Three Days For…[NOT 6/1/20]

Finland’s PM planning a four-day work week:

Reducing the length of the working week boosts productivity. When, in August, Microsoft Japan tested a four-day weekproductivity work shot up by about 40%. One Melbourne organisation found a six-hour working day forced employees to eliminate unproductive activities such as sending pointless emails, sitting in lengthy meetings and cyberloafing (messing around on the internet). British businesses that have successfully switched to a four-day week include Elektra Lighting, Think Productive and Portcullis Legals.

Russian fans celebrate world junior gold despite losing to Canada:

After a television rerun of Russia vs. Canada in the world junior hockey championships from 2011 aired in Russia alongside Sunday’s live action, some Russians celebrated thinking they were watching the live version:

Soccer player Dmitry Tarasov wrote on Instagram: “Well done guys, congratulations on the win.” After the post was widely mocked, Tarasov said it was meant as a joke after he forfeited in a board game he was playing with family.

Failing to notice the dated uniforms and the fact that it was the miracle comeback gold medal game in which he played, it took Vladimir Tarasenko ten minutes to notice, according to his wife:

Yana Tarasenko, a lifestyle blogger who is the wife of St. Louis Blues forward Vladimir Tarasenko, posted on Instagram that her husband had watched the 2011 game for 10 minutes in the belief it was live — at least “until he saw himself in the game.”

Smartest 8 year old in Quebec disappointed with birthday cake:

God is burning Australia…not climate change or, um, fires?!

Maybe if Australia weren't banning and deporting preachers of the Gospel, they wouldn't be under the judgment of God.

Posted by Faithful Word Baptist Church on Friday, January 3, 2020

Iran vows “severe” revenge:

Here is everything you need to know from The Vice.

Harvey Weinstein appears in court in New York today while more charges are filed in Los Angeles.

Chicago Public School employees caught lying about living outside city limits. I wonder if they’ll spend time in jail as this Ohio woman did.

Complaints of residency fraud ranged from lunchroom attendants to central office staff who have maintained Chicago addresses after moving to the suburbs or never even lived in the city to begin with. In at least two cases, the CPS employees had their own children enrolled in CPS schools in violation of attendance boundaries, including a special education classroom assistant who enrolled his son in a free, all-day pre-kindergarten program even though they lived in far southwest suburban Romeoville.

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  1. What was that Pompeo said about the US’s commitment to de-escalation again?

    • …well they assassinated that one guy to prevent war breaking out so presumably now that everything’s tense AF they’ll be moving on to capping enough inconvenient foreigners that everything can calm down & get back to normal?

  2. TIL the word “cyberloafing.”

    • Gonna put that on my business cards.

  3. re: Australia.

    I love how God can be both the loving shepherd of his people and The Punisher. Makes sense, guys.

  4. I love the World Jr Championships and watched them over the weekend instead of the NFL playoff games. Can v Rus is the typical final but the US has really done well the past 10 or so years. I’ve been wanting Seattle/Everett to bid for host cities and with a new arena and NHL club it sounds like they finally will but wish we did it sooner. I don’t know if both our local CHL clubs make it with the NHL in town.

    The talking heads always point to this incident making it a thing

    The Punch-up in Piestany was a bench-clearing brawl between Canada and the Soviet Union, during the final game of the 1987 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Piešťany, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), on January 4, 1987. The incident resulted in the ejection of both nations, and while the Soviets had already been eliminated from medal contention, the disqualification cost Canada a silver medal – potentially the gold. The brawl is famous for officials having turned off the arena lights in a desperate attempt at ending the 20-minute melee.

    ETA: this game had several players that became Hall of Famers and countless all-stars in it.

    • I know that’s a real thing – & interesting to boot – but I can’t help thinking that for most people I know (outside of the olympic stuff) ice hockey basically came down to one or two things for a while…

      but then it got funny?

  5. The real question here is whether those work days/weeks were shortened, but the pay remained the same. Anyone read the linked articles? I’m too busy, ahem, working to cyberloaf on the Internet.

  6. These guys represent hockey to me.

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