Tick Tock Mother F*cker [DOT 6/11/20]

I remain cautiously optimistic. Not willing to count chickens before they’re hatched and all that, but this cracked me up:

But, but, I thought this was going away after Election Day?


Report: Raiders Fined $500K, Jon Gruden Fined $150K After Trent Brown COVID Test


U.S. stock futures fall amid post-election rally

Imagine having been so cool that Joey Ramone wrote a song about you and now you’re threatening to go to Parler. How the mighty have fallen.

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Can’t Hardly Wait!

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  1. …since apparently sleep is just generally a thing that happens to other people I don’t want to gum up the comments with the quantity of links I often wind up filling the DOT with ATL but there are a couple of things I figured I’d get in early doors

    The Guardian has Biden now ahead in the Georgia count

    as does NBC

    …also, @emmerdoesnotrepresentme was kind enough to point me at this “because Sprotz AND Politics! 😉🤣”

    • Georgia has done it for now. The fam has been texting all morning – there are still supposedly 9000 military absentee ballots floating around and I’m sure it will go to a recount  – but for a brief shining moment GA is blue. Hopefully it sticks. It would be very fitting for John Lewis and Stacey Abrams to be the ones that ended tRump.

      • …yeah…I’m definitely hoping it sticks & survives any potential recount

        …but frankly the entire party ought to take its hat off & get down on bended knee to ask if Stacey Abrams will be their campaign sensei from here on out…at least as far as I can see?

      • It should hold. Recounts haven’t changed many results in last 50 years. Typically only a few hundred (as in 100-300) votes are changed or disqualified. Despite Trump’s gibbering, US elections are extremely well-run, fair, and secure. 
        At this point the legal nonsense is to A) pacify the screaming idiot B) pacify the screaming idiot’s idiot base and  C) lay the groundwork for Trump’s 2024 candidacy, which he will start campaigning for immediately after the election is concluded and he’s lost. He’ll be holding rallies on the White House lawn and around the country, on the taxpayer dime, right up until Inauguration Day.
        Campaign donations will be used for his legal fees and to attempt to satisfy his massive debt load. Without the DOJ giving him free legal services, he’s about to hit a wall of billable hours. He won’t get his TV show back. He’s got no income otherwise. He needs his gullible herd to send money, just like his televangelist enablers. But they won’t cut him checks. 

        • I’ve heard that there’s some rumor about Trump being offered his own TV network after this.  If that’s true, then I bet anything he takes that instead of running again in 2024.  He can have all the benefits and none of the liabilities of being on TV 24/7.  He wouldn’t have to be responsible for shit–just scream incoherently while his fans tune in and justify the advertising revenue.
          If he does try to run again, I’m thinking the RNC will take a more DNC approach to pushing down on the scale with both hands to make sure he doesn’t get the nomination next time.

          • …not to re-hash the thing from yesterday but the only reason I can see for him not to prefer the tv gig to even pretending to run again would be to try to keep the GOP on board the idea that they need to give him cover from the prosecution angle…& campaign finance is a graft he’ll be loathe to give up, as bryan alluded to

            …ultimately, whether it’s him or (for whatever god-forsaken reason people seem to find it plausible now) jr…or, god help us all, fucking ivanka…I wouldn’t bet against them trying to position the family as an asset to the republican party in hopes of hanging onto the shield it provides

            …like alex jones but with the public backing/blessing of the party…or at least enough to claim the books go in the campaign finance column & not a regular business

            …that’s what I figured he’d do when I thought he was going to lose the first time around…& my suspicion was always that so did he?

              • …so, the cynic in me says all he’d need to do would be to appeal to their shittier nature & get them hooked on the idea that he’s still the best dog-whistling asshole-whisperer in the business & nobody else can keep the frothing mass they’ve come to rely on as their unhinged base swallowing the crap they need them to…like the typhoid mary of cognitive dissonance or something

                …the little voice of optimism (the one that mostly hangs out in the corner of my mind labelled “bitter disappointment”) on the other hand…that obstinate little bastard paints a picture where he tries that…& mitch tells him to drop dead…his precious supreme court leaves him twisting in the proverbial wind…& as the vultures circle the rotting corpse in search of debts he can’t pay he entirely loses his shit & mortally wounds the GOP in a glorious bonfire of the vanities the likes of which have never been seen before

                …which the likes of the SDNY AG’s office then use to well & truly go to town on his withered ass while flaying his reputation & leaving his family brefet of even the semblance of wealth…& if at all possible lumbered with multiple prosecutions/convictions of their own…something of an object lesson “pour encourager les autres”, if you will

                …maybe not a realistic picture…but certainly one the appeal of which I cannot find it in me to deny?

              • I think it would just be his deplorables. He can deliver that unredeemable group of humanity to the Republican Party. At least now. 
                Best outcome is that he dies before the next election. Without access to Walter Reed, that’s an increasing possibility. Cults of personality rarely survive the death of their leaders. 

                • They have excellent health care facilities in Palm Beach and I believe all Presidents get sort of carte blanche medical insurance for life, so the fact that he’s bankrupt wouldn’t hinder him from wracking up weekly 6-figure medical bills. Sadly. 

  2. I picked the wrong week to suffer sleep deprivation.
    Once in a while my finely tuned mental clock turns into total ass.
    Congratulations, US Amercia… (well the sane, smart, caring side.)

  3. Unfortunately, this is the equivalent of the battle of Guadalcanal for the soul of US Amercia. A long hard miserable slog ahead.

    Not the end, but rather the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.*
    *paraphrased or poorly quoted from Winnie Churchill.

      • I would’ve hoped Warnock would’ve have gotten more of the vote – so I’m not sure. Runoff’s in GA usually go for Repubs because they show up. But, GA did go blue, which I hoped for, but didn’t expect would actually happen, so I think his chances are about 50/50. At least Stacey Abrams is here – if anyone can get these two elected, she can. I was annoyed that she didn’t run for Senate – and I still think she would’ve won in either race, but she busted her ass and without her – I don’t think GA had a snowball’s chance in hell to flip. 

          • Truthfully, I don’t think Biden coming to GA will help either campaign. It’s not really about the big federal picture – it’s more about the GA state identity politics. I mean, although Metro Atlanta is a big cultural mecca – it’s still the South and all identity politics here involve racism at their core. 
            Republicans stand for white wealth and power – their supporters will show up and fight tooth and nail to keep that intact.
            Will the Dems show up in enough numbers to challenge that? I hope now that we’ve gone blue it will show people that their vote does count and their voice does matter and that if enough people get off their asses and to the polls – we can beat them even with voter suppression. I don’t necessarily think we need Biden for that.

    • I’m now waiting for Mitch McTurtle to tell Trump to shit in his hat, and that the Republicans don’t support the legal “challenges” to the outcome of the election. If you think about it, McConnell will probably hold the Senate, did surprisingly well in the House. He already got what he needed from Trump (3 SCOTUS nominations). Trump is staring down civil and criminal trials and financial insolvency. He needs the GOP more than they need him. He can get Trump out of the way, oppose Biden by repeating the Obama Gridlock Playbook, and start trying to wash the stain of Trumpism off the party (unsuccessfully).

      • I’ve always had this notion that the Republicans saw Trump as their very own Useful Idiot.  He could get them SCOTUS nominations and stack the federal courts, and be the signature they need on their psychotic bullshit legislation (at least for the first two years).  But, now that he’s essentially given them everything they wanted out of him, he’s too much of a liability for their long term goals.  As it is, there aren’t many Republicans jumping to his defense over the election, which is pretty telling on its own.

      • Moscow Mitch is treading a fine line by avoiding denouncing Trump. The thing is, if Trump’s the victim of “fake” votes then that casts doubt on all the downticket Republicans who won their elections. You can’t really say, “Well, Trump was robbed but my election results are rock-solid.” So Mitchy is basically standing mute so as to not antagonize the MAGAts. 

          • He will die. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but he will. And the MAGAts will splinter and argue and fight and slowly dissolve into the creepy “militias” and white supremacy and evangelist groups from which they sprang. Trump can’t effectively anoint a successor because he’s trash-talked his sons into paralyzing inferiority complexes and forced Ivanka into the trophy wife category (MAGAts ain’t being led by no woman). Even if one of them tried to take over, the other siblings would attack that one. 
            None of that is guaranteed, of course — you have only to look at Scientology to see that a cult can outlast the death of its leader — but this cult lacks a complex mythology and rigid rules to keep the sheep in line. 
            You’re right, the MAGAts aren’t going away, but assuming an obese old man with dementia and terrible health habits doesn’t last too much longer, they’re going to get a lot less visible without a figurehead to coalesce around. 

    • …if kinja goes through with it this time & really does kill the sub-blogs off we ought to make sure the Fur Face Friday-ers know we have a peg they could hang their hats on

      …is there any kind of formal avenue through which to extend that sort of invitation or should I just dust off something kinja doesn’t instantly log out of basically everything & holler from the comments?

      • welp…oppo is the closest thing to social media i have
        looks like im really going to be homeless this time
        (okay it looked that way last time too…but this one feels different)

        • …feel free to tell them we don’t have anything against petrolheads (or dieselfiends or whatever the appropriate nomenclature might be…) & there’s plenty of room in the deadsplinter fold?

          …trying not to have the various communities of kinja die off for the lack of an available watering hole was pretty much the whole reason myo busted his ass to get this place up & running after all

          • i’ll mention it where i can 🙂
            oppo is working on their own site too last i heard..one of them bought oppositelock.com a couple scares ago and has been sitting on it till now
            guess we’ll see where that goes

            • …fair enough…we aren’t in it to twist anyone’s arm or anything…but all are most definitely welcome

              …so long as they can maintain the demanding standards you’ve set as an example when it comes to behaving themselves, any road?

                • …like I said somewhere below here to pumpkinspies the general idea of this place was that refugees from kinja not have to consider themselves homeless so there’s plenty of space to fill up with whatever content people are of a mind to

                  …I may still sound off about some stuff that’s probably describable as politics but myo does like to remind me I could just as easily make people’s eyes glaze over on a variety of other topics…so who knows what the future may bring…but I’m pretty sure it’s more of an & than an or if anyone wants to stick their oar in?

              • and thank you too 🙂
                im planning to stick around lol
                but oppos been homebase for a long time for me..losing it will suck…
                (ive been around there for long enough to be kind of like the furniture….if the furniture wouldnt shut up and kept spamming music)

  4. I just listened to an interview with Dr. Justin Frank who wrote Trump on the Couch.  I love listening to him talk.  He was talking about how Trump always had to be saved by his father growing up and now lawyers fill that father role when he needs to be saved. 


  5. PA margin over 12,000:

    NV margin over 20,000:

    GA margin over 1,500:

    AZ margin over 47,000:

    so, the margin in 3 of the uncalled states is in 5 digit territory…

    • Barring shenanigans, it’s effectively over. As I noted above, recounts have almost never changed the outcome of an election, and certainly not when the lead is a 5-digit one. 

  6. As Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden gains a growing lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania, his campaign responded to reports of President Donald Trump refusing to concede.

    “As we said on July 19th, the American people will decide this election. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House,” Andrew Bates, Biden’s director of rapid response said Friday. …


    I don’t think it will happen, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it does happen?


  8. the GA margin is already up to over 4,000:

    PA is up to over 14,000:

    AZ is down to almost 40,000:

    NV is still the same, over 20,000:

    • …there is, at least in theory, room for any content you might have a mind to post…but if you aren’t hooked up with the necessary access you might need to point out that you’d like to in a message to myo so he can flip some switches & make it so you can put together posts in addition to comments?

      …& then yell if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense or you want a hand with…possibly at me, though…myo has a fair bit on his plate one way or another while I just have all my devices picking today to go crazy to contend with…which is still probably less headaches than our prophet has under the circumstances

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