Trainwrecks [NOT 10/2/22]

Hi, friends! I hope your day went well and your Friday will be easy.

How do you feel about figurative trainwrecks? Not actual trains, but like when shit is going to go horribly on a project at work and everyone is just like *shrug* here goes!

Work has been fun lately. We have 4 trainwrecks happening in the next 8 weeks!

Housekeeping note – checking in that folks are still able to do the NOTs tomorrow and Saturday?



  1. At my work, they are literal.

  2. Also in the complete opposite of a trainwreck, Nathan Chen fucking blew it out of the water last night at the Olympics. My coworkers and I were joking that it was good that he went last because if someone had to skate after him, they’d be like “nah, I’m good. See you at the bar.”

    • Okay so smart people here, why do some youtube links show as a link but others embed the video when for either use case I am just copying and pasting the link?

      • Some youtube videos are unable to embed on other platforms as chosen by the uploader in youtube’s settings.

      • Never m

      • I believe @manchucandidate is covering the 12th.

        If you need help managing the schedule lmk. Also, as I said, I could jump in when I can (not that anyone wants to be privy to my American-made Canadian “Freedom Convoy” rants).

      • The cons ditched their party leader because he (pretended to be for the sake of his campaign) was for abortion, conversion therapy bans, and assault rifle bans to install a temporary – MAGA hat wearing – interim leader who chose to support the “Freedom Convoy” so it could be used against Trudeau but after internal polling results…

        • Y’all American’ts might be wondering how Murphy Brown became the leader of the federal Con party in Canada but DON’T EVEN ASK!!

          • I definitely clicked on her name trending thinking it was about Murphy Brown.

  3. I’m picking up some Fridays starting 2/18 if I remember right?

    Saw a tweet pointing out an advice columnist who clearly isn’t a aware of a very popular fantasy trilogy and movie series (read the final question about a guy and his uncle Bill’s ring).

  4. The best train wrecks when you dislike the people involved  are the ones you see coming, warn them about, are ignored, and then you sit back and watch the explosion.

    • I call them management. At current work, I often times found myself with a front row seat at the defenestration of various soon to be former employees to the annoyance of a certain manager.

      The folks in question were usually the personal picks of said certain manager for technical jobs that I had applied for but did not make it to the interview stage because  he feels “I am a fucking arrogant prick who is not as smart as he believes he is” which is a direct quote apparently and ironically how I feel about this manager.

      He certainly didn’t appreciate my knowing smirk and amused look on my face as I watched him verbally tear apart his personal pick for fucking up. Hint: Maybe don’t do it in public?

      I’ll call it karma as it might have to do with his boneheaded admission during my suspension meeting (I got suspended a day for missing 11 days of work over a one year span – all because of cokehead narcissist) that I was denied an interview for a position due to my “unreliability.”

      The dude likes to troll people (he’s done it to others) to zing them, but HR people (my sister) says that is totally unprofessional and he shouldn’t have said anything because it can be used as evidence against the company. He didn’t like that I didn’t get angry but replied in a smarmy Han Solo style: “I know” which I did (stupid not completely am I.)

  5. I’m in charge of tomorrow’s NOT. It probably won’t be about the Freedom Convoy but I would be interested in one of those if Myo finds an available night.

  6. Noooooo the NY Times have officially taken over Wordle.

    Edited to say you can toggle to dark mode.

  7. trainwrecks galore here…i mean…i live next door to brexit

    and theres supply chain issues at work…where apparently we are in crisis mode coz we cant  get new nuts and bolts for 6 months…..nevermind i could walk to the nearest hardware store and get some..thats apparently not how it works….also blue bin bags are unobtanium…

    i understand the chip shortage being problematic…but that shit above seems to me like its mostly a case of rigid thinking in the office

    oh and theres also the teachers shortage…which was bad before rona..but is now a major problem…as half the remaining teachers are stuck in quarantine

    we’ve found a fix tho…retired pension age teachers are going back to work

    i mean…theres something bothering me about putting oaps in a room full of unvaccinated kids but i guess rona stopped being problematic for them now all the measures are getting dropped

  8. ive made a terrible mistake….found this with my morning coffee

    its stuck in my head now…..oh god….theres gonna be chicken noises all day now

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