Three Day Weekend! [DOT 28/5/21]

Who’s ready? What do you have going on? (And yes, I know you Canadian(s) already had your 3 day weekend.)

Rip’s been banging on about this and it’s just Crazy.

Senate Republicans will likely sink Democrats’ bid to set up Capitol attack commission

Have I mentioned that we can’t have nice things?

‘No vaccine!’: Woman arrested for allegedly driving through vaccination site in protest, nearly hitting workers

Ok, I totally missed this the other day. It just happens so much, it’s hard to keep up.

The colleagues killed in San Jose mass shooting were like family, official says. Here’s who they were

Stonks! Way to create something with no value, and cash out. [angry face emoji]

WeWork founder Adam Neumann received $445m payout in exit package



Have a great Friday!



  1. I want a donkey!

    • One of my sister’s used to have a donkey and he was a sweetheart. 

      • I felt pretty meh about Arnold Schwarzenegger until I saw videos of him and and his mini pony and donkey. So cute!

    • Mrs. Butcher wanted goats.  Mrs. Butcher grew up in the middle of Manhattan, whereas I grew up on a farm.  I informed Mrs. Butcher that goats would be a gigantic pain in the ass and we would not be able to handle the time commitment.  She didn’t believe me so I set up a weekend at a goat farm, where the owners proceeded to tell her the same thing.  We got chickens instead.

      • Yes, but baby goats are hilarious, hours of entertainment.

      • My BIL’s goats think nothing of walking on the hood of his car.

      • A donkey would be a nice friend for butcherdog

        • She needs something large that she can crash into without killing it.

          • My brother had a pet goat for a short time period; his name was Goat Friend. Anyway, this goat was incredibly cute as a baby. But it didn’t stay a baby for long. Goat Friend quickly matured into a terrifying, virile adult male…with horns. The only thing he liked more than trying to ram people with his horns, was trying to create more goats with those same people (he was too dumb to realize that doesn’t work). He also developed quite a pungent odor, and loved yelling into Pat’s window all night. If you’ve heard what a goat sounds like, you can imagine how nice that would be. Eventually Pat came to his senses and found a nice gentleman who agreed to take Goat Friend for breeding purposes. I think Pat was expecting some kind of loyalty from the goat, but the guy just held out a carrot, and it followed him right into the back of a pick-up truck. 

            • Maybe Pat should have put Goat Friend in the freezer, maybe for a curry.

              • I was pretty convinced that the guy that BOUGHT THE GOAT OFF CRAIG’S LIST did just that.

            • My nephew bought a goat for $20 from some kids off the street in Hilo.  He gave it to my niece who taught the thing how to play catch with her.  I wish I could post the video because it is hilarious!  She throws a rubber kickball and he headbutts it back to her.  He is really accurate too!  Near us we have a goat rescue if anyone is in need of a goat.  Come on up & I will buy you a beer for every goat you rescue! Whoops, just saw they are no longer rehoming the goats, but you can still help.

            • Holy hell, “Goat Friend”. Did he talk to it in a Borat voice?
              ‘Cuz I sure as shinola would.

    • They seem really empathetic! I follow this IG of a donkey rescue and almost every post is a lady hugging or petting them.

  2. MAH WAHFE isn’t a big sports fan, but when I showed her the Baez play she was screaming   at the first baseman to just touch the base and then said she’d be embarrassed if our son made that play in Little League (and he’s 5).

    • That play makes me wonder why there’s no rule that you can’t go backwards on the way to first base.  I mean, if you’re caught between bases, you can advance or return to the spot you started from.  Running to first, there’s nowhere to return to.  But then I’ve been watching or playing or coaching baseball for a lot of years and I’ve never seen that before.

      • A wild guess is they don’t want to discourage people from backing off from collisions with fielders.
        More likely is that they just never saw a reason.

        • They could just modify the baseline rule, as in “if a player running to first base reverses direction for more than three feet, he is out.”

    • I don’t know the detailed rules of baseball, but even I was like wait didn’t the first baseman just need to … touch the damn base?

  3. The NY Times ran a story about Trump’s DOJ throwing a monkey wrench into an investigation into Giuliani and a Russian agent, Andriy Derkach.  It’s been known that under Barr, DOJ blocked a criminal investigation into Giuliani’s ties to the Ukraine scandal back in 2019. This adds the detail about blocking probes into his direct connection with Russian intelligence.
    I won’t link to it because the Times lied about having a scoop, when the story had already been extensively reported here:

    Their analysis is also bad, and this is a better perspective:

  4. Luigi Vuoto has donkey(s). Baby report yet?

  5. These 2 really need to be put away!

    and speaking of whack-jobs…praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

    • Wow the Rod of Iron people are such a risk.

      Also, the new aesthetic with the biker glam look? Totally trying to appeal to incels and look cool to the dudes. Betcha the flowing robes were too girly. 

      I saw a special on them a while back and I remember thinking it surprising that so many white people who if you talked to them would be racist as fuck were a-ok following an Asian-American man for a prophet, basically. I guess to them he’s not like those “scary” minorities. 

      ALSO WHO THE FUCK IS FUNDING THEM. The congregation can’t be that huge. Guns are expensive. Land is expensive. Where’s the money coming from????

    • I learned about Moonies getting my criminal justice degree… AS A CULT. Guess times have changed.

  6. The happy donkey! OMG it made my heart swell with joy to see. 

  7. oh good..i was beginning to think nobody was ever gonna mention san jose (or for that matter texas guns for all law) checked all me usual haunts and…crickets (well the root mentioned texas..but i mostly just lurk there)
    ended up checking out youtube for my every other daily dose of gun nuts and regular nuts ripping into eachother…. (hooboy..that was a mistake…turns out the nuts in my regular haunts aint half as divorced from reality as the ones on youtube…)

    • …I think one of the links in the DOT yesterday was about the texas guns-for-all-&-permits-for-none thing but I guess I dropped the ball on the san jose thing?

      • aaah…i must have missed that link in my lunchtime browse
        i blame the noobies…they’ve decided to share my table and talk to me all lunch…feels rude to just stare at my phone
        *sigh* kinda miss being the odd loner in his own little corner of the shop…oh well..i guess this is healthier..
        anyways…my bad 🙂

  8. I hope Tenn isn’t one of the states you’re allowed to drive into people because you “fear for your life.” I can easily see antivax nuts using that logic.

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