…thy father? [DOT 21/6/20]

or was that lie farther...

…frankly, it’s dizzying

Clash Over U.S. Attorney Who Investigated Trump Associates Sets Off Crisis


The president’s move deepened a crisis over the independence of law enforcement and the president’s purge of officials he views as disloyal.


Barr further announced that President Trump would be nominating Jay Clayton, currently the Chairman of the SEC, to become the next US Attorney.
Who Can Fire a Court-Appointed U.S. Attorney? An Abrupt Legal Fight, Explained



…now, I generally think this kind of thing goes without saying…but just to be absolutely clear…Bill Barr is quite possibly the walking antithesis of what the AG ought to be to very possibly the same scale as mango unchained himself


…just like the derelict senile choking turtle himself mitch-is-a-bitch-did-I-mention-he’s-rich mcconnell…a man whose complete spinal collapse was apparently so severe that it removed whatever precarious moral foundations the GOP senators thought they were dancing about on & dropped the lot of them into some sort of seething abyss of what (irony of ironies) may in the fullness of historical hindsight come to be viewed as literally treasonous behavior…no joke, real, actual high treason…& it’s not new


…or even remotely secret…anyone still remember february?


…& that just floors me

…I mean, I can’t claim that I’m widely renowned for my sunny & optimistic demeanor or anything & I came through the millenium pretty firmly in the how-the-fuck-is-anyone-putting-up-with-this-shit camp pretty much across the political spectrum



…I don’t claim to have any particularly unusual advantages in terms of access to information or insight or even really understanding of the subtle mysteries of geopolitical machinations…but how it is we’re supposed to be able to absorb the news of the day & not conclude that the bulk of it is a verifiable insult to our intelligence?

…if I appear to be repeating myself its because a lot of this stuff I keep telling myself but it’s just hard to credit that things are really as bad as they seem…if not maybe worse

…meanwhile…in entirely unremarkable fashion

Ahead of President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, his campaign acknowledged that six staff members who were working on the event had tested positive for the virus during routine screening.


As an encapsulation of the president’s worldview, some former associates say, there is perhaps no beating the text of a campaign waiver: “guests voluntarily assume all risks.”




…oh, yeah…also listed under things-we-saw-coming-that-could-still-fuck-shit-up



Can a Billionaire’s Son Spend His Way to a House Seat in New York?


…so the good news barrel doesn’t look like bursting anytime soon…but it’s not hit Pandora’s Box levels of empty


In Kentucky, Racial Justice Movement Transforms Quest to Oust McConnell






Iowa seemed out of reach for Democrats not too long ago. Now, the presidential race appears to be tightening, and Senator Ernst, a Republican, is facing a strong challenge from a political newcomer.

…before you get too comfortable with the good news thing…anyone familiar with the term “indulgence“?


…but what is remarkable…& largely for reasons that do little to instill optimism…is how China looks in all of this

Our president is bolstering a nation, but it’s not the United States.

…they’ve been nursing a grudge over the whole “sick man of asia” thing from way back…& they have a lot of border…& a bigger wall…maybe he’s…let’s call it “envious”




…& while we’re on the subject of things being uneasy


In the wake of outrage over Mr. Floyd’s death, several deadly episodes involving the police are receiving renewed attention.
I never told classmates about my father’s long stretch as a police detective. I just talked about his second career, after retirement, as a special assistant to a senator and congressman.
…while we’re doing context…remember when Fox News thought Obama was pro-cop-killers by association?










…& this is sunday…I dread to think what monday’s going to look like…I’m seriously considering moving to a trailer park just to be able to finally hit that bonus 6th level of drinking

…so long as I get 3hrs sleep…& a complete change of blood…I’m cool


  1. Estimates are in. Trump put butts in less than 1/3 of the seats in Tulsa.

    He spent his whole speech playing to his base, trying to blame protests on Antifa, prove he can drink water without spilling and walk down an incline without falling.

    Trump will win his base. But people need to quit it with “but his base still supports him” and look to the larger battle.

  2. My daughter was working in Eastern Kentucky last week and was pleasantly surprised to see home made Booker signs in yards. I’ll vote for Amy McGrath if she’s the nominee but I’ll do it holding my nose. Her campaign ads include her saying she’s against late term abortions, in a manner that suggests such abortions are shocking and immoral. Fuck her.

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