away (too long to walk to, because LAZY today!),where the food is ALLLLLLWAYS delicious😉
    I got the chicken & lamb with rice combo–it’s my go-to order from them, because it’s just *perfection*
    Everything I’ve tried from there has been great so far… the samosas, sambusas, college-fries, it’s ALL been really tasty😁
    In the one I ordered tonight, the rice is tasty, there’s a bunch of chicken & lamb (gyro meat), and it comes with “salad”.
    The salad appears to vary, depending on what they have that day–today’s had much more cucumber & bell peppers and less lettuce than other days… but today’s also had sliced pepperoncini on top, underneath the…tsatsiki(?) sauce/drizzle/dressing.  The combination of flavors & spices basically turns the food into dietary CRACK, and you pretty much just want to eat it ALL😉
    It was AMAZING, and I managed to still have half for lunch tomorrow🤗
    Tomorrow evening, I’ll be running down to Southdale to get Shake Shack… the restaurants I’d originally planned as my first & second-choices weren’t running the menu things I wanted today, soooo I decided that since it’s literally been YEARS since I’ve had Shake Shack (2012), I and the Roommies haven’t ever had it, that’s on the menu after we go pick up our Costco cards** tomorrow.
    I don’t have particularly high hopes on the Shake Shack here tasting as good as the one we went to when I was helping out a friend at Toy Fair so many years ago… but since we DO have them here now, I wanted to try it again….
    If it’s bad, we DO have an excellent little deli with some of the city’s best burgers (and Gyros!) close by…
    but if it’s actually good, that’ll increase our number of tasty places for takeout, and someday, if Covid ever goes away, a place to venture out to😉
    (**Got the membership a couple weeks ago, but didn’t feel like fighting the holiday crowd *last* Monday😉)
    I don’t know exactly what I’ll be making for later in the week, but tomorrow IS going to be “cooking night”.

  8. Misfits market is coming this week so I made a soup out of odd bits and 1/2 lb of sausage. Made a spaghetti sauce and cooked 1/2 lb of pasta and a spaghetti squash, I like spaghetti squash but for me a little goes a long way. I made chick pea snacks with leftover chickpeas, sesame oil, harissa and salt but alas, ate them all in one go. Making asian style meatballs today to freeze for quick meals. This morning I ate the last of the kasha for breakfast. I won’t be buying that again. I bought it while I was reading War and Peace and got sucked in by the romance of the russian soldier making kasha over a fire. Yeah, right, whatever you say, Leo.

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