Today I Learned [NOT 26/4/21]

Michael Bluth from Arrested Development with quote "I don't know what I expected"
I really don't know what I expected

Hi, friends!

Thanks to it being open window weather, today I learned that the kid down the street has not improved their clarinet skills.

What did you learn today?



  1. til….im a noob magnet
    after a year and fuck knows how long of no work being available we hired to noobs this week
    and they both latched on to me
    wtf? how is it the regulars dont know my name but the noobs flock to me?
    i dont know how this shit keeps happening……but it is kinda nice to have disciples again
    (now remember…the first rule of farscykendo is fuck you who are you to tell me hoiw ishould do what ive been doing what for insert years now and i think i know a thing or thing or two about what ……anyways…wheres the toilet?)

  2. oh…also…did you know theres a limit to thumb fired elastic band accuracy?
    the tiny ones are pretty accurate
    the big ones are not 
    (i tested the theory by shooting about 40 big bands at someone and he only noticed once…when i missed closely,,)

    • Some of that may have to do with “force upon hitting target”😉😈
      The little ones stretch farther when you pull ’em back, and that increased stretch/energy means they hit the target with  a bit more force…
      Bigger ones? 
      Much softer impact.
      Why YES, I’ve worked *multiple* jobs where rubber bands were a vital part of my daily work… annnnnd had them both break on me, OR accidentally go shooting off–and sometimes into me/others, when they were going onto/coming off of items😉🤣💖

  3. TIL that one of our gutter downspouts is more susceptible to clogging than the others. I had to go out in the rain, on a ladder, to clear it, but it was easy once I was up there. At least I was able to solve it relatively quickly.

    • I learned a while ago that kiwifruit are not tropical, well suited to much of the US, have gorgeous flowers, are easy to grow, and taste much better vine ripened.
      But, unfortunately, they need full sun and that’s lacking in my yard. But I’m surprised more people don’t grow them.

  4. TIL that if you don’t pay attention to the pan of bacon in the oven because you’re distracted with the other parts of the meal, you will burn the shit out of that pan of bacon. 
    Dinner was a mish-mash of leftovers and random stuff I pulled out of the freezer to thaw a couple days ago. We had all these oddball little packages of meats… 1 steak, 1/3 lb of stirfry strips, another single steak, 3 tiny tenderloin steaks, 10 pieces of bacon… and I figured I’d do them all up together and let everyone pick a thing or 2. Great in theory, except the 2 steaks and the stir fry strips were all spoiled when they thawed out (stuff from the food pantry is always a crapshoot). So I made the 3 tiny steaks and the bacon for those who are home now, along with some leftover fried rice and Chinese veggies from Saturday night. When the other guys get home I’ll make something else for them. No idea what… sandwiches or something. Hotdogs, maybe.

  5. saw my first snake of the year today!  (I think it’s a Western Gopher snake?)  I mean, that’s sorta kinda learning something, right?
    took a pic, then got closer and took another pic, and then tried to scare it off the path.  But it was determined to keep going forward, so I just kinda tried to shield it from any other cyclists that may come by (wasn’t really necessary), and made the occasional tire bounce to try and hurry it along.  Only, after it got off the path, and I went on my way, I realized it was headed towards the road, so maybe I should have been more insistent about trying to get it to turn around.  well, there’s a lot of traffic on the road, so hopefully it would feel the vibrations through the pavement, and not go far enough to get run over.  It already had some funny bumps, so maybe it’s already gotten run over by a bike or something?
    let’s see if I can get a pic uploaded…
    snek closeup
    full snek

        • not certain…
          I looked them up on wikipedia last year when I came close to running over a couple, I think they eat all the small critters, and maybe bird eggs as well? 
          I’ve seen tiny ones just a few inches long or so, and I’ve seen some in a similar size range as this one (I’m guessing 3-4 ft stretched out?), but not much longer.
          I know we’ve got some sort of burrowing herbivore right where I work, because I remember a couple times taking break/lunch last year or so, and seeing a weed twitch, and then just get sucked down into the earth by an inch or two.  It was kinda surreal, and straight out of a bugs bunny cartoon, to just see a some random plant incrementally disappear into the earth…

          • That’s what mountain beavers do, take down 3 to 4 foot Rhodedendrums  like they are carrots!

    • I was on a walk a couple/few weekends ago and saw what I thought was a piece of trash in some tree branches. But after a second look I saw it was a Black (Rat) Snake, maybe two feet long, curled up and sunning itself. Nice little specimen with lots of potential to grow.

  6. Not TIL, but Today I Schooled: someone tried to tell me that Cuzco, Peru has a huge population of over 5 Million people. Um, no, it’s like 500K. They took it well at least. 

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