Too Much for Tuesday! [DOT 11/8/20]

What’s going on? Let’s see, shall we?

Gotta check up on that bunker occasionally.

Secret Service escorts Trump from press briefing after shooting outside White House

Wow, I hope any Deadsplinters in the path of the storms are OK!

A line of severe storms slammed through downtown Chicago and surrounding areas Monday, downing trees and power lines, which sparked fires in the city, officials said.The storms produced winds of more than 100 mph in some cases as they moved through Iowa and Illinois.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m more concerned about dead Black kids than store windows.

Chicago erupts with violence and looting after police shooting

Isn’t that, like, illegal?

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Meanwhile, in Minsk:

Belarus election: Second night of clashes over disputed poll

Dying to see [checks notes] Smashmouth? Oh hell no.


Dow, S&P 500 book 7th straight day of gains, Nasdaq ends lower as high-flying tech stocks take a breather


Trump tweets ‘Play College Football!’ as officials consider whether to cancel the season

I’m sorry. [Also, TIL that is Ben Shapiro’s real voice.]

Trying to imagine Prince watching Pee-wee’s Playhouse with Appolonia and then arranging a date for them to the premier of Purple Rain…

Have a good Tuesday!



  1. Did Herb & the Vultures finally get around to Borking GT?
    I tried to get on it when I got home tonight (around 2am Central), and got some sort of server error… and my avatar/handle didn’t load like it always does…
    And now after looking a bit closer, it looks like they’ve perhaps Deadspinned/Splintered all the comments in the posts that *do* load–because it *shows* that there are comments, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to get them to load…
    If those asshats DID kill it, damn.😕
    I mean, I expected that they’d get around to offing GT like they have the bigger subs…
    but Damn. 
    Thanks AGAIN, to all of y’all who set up this haven for us!💖💓💞
    I dunno if you really know, how much it’s appreciated… but, THANK YOU, ALL of you, for creating this place!💖
    Because the Kinjaverse has been (was, now?) my home-base on the internet, since the “00’s,” and suddenly losing that feeling of community–ESPECIALLY in the middle of the chaos that’s life under a goddamn pandemic right now–would’ve been a soul-crushing blow.💔
    I am SO ginormously grateful, for ALL of you guys, here, and, sincerely, THANKS!💖💗💞💓

    • Oh, so it wasn’t just me! I went to GT and my avatar/handle didn’t load either. I didn’t get any further than that, though. I comment on GT, The Takeout, and Jezebel, and I’ve heard of so many people being banned from Jezebel for reasons no one can understand I figured my day had come. 
      Now I’ve read your comment and went back. GT and The Takeout main pages will load. If you click on a post it gets stuck and won’t load. The Jezebel front page won’t even load. My avatar/handle is still among the missing. 
      So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it is this court’s belief that kinja, which is being held together by spit and scotch tape at this point, is just going through one of its periodic meltdowns. 

      • Thanks, Cousin Matt!! You’re right!😉😁🤗💞
        But STILL, to you, and to everyone else, too, THANKS, still, for making this place *also* a really great place to come, and share ideas, and make community💖💓💞💗

      • At 8:30 EDT this morning, it seems the sites are still borked.
        Jalopnik normally posts what used to be Nice Price or Crack Pipe like clockwork at 8am, ET. A quick check across the sites I can see — I can’t open Jezebel at all — shows nothing’s been posted since an unknown time yesterday. That’s pretty rare by this time of the day.
        To use technical terms, I think they’re swimmin’ in deep kimchee …

    • It looks like kinja’s user access is not functioning, and also some of their home pages are timing out without responses. Down detectors are calling them as down right now.
      I don’t know if they’re doing this on purpose, but then again nothing they’ve done so far makes any business sense.
      My first guess would have been that one of their backbone service had expired and there’s nobody there left who knows how to get it back up. Another non-borking guess would be that somebody with an admin account got phished.

    • aaaand kinja is unfucked again on my end now

      edit…well…almost unfucked….im logged in again at least… sooo…headed towards being kinjas usual state of fuckedness

  2. Trump Has A Path To Victory. It’s Voter Suppression.
    The real threat facing the 2020 election isn’t Russian interference or voter fraud, it’s the GOP’s massive voter suppression effort, argues journalist Greg Palast.

    • …we might not have a readership that runs to such things but the point remains that ideally what it takes is to vote in numbers too big to manipulate

      …at this point though it certainly seems like that manipulation is in force in as many directions as they can concoct…& that’s a game they have considerable practice at

      …it’d be nice to think the Democrats might have noticed that shit & taken matching steps to revoke those shennanigans…but somehow they always seem to be playing catch up so it’s the sheer force of numbers thing again

      …which of course they’re doing everything they can to shave down with a view to that electoral college thing…even the census stuff is largely predicated on continuing to divorce legislative representation from any actually representative reflection of the population expressly to allow them to continue to do so in elections to come

      …I don’t want to contemplate a second term for a man who should never have been president in the first place…but honestly I don’t think I see a route to it that isn’t illegitimate & that scenario concerns me (if such a thing is possible) more than the choice of candidate?

      • It’s pretty key to add that voter supression matters is about a lot more than Trump.
        They’re doing it in states where Trump has no hope of winning because the rest of the GOP needs it too. And they are thinking long term because for the fights over the next two years they want to turn as many Americans against democracy as they can.
        In private a lot of them are expecting Trump to lose, but they are going full speed ahead because they see him as a useful idiot and trashing elections helps them more than him.

  3. Every single time I see publicly stated pandemic ignorance or magical thinking or whatever it is, such as this, “Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell told the crowd: “We’re all here together tonight! Fuck that COVID shit!” I think: Oh my goodness, hubris, dude! Karma! Fate! Do not ask for it…(cue scary music).

  4. I just got on Jezebel and Jalopnik with no problem. They just posted an article about Dollywood. I don’t think they’ve tanked it just yet. 

    • …not for the first time it appears that my browser logs my user account in if I’m looking at GT but revokes the log in on any mainpage article

      …but from a bit of poking about I might have noticed a thing or two that I think could be characterized in a few different ways…none of the ones I lean to being exactly good

      …but there may be tinfoil involved so I’ll forgo the speculation for the time being

  5. “The closest thing is in 1917, they say, the great pandemic. It certainly was a terrible thing where they lost anywhere from 50 to 100 million people, probably ended the Second World War,” Trump said. “All the soldiers were sick. That was a terrible situation.”

    The President of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.

    • He’s so stupid. Everybody knows the War of 1812 ended World War II. And the Great Depression ended the War of 1812. That Great Depression was terrible, terrible. It took the Crusades to pull us out of the Great Depression. Fortunately the Berlin Wall came down right about then, and then FDR launched the space program and we put men on the moon. If we hadn’t put men on the moon, we’d still be stuck on Earth in the Middle Ages.

  6. Encore!
    “I would be inclined to a different route to the way he’s done. First of all he roped himself into a, you know, certain group of people.” For those unable to crack the president’s mysterious code, Travis explained: “He said he had to pick a woman.”
    Trump replied: “He said that. Some people would say that men are insulted by that, and some people would say it’s fine. I don’t know.”

    The President of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.

    • SAME!!!😈😈😈
      I know she’s the “safe choice” and that a Biden/Harris ticket is frustrating for all of us who wanted SO MUCH MORE this year.
      But after the letdown that was *knowing* we’ve got Joe, personally, I feel like Kamala as “the safe pick” is probably the best we really could’ve gotten, and I’m… cautiously optimistic? about it.
      I mean, YEAH, I voted for Warren in the Primary, and Wellstone and Humphrey are some of my idols, so OBVIOUSLY I’d prefer someone MUCH more progressive in *both* spots…
      But in the long-chess game, which is modern US politics, I have a GOOD feeling about this combo–just like i did when i was *somewhere* in Wisconsin near The Dells,  grabbing lunch at McDonald’s as we drove to my Uncle’s wake in Indiana–when the news broke that Barack had chosen Joe as his running mate…
      Known gaffes, “Well Dressed & Articulate,” and all…
      Because listening to all the D-side candidate debates back then, you could tell that Obama in combination with either Dodd or Biden would be an *excellent* combination of skills & personalities–they debated HARD, but had good camaraderie, AND they were strong in the others’ weak areas…
      I feel like Biden/Harris–while safe–covers that same sort of experiential ground, governance-wise…
      So while it’s NOT exciting, in ANY way, compared to the opportunity we saw earlier in the process, in THIS moment, with the complete abdication of responsibility and competence shown by the TrumpCo administration, i think that “safe” is the potentially winning combo.
      I mean, it COMPLETELY depends on the amount & levels of  Voter Supression, disinformation, and outright tampering, between *now* and when the votes are cast & counted….
      But I’m cautiously optomistic, and even, perhaps, a bit hopeful💖

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