Thursday Steel

Welcome to a special Thursday edition of Wednesday Steel, wherein I bring you the metal. You cast a cauldron and commit some diablerie.

Thurdnesday is doomed. Let it be the first to die.



  1. Eagles’ Witchy Woman will rock you in the night until your skin turns red.  Then she will cook you in her cauldron until it turns black.


  2. Ikuinen Kaamos

  3. Bokassa – So Long, Idiots!


    • Bass intros rule!

  4. Our friends are back!
    Red Fang – Arrows

    • Do you think they consciously said, “Let’s write a song called ‘Arrow’ and make the video about a sword?”

      • Those fellows – great to visit, wouldn’t want to live with them!

      • There are many dimensions to their genius. It’s basically a sequel to the video for “Wires”.

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