Thursday, Already [DOT 12/3/2020]

It’s hard to feel optimistic some (most) days, but here’s a bit of good news to kick off the DOT.
You absolutely love to see it.

“Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison on rape conviction”

‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.’

“Actor Tom Hanks says he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, have been diagnosed with coronavirus. “

“Dumbest person alive”

I would like to get off this ride:

“Dow futures drop 1,000 points as Trump speech disappoints investors”

No sprots!

Have a good day! It’s almost the weekend, which means at least the market is closed. #Brightside



  1. Reading the NY Times politics desk is an exercise in self-punishment these days.

    Peter Baker’s latest is even less insightful than the editorial of a high school paper earnestly explaining why Principal Dakhead was right about shutting down Senior Prank Day.

    The freaking thing starts out with “It is too early to say how President Trump’s actions in the coronavirus outbreak will affect his legacy, but history is filled with lessons.”

    No, Peter Baker, it is not too early.

    He goes on to talk about Trump and Covid as if it were Bush and Katrina. Except Katrina was over in a few days. This is months after the outbreak started and it is only beginning.

    And of course the idiot Peter Baker talks about Bush and Katrina as if the only problem was Bush doing a flyover, because Peter Baker is only capable of thinking about messaging.

    How can they be so bad at this? (Don’t answer, I already know.)

    • We will, just as soon as the companies he and his friends are invested in manufacture tests. If Dirty Donnie can’t profit it isn’t happening!

      • …apparently he used to own stock in such a company…& thanks to his obfuscated holdings may still?

        …which doesn’t mean they’re good test kits…but might explain him turning down offers of same from federal agencies for testing white house staff…which I gather is a thing the dotard did in fact do…because…dotard gonna dotard?


      And have the numbers of covid19 cases go up? That won’t be so great…

      He even wanted the people on that cruise boat to stay on the boat so the numbers don’t go up! Go to 2:49:

    • Ugh I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts. Our income is heavily reliant on tourism. And then you can be like, eh, southerners won’t listen and they’ll come to New Orleans anyway and you get a temporary sense of relief, and then you’re like….”and then we’ll all get sick.”

      I was halfway through applying for part time work teaching English online via VIPKid when this shit show started. I think I’m going to resume that application…I bet online school might be something that becomes high demand. (you don’t have to be a teacher to apply – a friend of mine who is a teacher does it for extra money and turned me on to it)

      • Yeah, if there were ever a time for online teaching this is definitely it.

        The one thing I hope (perhaps a little too idealistically) is that we come out of this a little more willing to make sure people have real sick time, online education gets a big boost and companies are encouraged to allow more telecommuting.

        Oh who am I kidding? This is hell and common sense doesn’t apply.

        • People of all stripes are running and screaming into the arms of socialism right now. I don’t interact with that many Republicans anymore, but it’s possible they are a little less inclined to follow the party lines after yesterday…

    • Nobody who watched that speech thought any differently, whether they admit it or not. The press is finally breaking out if its shell and directly attributing the market drops to fears spawned by Trump’s words.

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