Travel Tips [NOT 17/01/23]

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Triumph of Death (detail)

Hi, friends!

I’ve got a flight next month at let me tell you, I’ve upped my travel game.

That’s right, I bought some compression socks because it’s a long flight.

What else have I done to prepare for travel in 2023? I sure as fuck haven’t lost any weight, so that’s right out. HAHAHAHAHHA



  1. I bought some of those for the trip to Spain last year. Either I bought the wrong size or just put them on wrong because my legs still hurt like the dickens on the way there and back.

    Where’re you going anyway. . .?

  2. I’m sitting on a train after dropping off my daughter at the airport.  First time I took our train there to avoid traffic, works pretty well.  SeaTac airport is usually a shitshow but 5pm on a Tuesday seems to be a good time to fly.  Now, after all this train & car travel today I get to go play volleyball with a stiff body & heavy heart.

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