Thursday Turdsday [NOT 18/8/22]

I guarantee the person she's flipping off deserved it.

Hi, friends!

Well it’s Thursday.

What’s got you annoyed to the point of fuck it. Or to the point of I give up.

I got 2 things that have me just pushed beyond tolerance with my house. First is that I found a new spot the basement is leaking. Of course it’s on the “finished” side and I found it because I went downstairs to grab some fertilizer I have on a shelf and I looked down and ohhh hey black mold bloom on the bottom three inches of a section of the wall. I doused the area with concrobium mold spray (which I have on hand just in case thanks to the issues 3 years ago before the sump pump was installed — on the opposite side of the basement from where this was, naturally). I’ll figure out how to deal with that later. Of course the chucklefuck who sold me the house fucking glued the carpet directly to the basement floor, so like I don’t even know how to start ripping that up and seeing how bad things are. Good news? I have a box of N95 masks in the hall closet so I guess I can be appropriately shielding my nose and mouth when I fuss with it.

The second thing is that my bathroom has a silverfish problem. Coming from the ceiling vent. I think the chucklefuck that sold me the house just vented the bathroom fan directly into the attic instead of venting outside. But with summer being hot and me not wanting to clean the closet out that has the attic access point, I haven’t gone to look nor hired anyone to fix it. I know, I know. I’ve just been killing them wiht a broom when I spotted them. Anyways, I finally got some Ortho indoor use insecticide that is supposed to kill all sorts of things — including silverfish — on contact and prevent them from coming back for months and sprayed down things in the bathrooom and all the house baseboards on Tuesday evening. Yesterday I walked into the bathroom and did my usual visual check looking for them to squish and sure fucking enough, there was one just living its best life. I just. I don’t even know anymore. I probably need to get up in the attic and drench it with that insecticide.

Well, friends. What’s going on in your worlds?



  1. In updated news, I checked the gutter extender near where the basement leaked and the whole bottom of it had cracked apart. So that might have contributed to the problem. Deep sigh. It’s replaced now, fingers crossed.

      • I was hoping to not have an expensive year because I’m like 99.9999% certain I need to gut the “finished” side of the basement and see what the fuck is going on under that shitty drywall the dude put up. Also see what the foundation looks like, but also I’m rather scared to actually know.

    • A fence is thankfully the one thing I don’t have to give a shit about. For one, I have no pets or kids to worry about. Also, the neighbors surrounding me all have their own fences so while I have a patchwork quilt of fences along my backyard? Fuck it good enough.

  2. We’ve had a list of things we wanted to do with the house before we bought it. We haven’t been able to do any of it because we’re constantly dealing with other really expensive shit that is due to the dipshit who built the house cutting corners left and fucking right.

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