Thursday… [DOT 21/1/21]

Giant sigh of relief… for one day at least.

When the hangovers have subsided then we can talk about what happens next.

Will my neck relax? Will I stop cracking my molars in my sleep? Only time will tell.

In the meantime…


Inside the stretch limo where ‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic’s team waited for a pardon that never came


What were you doing at 22?

Spot the reference…

Have a GREAT day!



    • These dumbasses thought because all their “friends” loved orange asshole, that they were some sort of overwhelming majority.
      Once again, reality demonstrating it’s blatant liberal bias…

  1. As Lady Gaga was singing “The Star Spangled Banner” yesterday I distinctly remember wondering, “Now what the hell are we supposed to talk about on the Deadsplinter DOTs?”

    • …well…there’s at least a chance mine might be shorter going forward

      …although…impeachment…so…maybe that might be a delayed effect?

      …I’m also petty enough to hope for a solid line in “today’s installment of: things going horribly wrong for donnie “double-impeached” chump”

      …but I do know what you mean

      • I hope we’re talking about Amanda Gorman because she made the day. WOW.
        Unfortunately I think we will be talking about republican shenanigans, yesterday was beautiful, full of promise, pence and mitch acting like real people, then Judy Woodruff interviewed a newly elected republican from NY, Nicole [long greek name] who spewed the same old bullshit. Judy was polite but noticeably exasperated that the rhetoric couldn’t die down even on inauguration day.
        So, no rest for DOT!

        • …amanda gorman’s performance was the thing that made the biggest impression on me, I think…so I’d be happy to talk about her just as soon as I manage to find & read/listen to more of her stuff?

          …but I also have to admit that the press secretary is scoring highly for me…taking questions…promising to come back & do it again tomorrow (well, today now, I guess)…& just generally being an actual press secretary

          …so it’s nice to know she’s on board the amanda-gorman-is-great train

          • I couldn’t help but notice that the knuckledraggers were out in force on the White House YouTube channel, spewing their impotent rage at Jen Psaki’s press briefing.  These fucking people will never willingly accept reality.  Talk of unity is nice and all but ultimately, my hope is that Biden just pushes forward without making the mistake that President Obama made in giving away the store just to try and pick up a few Republican votes here and there.  Just do what’s right and then they can scream about how they’re not being listened to all the way to their higher employment rates, defeat of Covid, and better economy overall.

            • Some on social media are saying that perhaps Biden’s “unity” message was more of a “come to Jesus” than a “kumbaya” moment.  Now’s their chance to jump on the train, but it’s leaving with or without them.

            •  It’s pretty clear the Dems are planning on pushing through a bunch of things without repeating the long negotiations of 2009-10 with bad faith sabotaging Republicans. Rahm Emmanuel and Larry Summers aren’t there with their chowderheaded political analysis anymore.
              Schumer isn’t giving in to McConnell on the filibuster and they’re aiming at passing the $1.9 trillion Covid bill via the budget rule that lets them go with a one vote majority to pass.
              The challenge is going to be getting consensus in their caucus, since their majorities are so slim. I wouldn’t be surprised if some things, like big permanent student loan fixes, get hung up. As time goes on, it will probably get more like this, although the size of a post-virus economuc bounce or the extent of GOP prosecutions for Trumo era crimes may change that. GOP infighting may also work to the Democrats’ advantage.
              But in the short term, at least, I think there is broad agreement on some big moves.  They are still Dems, but they’re not idiots.

                • I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Manchin. I think (don’t know for sure) that his position is to let the Dems get the procedural changes they need and then fight for what he wants, rather than draw the line where McConnell wants it.
                  I think he wants a lot of the spending in the Covid bill, for example, and doesn’t want to let the GOP turn it into a  sawdust and chicken poop sandwich that doean’t get delivered until 2023.

          • I just watched the first press briefing on you tube and wept.
            Eat your hearts out every POS that took the podium under cheeto, if you have hearts, that is.

        • If anyone wonders how New York could’ve re-elected de Blasio after his calamitous first term: He basically ran unopposed in the primary and that nut was thrown up by the Republican Party for the general. Basically no one voted in that election (I did, because I’m weird) but of the few who did, Nicci from New York’s forgotten borough still managed to attract 25% of the vote. THAT’S how disgruntled people were. Did de Blasio take the hint? Oh no. Luckily for him because of term limits he can bow out gracefully and not even contemplate a third term. If he were running, I could attract more votes than him in the primary. 
          As it is we have something like 48 Democratic contenders, including Andrew Yang and, most astonishingly of all, de Blasio’s shill from the legal department who (successfully, I’ll give her that) defended him against the multitude of pay-to-play schemes he devised during his first term. De Blasio’s bad enough. Imagine voting for his lawyer. 

    • Joe Biden is going to wear silver cufflinks with a gold watch and the GOP will call it the biggest scandal since Watergate.

      Joe Manchin will agree.

      Only then will things, including the DOTs, be back to “normal.”

  2. I couldn’t watch the Tiger King because they’re all shit people.  Hard to stomach that.
    I am Team Tiger as in if the Tigers broke out of their cages and ate everyone involved I would cheer them on.
    Good for Trump (wha?) to not give that murderous idiot a pardon.

  3. Feelin’ this today–we’ve still got a looooooong slog ahead, but I DID sleep better last night, knowing that there wasn’t likely to be chaos & a roster-full of lies & misdeeds waiting for all of us, once we woke up😉💖
    Similar to the difference i felt, when I woke up the morning after the election, knowing that the places we’d NEEDED to flip were mostly only tallying ballots in the bluest parts of their states….
    Cautiously optimistic😁💖
    We’ve got a LOT to fix.
    But at least we got the shit out of the hands of the main chaos-monkey, so there’s not gonna be anymore major damage on a continuous basis.

      • It’s a great song, isn’t it?😉
        If you have a chance Ellie, the whole album is worth at least *one* listen😁

        Some of the songs seem… a bit harsh/rough at first,  but when you really listen** to what Ali’s saying, you catch how great a songwriter he is–because he pretty much does like he says in “Mourning in America” and holds up a “mirror so the script get flipped” 
        Mourning in America & I need a Knot are such GOOD examples of that mirror-image.
        Both songs can read as pretty harsh/bad. But when you really LISTEN to the words, you’ll hear that Ali’s not quite sayin’ what it sounds like at first (Need a Knot is a HOOT, lyrically, because all through the song, it sounds like he’s into drug-dealing & pimping… until he gets to the last part of each verse, and you realize he’s actually talking about being out there bustin’ ass, in manual-labor/low wage jobs!😉💖)
        Admittedly, I learned about Ali as an activist & a GREAT interview on our local public radio station, before I knew his music (he and the Rhymesayers guys DID play shows back when I worked at the BLB, but I didn’t know the type of rap they did was the sort I like😉🙃, and NOT the gangster-rap/hip hop stuff that was gaining in popularity in the early ’00’s, which i thought they were doing!)…
        I’ve had this album in my car since I bought it, back in 2013-14, and it’s one of the only ones that STAYED IN my changer that whole time (I also obviously  have had a Jovi in there–but I change which one out every so often😉😂🤣💖)

    • I don’t have high hopes, but this would be a great time for outlets for this garbage like Facebook and Google/Youtube to rethink their algorithms that promote this junk.
      They’ve long operated on the assumption that radicalization drives up page views, but like a lot of techies I think they ignore the possibility that this stuff is on a boom and bust cycle rather than a simple upward growth curve. I also think they overvalue a single cause for growth, and ignore the fact that the craziness drove interest in sane analysis too.
      What I fear is going to happen is they see a drop in viewing that would naturally occur and assume instead it is because of the baby steps they took toward controlling the kooks and Nazis. They’ll panic and try to do everything to woo them back.

  4. I was just looking at a front pages around the world roundup. They seem to be as excited as we are, even the most conservative outlets. I doubt Trump & The MAGAts pay attention to the foreign press, and if they knew about this would probably spin it as our “enemies” celebrating that we elected weak and Sleepy Joe, but for the intelligent and sober-minded among us, this is an excellent development. Britain can now take the title for “most buffoonish leader.” But at least BoJo is very, very smart and very funny, two qualities no one has ever ascribed to Trump.

    • Can we just lay the macho man myth to rest? What kind of man slinks away in the wee hours of the morning rather than face the facts, face the nation, show some decency, some character, some humility. Hilary man, she is a rock, she’s out there congratulating Kamala, when she should have been first female president.

    • …it’s not that boris isn’t smart & funny…it’s that he’s nowhere near as smart or funny as he thinks he is…sadly for…well…the UK…& pretty much the rest of europe to some extent

      …so, yeah…he surely does seem like the uncontested champion of the biggest-clown-in-charge award at this point

    • HA! “Sleepy Joe” kicked ass yesterday. He did more work in a half-day than that orange pusbag did in the last 18 months and still attended all the festivities. My wife was worried about him. “Maybe he needs to take a nap. I don’t want anything happening to him.” 

      • Your wife and I shared the same concern. Every time he jogged to the sidelines during the walk to the white house I held my breath… I guess that after four years of daily horror I am still waiting for someone or something to pull the rug out from under our collective, happy feet.

      • I think he probably has the vigor to go at this full-steam schedule for quite a bit to begin. He’s definitely purpose driven and seems like the sort of senior who surprises you with how much energy they have (sort of like Elizabeth Warren). I think being back in public life is good for him and he’s thriving and up to the task.

  5. Try as I might, I know that my words of praise cannot do Amanda Gorman’s recital justice. She was perfection. Her poem was history in the making and I could feel that in my heart as I watched and listened. Her brilliance drew my soul out from the darkness of these past four years. I’m so in awe. She stole the show. Bravo!

    • @MemeWeaver, I am quite amused by the brouhaha over Bernie being Bernie – and I betcha that his hands were warm. Old dudes have poor circulation,the man needs snuggley mittens. Also, team medicare for all.

      • I have been reading about Bernie and the memes he has generated. One of the best shows him in the chair (the iconic pose, with the mitten) with the caption, “This could have been done in an email.”
        I also a “Steal the Look” feature. They had a very similar parka for $775. Does anyone in their right mind believe Bernie Sanders would pay…I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid less for the car he drives, having picked it up third-hand at an auction. HIs parka was probably bought at L. L. Bean on clearance 30 years ago for less than $30. 

      • To be honest, the memes are cute, but Bernie still makes me a little angry. I’m team M4A too, but I haven’t been able to get over the toxicity around the Bernie personality cult. When I was volunteering for Warren, the abuse I got from Bernie voters was so much worse than the abuse I got from trump voters. At best, Bernie made some poor staff choices, and didn’t do enough to discourage the toxicity and sexism within his base. At worst, he actively encouraged it.
        My anger was rekindled when I went on Facebook yesterday and saw cute Bernie memes alongside disgusting statements about we shouldn’t be celebrating Kamala breaking barriers because she’s evil, singlehandedly responsible for all wrongfully imprisoned Black men in CA, and here was a new one for me – that she slept her way into power? This from supposed liberals and Bernie fans. It’s fucking depressing. 

        • Just as you said. I unfortunately have seen the Kamala stuff for some time (basically based on her dating Willie Brown) and find it disgusting. A cult of personality is toxic amongst the true believers, no matter the political side of the leader. But it’s disappointing to see how quickly bros on either side will pile on with the misogyny. 

        • I’ve been low-key following Harris’s career for about a decade now, and all the anti-Harris/ “Kamala is a cop” bit seems like a carefully engineered hit piece to me.  A lot of the stuff in those lists that get forwarded and reposted are cases and such that aren’t terribly easy to find – they just weren’t headlines, someone would have had to do a pretty exhaustive search to find them.  And, also glossing over, or outright ignoring a lot of the good stuff she’s accomplished.  So, I’m a bit irritated that those lists keep getting forwarded and reposted, and people refuse to hear anything else about her. 
          Almost all of those criticisms of her, aren’t actually of stuff she’s personally done, but stuff that happened while she was in charge of an organization.  Now, that doesn’t completely absolve her of any responsibility, but in several of those instances that are brought up repeatedly out of context in order to demonize her, once it came to her attention, she did act to stop or prevent further similar missteps.
          She’s been a big advocate, and directly put in place programs to reduce incarceration of non-violent offenders, and also founded/supported programs to actually reduce crime, as opposed to just racking up her conviction count, like many prosecuters do.
          Plus, she’s been kicking ass in the Senate.  I was sorta concerned when she was the VP pick, as I tend to see that as a waste of talent for someone like her, but Biden is fucking old, and maybe it will give her a major stepping stone for a 2024 run…
          I think it’s the worst kind of sexist bullshit, and I think she earned her positions and promotions on merit.  But even if she did “sleep her way to the top” or whatever, I really don’t care, she can and has done her job damn well, which I think is less important than how she got there.
          As to Sanders, most of his supporters that I know in person are pretty reasonable about him and also support other leftist candidates and such, but he does have a bit of a weird cult of personality thing going, and I have personally met a couple people who claim to support him, but then turn around and seem to be against anything he actually supports, so I don’t know what the hell is going on there…

          • EXACTLY. Like yes, the buck stops at the top, and she’s not innocent of any responsibility for bad cases in CA. But people act like it’s her whole record and like it was her stated mission to throw Black men in prison. Talking about her missteps is fine, but acting like they’re everything she is, it’s fucking insulting to someone with an overall progressive record as DA/AG, and a fantastic record as a senator.
            The Bernie fans are a tough subject. I was a Bernie supporter in 2016, but I was not pleased with how he handled defeat. That’s when a lot of the toxicity started to grow. I have plenty of friends who are Bernie supporters, and honestly I’m wary of talking about it with them. Some of them have become pretty shitty. Some are lovely people with big blind spots. All seem to want to convert me if the topic gets discussed. I think of all of them, only one truly listened and understood my answer when he asked why I wasn’t supporting Bernie in the primary. He said “yeah, that’s totally valid” and we started to move on, but the other Bernie supporter in the room wouldn’t let it go and kept getting more amped up… 

          • Bernie Bros are the absolute worst…not just from a Kinja standpoint where some of them somehow became black on The Root and ruined the great community that was its comment section or their behaviour on Twitter as well as several other blog sites and social media platforms but IRL. They match Qanon believers in the way they communicate with others from a “you’re blind if you don’t share my beliefs” perspective.

            I’m not going to shy away from some of the things I have said (or typed) about Biden, Kamala, and Bernie as the three of them had a huge role to play in the crime bill and/or the result of it.

            …and I am definitely not taking away from anything @bigdamnheroes said about staff and sexism in Bernie’s camp…

            …and AND me defending Biden here might surprise some who know me…

            Biden has acknowledged his mistakes – including the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas thing (which does not mean anything to me but does to others, it seems) – he made in his past (bragging about being the author of the crime bill when it became the Patriot Act still doesn’t sit well with me) and apologised for them publicly…again…not that that means anything…

            but as far as Kamala and Bernie go, their rhetoric has been pretty consistent for a LONG time. Bernie promoted the crime bill because of the VAW act that was attached to it at the time and Kamala was a DA whose job was to adhere to the laws that congress had passed. 

            For that, how does one determine at which point Kamala “slept her way to the top”? Was it for the law degree? For the DA position? Did she sleep with all of her constituents to become a senator? Did she sleep with Joe Biden to become VP? Is it even possible to sleep with “sleepy Joe” without it being limited to actually sleeping?

            Where does the narrative stop? She is saying the same things now, as VP, that she was saying 25 years ago. Do we find out that sleeping with people doesn’t change a woman’s position in how they interpret the fucking law? Or, hear me out on this, maybe we need to do a better job of deciding whose narrative makes the front pages and, more importantly, which platforms are considered worthy of a front page?

            • Honestly, I didn’t look much into the comment I saw about her blowing someone (the asshole was making some grand statement about the example she was actually setting for little girls) because it made my stomach turn, but I think it had to do with her early career, so maybe getting the DA job? I don’t think it was about her specific views, but I don’t know man. It was just plain gross. And it was a friend of a friend, and it was kinda heartbreaking that she only offered a sort of tepid disagreement with him rather than telling him to totally fuck off with that shit. 
              I agree with you completely about the True Believer mindset among a decent amount of Bernie supporters. That’s the danger of a personality cult. Even when I supported him in 2016, I found myself getting a little weirded out by all the focus on his funny mannerisms and how he talked instead of the actual substance of it.
              It was a stark contrast to working on the Warren campaign, where messages were always coming down about the ideas being the most important thing. When she dropped out, she released a really powerful statement about how this wasn’t the end because it never about her at all. 

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