Time for Tuesday! [DOT 12/1/21]

Hiya gang! It’s Tuesday, again, let’s see what’s going on…

Worth the read…

Six hours of paralysis: Inside Trump’s failure to act after a mob stormed the Capitol

I can’t help but notice everyone is growing a spine [checks notes] 8 days before he leaves office.



$150 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market in 24 hours as bitcoin pulls back

“You cannot just go on the Internet and Google, ‘What to do with a hippopotamus?’”

Invasion of the hippos: Colombia is running out of time to tackle Pablo Escobar’s wildest legacy

I say whomst?

‘Who doesn’t love a turtle?’ The teenage boys on a mission – to rewild Britain with reptiles

Have a great Tuesday!



  1. Somebody educate me on what the Patriots have done to advance racial justice this year.  And is it just a coincidence that it happened to be this year and not last year, or the years before?

  2. So, the Deutsche Bank thing surely strikes fear into Trump’s small, black heart more than anything else.  However, let us not be surprised when–in a few months when the insurrection is no longer front page news–they quietly start doing business with him again.  Same goes for all the corporations who shut off their campaign contributions to Congress.

    • See my response to your other post. But yes, businesses fear chaos, but once things are stable again, yes, they’ll take Trump’s phone calls. They might not let him move into their neighborhoods, but they’ll take his calls. 

      • DB’s legal issues are bad enough that they will be worried who is monitoring their calls.
        They never did business with him because his specific account was very profitable — they did it because they wanted to encourage all of their account managers to deal with sleazy dirtbags, and cracking down on his team would send the wrong message to the other oligarch managers at DB.
        DB is scared now, and what will happen is others will make a deal.

      • Needs to be–but won’t happen.  Not one solitary Republican will vote for it and there are enough Democrats opposed to either kill it outright or to water it down so much as to make it useless.  At this point I think the only way to make it happen would be via Constitutional Amendment through the states.

  3. Bitcoin?  More like Bitcon.
    It seems to me a direct relationship between the value of Bitcon and amount of stupidity, fear and greed within the markets.  A jackass index, if you will.  There’s nothing backing this con currency up except fantastic libertardian bullshit.
    I know folks who tried to get involved in Bitcon at work.  They are part of what I call stupid money.  They don’t care what it meant/the nature of the market/understand why it went up that only it goes up and fast.  You know, suckers (I was one, too but I learned from painful experience.)
    You can make a lot of money, but only if you ride the wave as it starts and jump off before it crashes.  Seems so easy? 
    The problem is that greed gets you (I’ve been guilty of this myself) and you hang on way too long so you end up falling face first into a crash.  Just end just breaking even or worse.  Bitcon is worse as you can’t cash out the fucking thing unless there is someone even dumber/richer to sell it to.

    • …as recently as today I heard someone arguing that it was not impossible for bitcoin to one day be a “reserve currency” which strikes me as somewhat insane?

      …cumulatively it’s used enough power to give it a carbon footprint the size of some countries & it relies on a seriously complex & significant infrastructure that’s fairly advanced to an extent that it ceases to be meaningfully functional as a means of exchange if you don’t have, say, a reliable power grid & an internet connection so in the aftermath of something like hurricane katrina I don’t see how you could really hold it up as an alternative to cash money…the fact that there’s technically an upper limit to the amount of “coins” that can be mined by the algorithm & therefore it can ultimately work mathematically in many of the same ways as other fiat currency doesn’t seem as persuasive to me as it apparently does to a lot of cryptocurrency advocates, though…so maybe I’m biased?

  4. I read today that the trumpist viking guy is on a hunger strike because jail doesn’t serve organic food. Wait what snowflake!? Self awareness, where you at?

  5. It’s all fun and games until they take away the avocado toast. [apologies to sane people everywhere who like avocado toast]
    His mom is all, he’s a gentle boy. He is 33!

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