Thursday NOT [7/10/21]

Hi, friends!

How are you doing? Is your week starting to wind down?

Today I got embroiled in a few fire drills over not identifying the right teams who were needed for a few new projects.


I hold not 1 but 2 weekly meetings to discuss incoming requests and all these teams are invited to speak up and let me know if I need to include them in subsequent work. Not my fault if no one attends from some teams or they don’t say anything.

I’m not babysitting the attendance list and I’m sure as fuck not going to ping people and be like “umm hi can you come to this recurring meeting that you’re supposed to be at so we can make sure to identify if your team has work on this?” Hell no.



  1. What you said; I am so over babysitting. And there are no prizes for meeting the minimum acceptable requirements. It is interesting to balance stepping back so others can learn from mistakes or errors of omission and stepping in to prevent total fubar.

  2. Lol, your lede image. I can’t help but think of Elijah Wood’s recent disclosure about the Orc and Harvey Weinshit.


    Also, I get so sick of running a meeting to which everyone shows up without looking at anything beforehand. You can tell they’re literally opening whatever document they were supposed to have completed three days ago during the effing meeting. And then they’ll hound you in the chat to spoon feed them in their tardiness, while you’re running the fucking meeting. NOPE. Can’t do your overdue homework and lead the class at the same time, fucker.

    But then, if you ping them and try to herd them in the right direction, you’re a pushy person or a screeching harpy, or shrill, or anything else that professional women are called.


    • To quote Lizzo, “I just took a DNA test/turns out I’m 100% that bitch”

      My favorite thing is to reply all to meeting invites with no supporting content at all and be like “hi, please let us know about the topics to be covered in this meeting so we can come prepared and use everyone’s time effectively.”

  3. My week has been very busy and it’s only going to get busier. Saturday is going to be catch up day and Sunday is going to be preparing ThanksTaking dinner ALL day (I actually kind of enjoy that part but at the same time I get OVERLY stressed out EVERY time for NO REASON and end up pissy & short whilst visiting as a result).

    • …I just got home and I am doing laundry, making spaghetti from scratch for lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, cleaning, packing for the weekend, and I forget what else but if there is a flood or I smell fire I’m sure it’ll remind me.

  4. I’ve been getting my ass handed to me for the past two weeks with a major push before our semi-annual pre-upgrade build freeze.  I’ll be glad when this week is over–I just can’t guarantee that it’ll be over by 5pm on Friday.

  5. im sposed to have a bbq at work today..its after hours tho

    having carefully weighed free food vs free turns out i already had other plans and cant possibly attend….awww so sad….i was really looking forward to it too

    but..i cant possibly cancel my other plans now… my couch would be heartbroken

  6. Some guys I don’t understand.

    We’re still stuck under COVID restrictions so there are number of people in certain room limits and PPE orders at work.  No biggie, we’re used to it… sort of.

    Anyway, our control room has a limit of 6 people, but it is tough because everyone needs paperwork or working on SAP etc so sometimes we exceed it.  Once in a while someone will notice and knock on the window to remind us only six in the room.  Fine.  People will comply and leave.

    Today, a new manager came into the office and started yelling at people to get out of the room.  This new manager has a well earned reputation as the biggest fucking prick on site (and a loyal toady of the site director.)  My shift is made up of a bunch of smart asses who ignored him and I guess, it got him madder.  He stood in the doorway (which is supposed to be an entrance only) and yelled for a few minutes as I stood behind him waiting for him to get the fuck out of my way.

    Anyway he turned around and left… in the incorrect direction.  I got pissed with this fucking dickhead berating people and I actually wanted to punch him right there.  Instead of my fists I used my smart mouth instead.  I told him that the entrance is not an exit… if you want to exit the room you had to exit the room from the specified exit.  Then I muttered maybe a little too loud, “you ass.”

    He turned bright red and glared at me.

    I can be a pedantic asshole too.  To be honest, I don’t like the specified entrance/exit because:

    a) it doesn’t make sense if everyone is wearing a mask.

    b) the supervisor who pushed it is rather dense (and shockingly I don’t like him.)  Also the entrance happens to be next to the supervisor’s office which only really benefits him/other supervisors whereas the other entrance/exit is used by the techs.

    c) what about the hallways and stairs which are two way?  Very inconsistent.

    However, I do use what ever is handy and within reach so it became my club.  Considering I would have had witnesses if he wanted to give me shit.  It would not go well for him.

    Give some people a title and it inflates their egos even more.  He doesn’t get that he’s still an employee, not the king of the fucking world.

    That ass.

    • all restrictions got lifted here….it caused a funny shift in work dynamics

      all the loud anti vaxxers suddenly want to keep distance….funny watching them try to keep our slightly special needs co worker at bay….dudes a hugger….and hes got 2 years worth of hugs to catch up on

  7. I’ve got a coworker who just got the COVID vaccine booster, and is out sick for the side effects.  They were hit pretty hard by the side effects for both the initial and second shot.  And they were also pretty much first in line to get the booster.  (the only reason any of us at work know we are eligible for it is because this coworker was keeping an eye on it, and notified us the minute they found out)


    I can’t help but compare that to all these COVID-denying assholes who do nothing but complain about how difficult it is for them to wear a mask for five fucking minutes.  Those assholes think driving a lifted pickup truck, wearing a fucking shemagh to pick up coffee in a temperate climate, berating minimum wage service industry workers, and claiming they “aren’t going to live in fear” makes them tough.  My coworker is tougher than any ten of them taped together, as my coworker pretty much knew they were likely to be miserable for most of a week, and they went and got the vaccine booster anyways, as soon as they were eligible.  If there were more people like my coworker, we wouldn’t be in this mess…

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