Trash TV [NOT 29/8/22]

Hi, friends!

Is there any trash tv that you like to watch? I realize the concept of trash tv is relative, so basically the kind of thing that you wouldn’t mention to a coworker because they’d be like “oh ahh really you watch that?”

I love that stupid Sister Wives show. I don’t have any explanation for it. I find most of the adults annoying as fuck. But yet I will definitely watch that show and keep hoping they all dump the idiot husband.



  1. Hmmm, not really, I confess all my television viewing sins on BrainDrain. That said, I probably like the trainwreck of Making the Cut way too much. Moschino is the epitome of poor taste imho. And I do not understand what they see in the Swedish contestant…

  2. The ads on bad TV are oddly interesting to me. I’ll flip through the secondary digital broadcast channels like Dabl and MeTV from time to time and I’m struck by how much ad time they seem sell, and not all of it seems to be bottom of the barrel.

    There’s a great (now cancelled) show called Detroiters starring Tim  Robinson (I Think You Should Leave) and Sam Robertson (Veep) as two friends who run a tiny ad agency in Detroit which produces the kinds of ads which show up on local TV. They make ads for clients like wig stores with slogans like “We Never Use Hair From Cadavers” that don’t seem all that far off from some of the ads that pop up on these channels.

    Advertising is weird.

    • Discovery Canada used to run “Sex With Sue Johansen” which was a sex advice show on Sunday nights. For some reason they always had a lot of religious commercials including Time Life Gospel CDs mixed in with the Sex chat lines and condom ads.

      The commercial combos were more entertaining than the show.

  3. I’m gonna say this and I’m only gonna say it once:  I like to nap to Friends.  TBS or TNT or one of those play a whole bunch of episodes every day and if there’s not a baseball game on, I put one on in the background with the sound down low.  I’ve never watched Friends, but somehow, I have now learned every single detail of that fucking show subliminally.  I am ashamed, and if any of you ever bring it up or tell anyone I will deny the whole thing.

    You would think since I’m obviously susceptible to sleep-learning, I’d watch something smart like lectures on medieval literature or combinatorics or something.  But no.  That would make too much sense.

  4. I like silly cooking shows. There was one on Netflix that used leftovers, one on Hulu where they made cakes that looked like objects. I can’t even remember their names. I particularly like the holiday themed ones. You know the kind, the have a D list host, celebrity judges I’ve never heard of, and bad jokes. And the grand prizes are like $10,000, pretty low stakes for reality TV.

  5. America’s Got Talent. It should be called The World’s Got Talent because contestants come from everywhere and none of the judges are American, but whatever. It’s fun, it’s stupid and I kind of hate myself for watching it because 9 times out of 10 the winner is either a child or an animal act.

  6. I can’t show you a person getting trashed on TV which is thoroughly satisfying. Here’s a short clip of loathsome Ben Shapiro, the Daimen from the “Omen” impersonator who speaks like Robot from “Lost in Space,” getting absolutely destroyed by Andrew Neil. A longer 16-minute clip is also on Youtube. Ben, you should have taken your ass out of your head long enough to do a little research on Andrew Neil. He’s such a smart, canny, and formidable interviewer/inquisitor that there have been Prime Ministers who refuse to be interviewed by him.

    By the way, Ben Shapiro went to Harvard Law.

  7. The only “reality” show I watched regularly was “Mantracker” a 2010s Canadian made show about an experienced search and rescue (mostly) tracker who had to outwit/out race contestants in various Canadian deep woods locales.

    The contestants were typically pretty obnoxious idiots so I mostly rooted for Mantracker.

  8. Brighter, I’m TOTALLY with you (and The Holy Hand Grenade’s wife!) on Sister Wives & 90-day Fiancee–if they’re on and I’m around, those are TOTALLY the kinda trash I’ll have on in the background as I do stuff *or* that I’ll bingewatch a weekend marathon of😉😆

    Also almost any** of the cooking/crafting/HGTV-style home decorating/home renovation shows (I loved watching Hometown, a couple years back)

    **EXCEPT the Magnolia crap, with allll the goddamned “Shiplap, Shiplap, Shiplap!”🙄🤢🤮🤮🤮

  9. And one of my favorite trash-types, although not quite trash-tv, is watching Buzzfeed/Reddit/Twitter conspiracy-theorizing over inanity, like this whole article on Taylor Swift, and the possible “Missing Album”/”Vault Album”😉😁🤗

    I’m not a Swiftie (Swifty?), but I was a regular listener of Country music, back when she was the 15,then 16-year old kid, trying to break into *big* music…

    And while, yes, we later found out that–much like Avril and some of the others from that era, she *wasn’t* quiiiite as much an “unknown” kid as was pretended? She DID go around to all those local Clear-Channel & other radio stations, she DID sit through a bajillion questions from the local folks, annnnd she DID do a lot of singing on air there–like the popular GUYS then did–except they were adults doing that grind!

    And the reason *why* I’ve always liked the kid, was her fucking earnestness —she WAS a total music geek–she DID read all the liner notes–and as a little girl who’d been a massive fan of Leann Rimes, she *got* that she was gonna have to keep her nose clean to be a success–because she knew even as a teen, that little girls would idolize her, and see her as a role-model.

    So the fact that ever since then, she’s ALWAYS done the Easter Eggs for the Swifties has been something I’ve found sweet, & truly adorable.

    And knowing how she does them, purposefully, for her fans?

    I LOOOOOVE watching the theorizing & rabbit-hole-ing, whenever there’s news or a new drop!!😉😁

    So last night, when I saw her dress over on Huffpo & Buzzfeed’s “VMA Fashion” stories–annnnd realized that she was rockin’ the Blonde Bob/Red Lipstick/Sparkly Dress look again, it made me wonder, if there might not be some truth in the theories of this Buzzfeed article from a ways back?😉

    Annnnd then when I read this one today;

    I gotta admit, I was mildly bummed that 1. I didn’t have time to throw both articles up over on the DOT this morning, AND 2. that there apparently not any/enough casual fans over here, like there used to be over in the “good old days of Jez,” to start watching the theories blooming elsewhere, and ponder whose wild thoughts we think may actually pan out!😉😁😄💖


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